Chapter 10 Cute Sister part 2 *

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Chapter 10 Cute Sister part 2 *

The slurp sounds weren't as loud as when Lust did it...

But Lucien was very much in love with the different feelings, which were to have his cock in a mouth that was so kind and not so wild.

He patted Sophia's head as holding her beautiful red hair while she gave him a fantastic blowjob.

Sophia was like a little girl who got a new toy and wanted to do everything with it. She had zero experience, but a thousand in the willingness and all that goodwill made her very successful in giving Lucien immense pleasure.

Lust, who watched them, kept touching herself while she felt very horny seeing the sensual but still innocent way that Sophia sucked so vigorously on that dick, which she also loved so fucking much.

Lucien started to shiver as he felt his cock going to heaven. Then he held Sophia's head tightly involuntarily and started pushing his cock further into that beautiful throat.

She did not resist and followed his lead while among the "slurps" tried to speak words that only excited Lucien more and more.

"You can cum it all in my mouth! I will drink everything..."

"Pleaaaseee giveee meee iiittt!!!"

Lucien already loved it all so much, but then she still increased the sucking and begged him to come on her. That kind of stimulation was too much for someone so new to these matters, and he couldn't holp on too long.

He felt the apex of pleasure in such a hot blowjob and pushed his cock in a single hard thrust, which reached the deepest part of her throat while he pulled her head against his cock and held it until he cum everything into her.


And she took it all...

Sophia could only think because her mouth was very busy.

"It's so fucking good!!! I want to drink it all ... don't stop, please... give me more, my love!!!"

But she was very inexperienced, and Lucien could produce astronomical amounts of cum, which even Lust had a hard time handling.

Then, as expected, Sophia choked after drinking a little more than half of it, and Lucien quickly took his hard cock out of her mouth.

He was still coming and splashed what was left of it on her gorgeous face.

It was all swift, and when he tried to avoid doing that, she got in front of it, not wanting to lose any part of his excellent seed, which she wouldn't get tired of swallowing with all her holes...

"Sis!? Are you okay?!"

Lucien was afraid he would have hurt his sister and tried to check out if she was okay.

But Sophia was still kneeling and began to ran her finger on her face full of his cum, as tried to eat it while said nothing.

He became more concerned, but then she started making an interrogative sound like "hmm..." and couldn't keep her expression serious for a long time before giving him a very naughty smile and starting laughing.

"I knew it would be nice... but it was more fucking fantastic than I could ever imagine!"

"Hahahahaha... I just love you soooo much, my sweetheart!!!"

Lucien can't help but laugh too. Sophia surprised him more and more in ways that he couldn't enjoy more.

"Hehehehe... I think... I... already love you... too..."

She had already said several times that she loved him, but he didn't want to speak empty words...

But as he saw the gentle and kind smile on her face as licking every drop of his cum, he was sure that if he didn't love this woman, he would never forgive himself.

Sophia's eyes shone with happiness, even though he stuttered a little to say he loved her.

She knew he wasn't someone to talk without reason and was sure that even if it wasn't a great love now, it wouldn't be long before he didn't live without her.

Then she stood up and hugged him sensuously as she bit his ear and whispered.

"Did she drink it all?"

Lucien was expecting dirty words but was surprised by that jealous performance. He knew who she was talking about, but he didn't like it and made his point clear as trying to act like an alpha.

"She has nothing to do with us. Only you matter now... I'm looking and thinking only of you... so don't think of anyone but me!!!"

Sophia's heart beat faster when she heard his confident words. Her pussy started dripping with love juices when he hugged her tight and began devouring her mouth.

While he sucked on her tongue excitedly, Sophia couldn't help but try to speak words that came out strangely, but Lucien understood everything.

"I'm only yours... all of me... for you... I'll only look and think about you... so... never abandon me..."

Lucien couldn't believe that it was his sister. His sister, who was always a kind and calm person... she just wanted to be loved... he needed a long time to notice her, but now he would hold her tight and never let go.

He stopped using words and began using actions. A desire arose inside his body and consumed his whole soul... a desire to mark her whole body... and make her his and only his... forever...

Then he lifted her up and threw her on the small wooden bed, which already has its destiny decided, and tore the panties that she still wore.

"Now, it's my turn to make you feel good."

"Sophia couldn't be happier, and after having her panties ripped, she spread her legs wide and invited him to do whatever he wanted with her body."

But to the cute sister's happy surprise, he didn't immediately start to fuck her but began to kiss her all upper body lovingly.

He left wet marks on her face... neck... and collarbone area. Then he paid special attention to those two cute little breasts that fit perfectly in his hand.

Sophia was pleased as he kissed her so lovingly and was even happier because she understood that he wanted to mark her body.

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

This means that he was already thinking possessively about her, and that was something she couldn't help but love.

But she was a bit pessimistic when he started touching her small breasts as she was very insecure about that part of her body.

"Do you think they are small?"

Lucien paused a second before keep to caress that cute little breasts, which he already loved so much. Then he sucked on her pink nipple once more before starting to speak decisively.

"Yes, they are small..."

