Chapter 474: Tianbao's girlfriend (1)

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Chapter 474: Tianbao’s girlfriend (1)

If he couldn’t even hack it domestically, there was no point talking about leaving the country.

It so happened that the entertainment company that he had been working with was looking for trainees and that was where Feng Zeyu placed him. Feng Zeyu did not let them know of Xiao Bao’s identity nor did he allow Xiao Bao to identify himself. He had the company treat him just like anyone else.

After just a week, Shu Yan checked on Xiao Bao secretly and noticed that he had lost a lot of weight.

“This is too tough. Perhaps I should go and bring him back.” Shu Yan’s heart ached.

“He’s a stubborn one. He won’t leave with you even if you have gone. Besides, so what if life was a bit rough for him? Tianbao had it rougher in the military.” If Xiao Bao wasn’t too young, Feng Zeyu would have tossed him into the military as well.

The troop that Tianbao had joined was his old troop. Feng Zeyu knew how difficult their training was. If Tianbao never called and complained in two years’ time, then whatever Xiao Bao was going through was nothing.

Xiao Bao, too, was a stubborn one. He never complained to Shu Yan. He only told her that everything was well. Once in a while, in the middle of the night, however, he would rub his eyes and regret a little.

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When Tianbao was a junior in college, JingJing suddenly brought a man home.

How to describe this man? He was fair and clean. Scholarly but very milky. Standing next to the domineering JingJing, the two looked odd together.

“You are serious about him?” Shu Yan had always thought that JingJing would find herself a domineering CEO type man. But she ended up with a little milk dog.

“Mom, you know my personality. I don’t like to be beneath someone else. Men who are strong don’t like strong women. Lin Xu’s personality complemented mine very well and I liked his look as well. I am happy with him.” JingJing knew very well what it was that she was looking for.

Lin Xu was a good one. Shu Yan thought he was just a college student at first. As it turned out, he had already earned his phD a few years back and was now a professor at City Nan University.

Both of his parents were also professors at City Nan University. No wonder he was so scholarly from head to toe.

After getting to know him better, Shu Yan learned that he wasn’t as childish as he appeared. Quite the contrary, he was a warm man who knew how to live. He would nag JingJing to go to bed early; he would drag her out to work out; he would cook for her. He would take her out and distract her when she was stressed out; prepare surprises for her. All in all, the more the mother-in-law looked at her son-in-law, the more pleased she was with him.

“When are you going to get engaged?” urged Shu Yan.

“A little while longer. Are you worried that I would dump him?” joked JingJing as she bit into an apple.

“No, I am worried that a man as good as him would be stolen by someone else.” Shu Yan rolled her eyes at her. “It isn’t everyday that you run into someone that you like and is nice to you. You should settle down soon.”

“Mom…… if you have time to worry about me, perhaps you should worry about Tianbao instead.”

“What’s going on with Tianbao?”

Tianbao was the one that she had to worry the least about over the last few years. What had happened now?

“Wu Rui is back, by herself. Words had it that she had split up with that fiancé of hers and she is still single.” Wu Rui was Tianbao’s little girlfriend.

If she was still engaged, Tianbao probably wouldn’t give it much thought. Now that she was back alone, perhaps Tianbao would have feelings for her again?

“Don’t you know your brother at all? He would never go back to a girl who had dumped him.”

Shu Yan was quickly face slapped.