Chapter 64: A small conflict between children

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Chapter 64: A small conflict between children

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Chapter 64 – A small conflict between children

“Jingjing’s mom, Classmate Ye Jingjing had a small conflict with some other classmates at school today, and we might need you to come to my office briefly.” Teacher Zhang was Ye Jingjing’s head teacher, and she was purposefully waiting for the three parents at the front of the school.

“Was Jingjing being disobedient at school?” That might be what she was asking, but Shu Yan knew her daughter pretty well. She wasn’t the type who’d cause trouble; she was the type who wouldn’t even say anything when she was bullied. As opposed to Ye Tianbao, Shu Yan was more worried that her daughter was being bullied.

“Oh, don’t worry just yet. Just some misunderstandings between the kids was all,” said the teacher as she smiled gently.

Shu Yan let out a sigh of relief. When she walked into the office, she saw an elegantly-dressed woman who was comforting a crying little girl. Two other kids were standing in front of the teacher’s desk – one of them looked like a very naughty kind of little boy, and the other one was her daughter.

“Hi, you are Jinging’s mom, right?” The woman subtly examined Shu Yan. Shu Yan was average looking and a bit on the chubby side. She looked like a village woman, but her outfit was very fitting and of fairly decent quality, and it was paired with leather kitten heels. Her hair was neatly drawn to the back of her head, and her eyes clear and pure. The way she dressed and her makings didn’t reverberate that of a village woman. All in all, she exudes the vibe of contradiction.

“Yes, I am Jingjing’s mother, and you are?” Shu Yan took a look at the little girl next to her. It was the girl who walked into the school holding hands with Jingjing in the morning.

“I am Wong Yitong’s mother. My last name is Lin, and my first name is Hui. You can call me Lin Hui. How should I refer to you?” Lin Hui had heard about Ye Jingjing from her daughter several times already. She wasn’t going to interfere with who she befriended.Of course, it’d be best if she could make good friends.

“My name is Shu Yan,” said Shu Yan as she turned and looked at Ye Jingjing. She squatted down in front of her and asked, “What happened?”

Ye Jingjing took a look at her mother, intimidated. Noticing that her mother wasn’t upset, her eyes reddened.

“Mom,” was all she said. Shu Yan was about to die from anxiety.

Right then, Teacher Zhang walked in with another woman, obviously the mother of the little boy.

“Let me introduce you, this is Wang Yitong’s mother and this is Ye Jingjing’s mother. And this one, next to me, is Zhang Chenghan’s mother. It wasn’t a big deal, really. This afternoon, Zhang Chenghan wanted to have some of the braised pork in Ye Jingjing’s bowl, and since Wang Yitong didn’t want to have lunch with a boy, there was a squabble between them. Then, during their PE (physical education) class in the afternoon, Zhang Chenghan took away Ye Jingjing’s hat, and Wang Yitong argued with him over that. The PE teacher stopped them quickly, and I have already chastised Classmate Zhang Chenghan. He already admitted that he was wrong and apologized to Classmate Ye Jingjing. I just wanted to have you all here and explained the situation to you.” Teacher Zhang recounted the events that day to the three mothers.

Shu Yan turned and looked at the kids. The little boy seemed to be aware that he was wrong and kept his head lowered. Ye Jingjing just held onto Shu Yan’s hand without making a sound. Wang Yitong, the little girl who had been crying this entire time, had opened Shu Yan’s eyes. She would never had thought that such a delicate and fragile little girl would stand up for Ye Jingjing.

“Tongtong, you are all classmates, plus the dish belonged to Classmate Jingjing, how could you not let others have any? Didn’t mom say you have to be nice to all your classmates?” Lin Hui was the first to talk to her own child.

“But he’s a boy. Daddy said we shouldn’t eat lunch with boys.” Wang Yitong felt wronged. “Plus, he ripped off Jingjing’s hat and made fun of her that she has no hair and looked like a boy. He even threw her hat away. He’s not a nice boy, and I don’t want to be friends with him!”