Sophia bowed her head in shame. She thought he could try to cheer her up, but he went on as usual and spoke directly what he thought, making her more insecure about her body.

But then he put his open hand directly on her left breast while making his point clear.

"Look... they are made especially for me... even small, they fit perfectly in my hand..."

"They are so soft and fluffy that I want to squeeze and touch it all the time..."

"And the flavor... I love their taste so much... I want to kiss and suck it nonstopping..."

Sophia was pleasantly surprised, she knew he was not lying, and now she was blushing even more because she did not know how to react, receiving such delightful words from her lover. But Lucien hasn't finished yet.

"Every part of your body couldn't be more beautiful. And that's all for me..."

"I love each part of you... I love these cute little breasts very much, and I made sure they were always pleased!"

After speaking such passionate words, he finished splendidly, giving many wet kisses on her breasts and sucking both nipples vigorously.

All of this was too much for Sophia's little heart, which was beating as fast as a deer in front of a car headlight. She felt as if her heart was going to leap out of her chest, jumping happily.

And her very honest pussy can't help but produce such an enormous amount of love juices in reply to Lucien's passionate words and wet kisses.

Lucien noticed this and acted fast by sucking her pussy while drinking those delicious juices, which smelled so fucking good.

"Didn't I say you were mine completely? Your lovely juices are also mine, and I want to drink everything!"

Sophia gave him a smile that was both naughty and gentle at the same time while acting shy in a way that was so damn sexy that Lucien's cock was trembling hard excitedly.

"Mm, sorry... hehe..."

Lucien then began to kiss Sophia's fluffy red vaginal hair. The smell of her pussy was like fresh wildflowers, and it also went to the list of the most intoxicating drugs, which Lucien would enjoy over and over again.

He kissed a few times lovingly that fragrant sacred red forest, which he will always take good care of. And then he made his way through her unexplored pussy with his tongue, which did the honors of being the first to be there.

It was more delicious than he imagined, and he can't help but praise it, making Sophia happy and flushed.

"It's so sweet... I love the taste..."

"You're so delicious ... I just want to eat you all entirely..."

Then he slowly and lovingly opened those pink inner walls of her sweet pussy. He was gentle but still enough to make Sophia squirm by pleasure as she moaned loudly.

"It is so good!!! You can eat... leave no part... just keep it up..."

He already had a little experience, but it was the fact that it was his beloved's tongue that made Sophia come so fast. He squirted like a river on a rainy day, and Lucien drank it all without wasting a drop.

Lucien gave some tap kisses on that beautiful pussy after drinking all the juice of love. Then he still standing in front of the bed, spread Sophia's legs further, and prepared for the next step.

Sophia replied with that gentle smile characteristic of her.

"I waited too long... don't provoke me and do it quickly... or maybe do you want me to beg?"

Lucien found it very cute the way Sophia tried to look seductive and naughty, but she still managed to surprise him.

"Give me please... give me your great meat staff..."

"Fuck me so hard until... I fall by pleasure... my man... my love!"

Lucien tried to be serious, but he couldn't help but laugh. Sophia was adorable doing those naughty but gentle expressions at the same time.

Sophia had no experience with sexual things, but she had still done a lot of research with other people for the long-awaited day she could be sensual and sexy for Lucien.

He saw when she was depressed after he laughed and explained quickly.

"I'm laughing because you're so cute even when you do sexy things."

"I am delighted that you chose me, so you can keep like this because you are perfect anyway."

Lucien and Sophia smiled lovingly at each other, so he slowly aligned his already super hard cock with her already very wet pussy.

Then he opened those small and delicate pink lips of her beautiful pussy. He entered slowly with his cock's head slowly expanding her fragrant inner walls, who welcomed his big dick very well.

The tightness that Sophia's pussy made on his dick was both stimulating but also gentle. He couldn't help thinking that she was too perfect.

He felt that warmth so welcoming, and it looked like her pussy was made especially to take his dick. So he kept going slowly until his dick reached something that slightly blocked it.

He knew anatomy to understand what it was about, and he looked at Sophia just to see her nod with the most radiant smile he had ever seen on her so far.

So he couldn't help himself and broke the block with his dick, painting it by the blood, which proved her virginity.

He looked at her again, but this time, he saw tears and was startled, thinking that the pain could be too much for her.

When he tried to make his dick out of her pussy quickly, he failed because she was quicker to wrap her legs around his waist and attach them both.

Before he could say anything, she spoke as lovingly as she could while wiping the tears with her hands.

"They are tears of joy. I'm so happy that we're finally together!"

"Now, you can never leave me!!!"

Lucien can't help but be moved too.

"Why would I abandon my most precious princess?"

While Lucien and Sophia exchanged caresses with words and actions, the two spirits still in the corner of the room watched everything without blinking.

"Old woman... can you really deny that you want that delicious cock inside your old dirty pussy?"

Lust, even in the spirit form, still wet a large part of the floor, seeing that cock she loved so much.

"I never said that... but now, I have to think about my host's happiness first... but who knows..."

Sloth, who had the appearance of a very sexy blond milf, seemed to have her eyes closed but did not miss any part of the action, which she would not deny being very interested.