Chapter 62: Asked to stay behind by a teacher (2)

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Chapter 62: Asked to stay behind by a teacher (2)

Chapter 62 – Asked to stay behind by a teacher (2)

“Mom, I am going to school now.” Ye Jingjing jogged to the front of the house and walked inside hand in hand with another girl.

Shu Yan smiled like a mother. Little kids sure could make friends quickly. Ye Jingjing already has close friends that she could go to the bathroom together after just one day.

Contrarily to her daughter, Shu Yan was more worried about Ye Tianbao. She carefully told him not to fight with other kids in school. He had to get along with everyone else.

“What if someone else hit me?” pouted Ye Tianbao, feeling unreconciled.

Shuyan: Stunned silent. How should she answer that one? He was waiting… This was urgent….

Shu Yan hesitated for a long while as Ye Tianbao continued to stare at her and finally said to him, “It’s wrong to hit someone, so Tianbo should never get into a fight. But if someone else tries to hit you, you should fight back and protect yourself. Or ask a teacher for help.”

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That was a good answer, right? Shu Yan was a little bit worried. Raising kids was no easy feat.

“Remember to share your crackers with the other kids. Now go inside!” said Shu Yan as she patted him on his head.

“Wait, Tianbo’s mom.” Teacher Liu, Ye Tianbao’s teacher, stopped Shu Yan on her way.

“Hi, Teacher Liu.” Shu Yan looked at her with uncertainty. Did Tianbo get into trouble in just one day?

“As it goes, we are a dual language kindergarten. The best way to learn a language is with lot of practice so ideally the parents will also help with teaching the kids at home as well. This is an outside institution that is run by our principal. We hope that you will go visit it with your child when you have time and learn with your child,” said Teacher Liu as she handed a flyer to Shu Yan.

So all this was just a big propaganda on their foreign language institution.

“Sure. I’ll go take a look when I have a chance,” said Shu Yan with a smile.

After the teacher was gone and while Shu Yan was debating whether she wanted to go check it out, she was stopped by another kid’s parent.

“The teacher gave you a flyer too? Isn’t this kindergarten already dual language? Why do we need to sign them up to another institution? What difference would it make for kids this age?”

“Exactly. And it cost $200 a month with just lunch. And now they are asking us to sign up for some institution? I say they just want to make more money off of us. No way. I am going to go check with the property management company,” said an older woman looking displeased.

It looked like many of them were quite unhappy about this institution. Shu Yan didn’t express her opinion on it. She wanted to see how the principal responded after the parents voiced their opinions.

Speaking of institutions, Ye Jingjing wasn’t young anymore. She should remember to ask her what kind of interest she has when she has a chance. It won’t hurt to have some extracurricular activities.

She had already arrived at Nanfu Mansion so Shu Yan decided to go check on the remodeling progress of the new house. She worried that the workers would skim on her job if she didn’t check on them periodically.

“Oh hi, Miss Shu. Perfect timing. We just finished laying down the things for the water and electricity and placed the sockets per your specifications. Please do take a look and see if we have missed anything.” After spotting her, the foreman walked Shu Yan over to check on all the socket locations.

People back then didn’t have a lot of requirements for sockets. One bedroom would have maybe up to two outlets. Shu Yan felt that that was way less than enough. For example, the air conditioner would require one, and the tea pot. They didn’t have all these yet, but they would in the future. If she were to have these added later, they’d need to knock down the entire wall to do so. What a hassle.