Chapter 78: Recruiting Employees (2)

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Chapter 78: Recruiting Employees (2)

Chapter 78 – Recruiting Employees (2)

Speaking of a brand, she didn’t even have a name for the shop yet. Shu Yan had come up with a few names, actually, but none of them she was too happy about. Finally she had decided to go with Yanni. Why? Because that was her nickname.

In her own world, both her paternal and maternal grandparents along with her parents had always called her that. It was a nickname filled with their love for her. After she had written those characters down on a piece of paper, her eyes had reddened. Nobody would call her by that name ever again. Perhaps, they’d think about her nickname in the middle of the night and be quietly sad. Shu Yan took a deep breath and decided on the name. She worried that after being here for a while, she’d forgotten who she was.

She went to a shop to have the sign made, and she’d go trademark the name on Monday. Nobody really cared about trademarks at this time, but Shu Yan knew it full well that many of the large name brands failed to protect their brands at the beginning and had to buy them back for globs of money later on.

It was 4 PM, and time to pick up her children. She saw Lin Hui and Wu Xiuyue standing there chatting from afar.

“Lin Hui mentioned that you are going to open up your own clothing store. Where is it going to be at? We’ll go and support you when the time comes.” After finding out that both Wang Yitong and Ye Jingjing were attending the after school tutorial center, Wu Xiuyue, too, registered her son for Language and English classes.

“On West City Nan Road. We are still remodeling right now. Just don’t go running away after my grand opening when I invite you to come visit,” joked Shu Yan.

Lin Hui lived in the opposite direction as the two of them. After they parted their ways, Wu Xiuyue suddenly fell silent, as though there was something on her mind.

If she wasn’t going to share, Shu Yan didn’t plan on prying. They have only met a few times when they were picking up their children. They weren’t really even friends yet. If she was to ask, Shu Yan would help if it was within her ability. If she couldn’t, she would just be honest about it. But if she wasn’t going to say it out loud, Shu Yan wasn’t going to ask about it either. She had enough on her plate right now.

“I have been so busy lately and haven’t even bought groceries for dinner yet. I am going to head to the market with my kids then,” said Shu Yan as she bid Wu Xiuyue farewell.

In the end, Wu Xiuyue still wasn’t able to bring herself to say what she had intended to say. When she saw her husband lounging around on the couch when she got home, she was so angry that she threw her purse on him.

“What’s the matter now?” asked Zhang Huafeng as he sat up from the couch. “The son got a poor grade at school or something?”

“No.” Wu Xiuyue paused a little and said, “Remember that Shu Yan that I had mentioned in the past? She is going to open up her own clothing shop on West City Nan Road. I am thinking that now that Hanhan is attending a tutorial center on the weekends, and I am not that busy at home, I would like to go work at her shop.”

“Work?” Questioned Zheng Huafeng, “To sell clothes?”

“That’s what I am thinking about, but I couldn’t bring myself to ask.” Wu Xiuyue hadn’t worked since she had given birth to her son. She was a little intimidated about going out to work again, plus she couldn’t bring herself to even ask.