Chapter 75: Looking for Merchandise (3)

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Chapter 75: Looking for Merchandise (3)

Chapter 75 – Looking for Merchandise (3)

After asking around, Shu Yan got onto a bus and the other passengers on the bus told her that the factories were just 2~3-minute walk from the bus stop. Shu Yan walked around in a circle but wasn’t able to locate them. It was so hot that day, so Shu Yan walked into a convenient store, bought a popsicle, and asked the boss about the locations of the factories.

“Oh, this factory is right over there. From the bathroom walk toward your left side. When you see a Risheng Clothing shop, turn right and walk all the way down.”

“Thank you.” Shu Yan finished her popsicle, rinsed her mouth, and made sure everything was alright before she started walking toward the clothing factory again.

During this period of time, the factory district was very dirty. This was the middle of summer, and lots of flies could be seen hovering over piles of garbage. Shu Yan could even pick up the foul smell of piss. She tried to breath in as little as possible and finally, she was able to find the factory that Lin Hui had told her about.

“Hi, is this Hongsheng Clothing Factory?” asked Shu Yan politely at the old man guarding the door.

“Yes, what do you need?” The old man looked up at her and asked.

“I’d like to get some merchandise. Who do I need to talk to?” She learned from Lin Hui that this factory was privately-owned. She didn’t think they’d turn her away.

And they didn’t. As soon as the guard heard that she was there for merchandise, he took her straight to the factory owner with the utmost passion. That’s right, the factory owner. It wasn’t a very big factory after all and not a whole lot of different departments. Most of the stuff was done by themselves.

And, just like Lin Hui said, the owner looked very friendly and ardently gestured to Shu Yan to have a seat when he saw her.

“Yes, I am getting ready to open up my own shop and wanted to check out some of the local factories. If the merchandise is good, I would buy directly from City Nan.” Shu Yan didn’t beat around the bush either.

Factory Owner He did not brag about how good his clothes were. Instead, he just took Shu Yan to his sample room. They have a lot, but not very many that Shu Yan liked. All she could say was there’s a difference in taste. After all, Shu Yan’s taste belonged to that of 20 years later. Everything from the 90s naturally looked very outdated to her. That being said, she couldn’t buy merchandise based on what people would like 20 years from now either. Different time periods have different standards of what was considered pretty. Being too far ahead of one’s time would just make one look odd in the eyes of the others. Shu Yan understood that well, so she didn’t pick according to her own preference.

She found out which were the most stylish ones from Factory Owner He, and they were exactly the ones that she had her eyes on. It’d appear that her taste was fine even in this time period.

Particularly the few wind breakers that Factory Owner He had pointed out, there were totally ’90s style. No wonder people always said fashion made comebacks from time to time; Shu Yan had finally experienced it firsthand.

“I am still remodeling the shop right now. It will take at least another month. Fall and winter clothes would be perfect timing then. Are these all your latest designs?” Shu Yan had already checked the box for the windbreaker, but that alone wouldn’t be enough. She would need more clothes that go under the windbreaker.