Chapter 50: Shopping (2)

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Chapter 50: Shopping (2)

Chapter 50 – Shopping (2)

“Mom, I want more!” shouted Ye Tianbao who had already finished his.

“We will get even better ones later. If you have too much now, you wouldn’t have room then.” Too much mochi was not good for you, especially for younger children who tend to have weaker stomachs and intestines.

“I don’t want anything later. I want mochi!” said Ye Tianbao as he flung off Shu Yan’s hand.

“Are you being a bad boy again?” Shu Yan’s face darkened and only returned back to normal after she saw fear in him. “You will have the mooncake. That’s very good too. Give it a try!”

Ye Tianbao’s eyes lit up again after a bite. “Mom, this is good!”

Indeed, a kid’s mood could change unpredictably and quickly like weather in June. He was, after all, only 3 years old. Shu Yan couldn’t expect him to be too overly considerate, as long as he wasn’t too overly unreasonable.

There was a lot of merchandise in City Nan Department Store. The first floor was all sorts of food and utility items. Ye Tianbao fussed about candies again, but Shu Yan just ignored him. She found out that clothing was on the second floor and just dragged him with her.

Following behind Shu Yan and feeling unreconciled, Ye Tianbao said, “I want to go home. I want grandma. I don’t want a bad mom!”

“All you have is a bad mom now. Hurry up, I’ll take you to good food in a bit,” said Shu Yan as she took a look at the pitiful looking Ye Tianbao. She suddenly wanted to burst out into laughter. No, she must stop herself. Otherwise, she would lose all the authority that she had established.

There were plenty of people on the second floor, and Shu Yan had noticed a lot of the people purposefully kept a distance from them. She pursed her lips a little and didn’t pay them too much attention. It wouldn’t be necessary.

Many people at this era would buy the fabric and sew their own clothes. Shu Yan didn’t have that skill. To be precise, most women in the 21st century had lost that skill. At most, some people knew how to cross stitch.

She found a friendly-looking woman and asked about the kids’ clothing section. It’s slightly pricier than making them at home, but they were somewhat fashionable.

Perhaps, it was true that fashion tended to recycle. A lot of the clothing that Shu Yan was looking at would not be too outdated even in 2019. In fact, they looked very retro.

She bought two sets of stylish outfits for Ye Tianbao and two sets for Ye Jingjing, two dresses, plus a jacket. The kids were growing fast; they’d be growing out of these quickly. Plus, it’s almost fall, they just need a couple of sets to rotate.

“Big sister got more than me,” said Ye Tianbao as he pouted.

“Why didn’t you say you have a lot more clothing than your sister?” said Shu Yan as she pinched him on his cheek. She visited the fabric store with the two children and asked, “Can you please tell me where I can have clothing made?”

Her plan was to buy more clothes only after she had lost some weight, but once she had arrived at City Nan, she realized that her outfit was way too outdated. Along with her look, she worried that the kids would be teased when she dropped them off and picked them up in the future. She wanted to buy a couple sets to rotate for the time being, but the stores didn’t even have anything her size.

“Oh, the street behind the department store. You will see it when you walk over there,” said the store clerk that was around 40-50s. She was particularly friendly with Shu Yan when she saw that Shu Yan had two children with her.