Chapter 92: Kindergarten (2)

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Chapter 92: Kindergarten (2)

The women who had been dropping off and picking up the kids were either mothers or grandmothers. They were all experts in housework. As soon as they walked inside of the kitchen, they noticed right away that something was wrong. There was a large workstation in the middle of the kitchen. On top of it, there were three large tubs with potatoes, carrots, and lettuces inside of them, respectively. None of them were covered up, and there were quite a few flies crawling all over them.

All of their faces turned black. And when they saw the food that was still in the pot, they looked even worse.

When they signed up to the school, they were promised a meat dish and vegetable dish for every meal. What they saw was a fried potatoes with carrots dish, a lettuce dish, and a tomato and egg drop soup that one could barely see any eggs inside.

Someone immediately discovered there was meat on top of the cutting board. It was half chopped already. She picked it up and looked. It was pork neck.

Anyone who cooked would know that pork neck was the worst of all meat. Recently, there were even studies that stated that having too much of that could be detrimental to one’s health. And that’s what they were feeding to the kids?

The parents were so upset they were about to pass out right then and there. All of their precious babies at home were fed these at their kindergarten? Their hearts ache so much they almost have a hard time breathing.

“Go, go get your principal. We bought the house here because we liked this kindergarten. We were told that this was supposed to be an international school, and there were foreigner teachers that will be teaching the kids bilingually. Never mind that there were only two foreigner teachers here. We didn’t have high hopes that the children would learn a lot at this age. But we pay so much money every month and that’s what you are feeding our kids? No wonder my kid said she was hungry right after school. No way this was enough food to fill her up!”

“This is just awful. You feed pork neck to the kids? And there was no hygiene to speak of here. We are not done here.”

The ten or so parents all erupted there and all scolded them angrily. The principal, hearing about the ruckus, came running over. He wiped away his sweat on his forehead and tried to sound as calm as possible. “Let’s all remain calm. We can take our time and talk this through.”

“Take our time? No, we can’t take our time. I am afraid that you will kill my child. This wasn’t what was shown to us way back when. So it was all a scam because the kids don’t know any better. Thunder will strike greedy people like you. This is costing us $200 a month! $300 if you add in the tutorial center fee! That’s a regular person’s monthly salary. And that’s what you are feeding our kids? You better give us an answer today.”

“Answer? We are going to talk to property management directly. This was supposed to be the best district and best kindergarten in City Nan. And the best kindergarten was feeding pork neck to the kids?”

“Yes, we are going to talk to property management. We have spent so much money on our houses and so much money on the tuitions. And they wouldn’t even feed our children property. They better step up and take the responsibilities.”

“I say we call the cops directly. This was like homicide.” Grandma Wu was so angry that her face was flustered.

Their children were all precious babies at home. They only wish the kids would eat even one more bite at home. And they have just found out that the kids were being abused at the kindergarten. That was like a stab to all the mothers and grandmothers’ hearts.

Shu Yan opened her mouth, but realized that she didn’t get a chance to get in a word at all. The angry parents had already squeezed her out of the immediate circle. Now, the bulk of their fire power were the grandmothers.

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The group of them went over to property management and angrily demanded to talk to the property manager. It was quite intimidating for those who had no idea what was going on.

The property manager was a very friendly-looking woman. But one couldn’t be more wrong if they truly thought she was a friendly person. After all, anyone who could hold the position of a property manager would not be any kind of a pushover at this day and age.