Chapter 33: A Visit From The Family (3)

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Chapter 33: A Visit From The Family (3)

Chapter 33 – A Visit From The Family (3)

Ye Jingjing didn’t look as distraught. Of course it’s better for her to be with her mother rather than the father she had only seen less than two times a year. She had seen what it was like for Dai Niu in the village; she had never had a full meal since she gained a stepmother. And she got beaten on a regular basis. At least, she wouldn’t starve or be beaten being with her mother. She might be young, but she was perceptive.

“Mom…” said Ye Jingjing softly.

Ye Jingjing could dress herself since a very early age, and she could also help her little brother get dressed and get ready, like a little adult. It made one’s heart ache seeing her doing all those things at such a young age.

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After she had gotten ready, Shu Yan changed out of her pajamas. She pinched herself around her waist. Her clothes seemed roomier now. Had she lost some weight?

She examined herself carefully in the mirror. Yep, looked like she had lost some weight, but still quite overweight overall. Once they have settled down at their new place, she needed to lose weight fast.

“Good morning, Yan-jie,” Xiao Fei brought over breakfast for Shu Yan while he was delivering Shu Jianyang’s breakfast.

“Thank you,” said Shu Yan as she handed money over to Xiao Fei.

“That’s too much,” resigned Xiao Fei. Third Brother’s cousin was too generous.

“The extra are for you to get some beverage.” Sure, it was on the way for him, but it was still a nice gesture on his part. Others might not care too much, but she wouldn’t take it for granted.

She needed to show her house to some potential buyers in the afternoon, so she had Shu Jianyang help her babysit while she went over to her old house with her keys. Before she could see the potential buyers, she ran into the original owner’s family.

Shu Yan’s first thought was that Ye Zhiqiang had notified them. But, she immediately put away that line of thinking. Had Ye Zhiqiang wanted to get her family involved, he’d have done that a long time ago. He wouldn’t have waited till now.

The leader of the two unwanted guests was the original owner’s mother, Lin Zixiang. She was followed by the youngest son, Shu Jianxiang. Just like any normal family — the oldest son was to prop up the family; the youngest one was the most loved one; the one in the middle was the most awkward one. Just use this matter of going to the city as an example, when the original owner’s father comes, he’d bring Shu Jianfei, their oldest son while Lin Zixiang would bring the youngest son. And, they’d never leave before they get a large sum of money from Shu Yan.

“You had a fight with Zhiqiang?” asked Lin Zixiang bluntly.

Shu Yan did not answer her question but brought them inside the house. She didn’t want to give the neighbors materials to gossip about.

Once they got inside the house, Lin Zixiang nudged Shu Yan a little unhappily and said, “I’m talking to you. Did you hear what I said?”

Shu Yan thought; I’ll put up with her for now.

“All couples have fights from time to time.” The potential buyers would be here any minute. She needed to send them away as soon as possible.

“Is that really it? Listen, old Ye’s came to our house asking for their grandson. They said you sent Jianbo to take their grandson from them. What was that all about?” Speaking of that, Lin Zixiang was livid. “Do you not have parents or siblings? Why would you go to your cousin for help? Your big aunt was gloating about it and I was so embarrassed.”