Chapter 24 Secret Room

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Chapter 24 Secret Room

Lucien couldn't say that he hated the idea of ??having to conquer the girls over in every way possible.

Not only did he like the feeling of power running through his veins, but he was also proud of the flushed expression Mia made when she looked at him.

Lust had no fighting power now as she could only materialize her body for a while to have sex with Lucien. But it wouldn't help them much, and she couldn't help in combat.

But she could share her full potential with him. And a good point was being able to feel the potential of other people. That way, she could help him find the best potential partners, even with latent powers.

"Do not worry about it. I'll tell you which girls can make you stronger, but that doesn't stop you from wanting to conquer whoever you wish to."

"Just remember that it is not enough that they like you once; they have to love you more and more. You have to addict them to the pleasure that only your body could give them."

"The first time together with a woman will give you better rewards, but as your relationship improves to a certain point, you can help to unlock their full potential."

"I don't need to say that having talented women at their full potential as your partners is fantastic. But you can also share some of their skills just as you can probably give them power by my tattoo."

Lucien can't help but imagine a lot of girls loyal to him.

"But could they follow me to my world? Didn't this require a very complex portal for this inferior world?"

Lust knew that a portal to take many people between worlds was really very complicated. She had another way, but she didn't want to overload Lucien's mind now as he would have to work hard to develop the power that would enable him to have all his women together wherever he went.

"Don't think about it too much now. Your main goal is to get the girls. Make them give their bodies and hearts to you. It will not be easy; even your relationship with Mia can improve."

Lucien did not answer Lust but looked at Mia with tenderness and affection while the little tigress rubbed its head against his arm.

Mia couldn't face Lucien for long after he looked at her like that. Mia was timid, and her mind kept thinking about naughty things with him, leaving her body a mess.

Lucien laughed as he took the little tigress who started to lick his face. It felt bad for doubting him at first, but its mother is now healed thanks to this strange man. The little tigress just wanted to show that likes him.

"Hahahah... Do you want to take a bath with me, little tigress?"

Lust then had some very good ideas.

"You need to give them a good name."

Lucien hadn't thought of that. He never had a pet before and asked Lust for suggestions. Lust seemed to be expecting this result as she spoke names very quickly.

Lucien asked Lust what the names meant, but she said it was nothing special, and as he couldn't think of better names, he accepted the suggestion.

He kissed the little tigress on the forehead and placed her on top of his shoulder. Little Ko relaxed on his shoulder and found his scent very pleasant.

"You will be Ko, and you can stay on my shoulder while you are little."

Then he kissed the mama tigress' forehead as well and stood up.

"You will be Oya, my loyal companio- What?!"

After kissing the forehead of the tigresses, their heads began to glow with the purple light of Lust's powers. Then a small version of Lucien's tattoo appeared on their forehead.

Lust was not entirely sure what happened, but she still spoke her thoughts.

"It seems that every female who fully accepts you will receive a version of our tattoo. I've never heard anything like it before, but it doesn't look bad at all. It's like you can create multiple contracts..."

Lucien didn't think it was bad to be able to share his tattoo with the girls because it could help them get stronger. But in this case, it was strange...

"But they are tigresses and not..."

"Not what? Girls? Demi-humans are partly human and partly beasts. I won't even say that humans are not the greatest race in the universe..."

"They may be beasts now, but they are females who have accepted you. I can feel great potential in their race, and your sister, who is with Envy, can help them to have a demi-human body."

Lucien couldn't disagree with Lust's words. He was very fond of demi-humans and imagined what the cute tigresses would look like as beautiful girls...

But he would have to find his sister who was with Envy. And it could take a while. But that wouldn't stop him from treating the tigresses with all the care he could.

Oya roared at Lucien as he patted her head. He could see in her eyes that she was happy to share the tattoo with him.

Ko tried to roar too, but the sound was more like a cute meow because she was too young. It also had the same meaning as his mother. They both accepted Lucien completely.

Mia, who saw the whole scene, can't help touching her belly and questioning Lucien.

"This mark on their forehead is the same as the one in my belly. What did you do with us?"

Lucien put little Ko down and walked towards Mia. She gave her a long and tight hug, as he explained.

"I can't explain much. But I have this tattoo too. When you accepted me, we shared our potential. As long as you feel good with me, we can get stronger and more powerful."

"I can even help you reach your full latent potential... But we need to do a lot more things like what we did in the bath..."

Mia only noticed the tattoo when she dressed to follow Lucien. Since they did those things, she feels better and better.

She tried for a long time to improve her speed but had a limit that she was unable to cross. But when she ran to mine, she was much faster than before, and she had no idea how it happened.

Now hearing Lucien's words, even though it were bizarre, she couldn't deny that it made sense. If not, did why she was getting faster just after the tattoo appeared on her belly?

Mia thought that if exists a method of getting strong by doing such things, it would be bizarre. But then she remembered her mother...

She couldn't count on anyone to help her before, but now she not only found someone to trust but that person could also strengthen her...

Even if they need to do naughty things, she couldn't deny that she liked it, and... it wouldn't be wrong if he becomes her husband... Mia couldn't help thinking many things in her confused mind.

Lucien continued to hug Mia as she tried to accept the strange situation. After a few seconds, she started kissing his neck while speaking in a low voice.

"It's okay for me like that... But I ask you to take it easy with me... No one will separate us..."

Lucien liked the cute Mia more and more. How good would if his future relationships with other girls are as easy and natural as it was with Mia...

He can't help thinking about his sisters... Sophia is very cute, but... the others are like demons... He tried to push those thoughts away and prepared to leave the mine.

"Mia, I need another bath before putting on some clothes. Keep an eye on the girls while I go to bathe with Oya and Ko."

Mia headed for the depths of the mine while Lucien left with the tigresses. Little Ko ran close to Lucien, making cute sounds, begging to get on his shoulder. Oya approached Lucien to walk very close to him and continue to feel that pleasant scent, which she liked so much.


Marie and Anne carefully explored the depths of the mine. The shakings broke down several walls, opening new paths where they found several precious stones.

The mission they took from the guild was to clear the mine of any dangers. But they could take advantage while cleaning the mine to collect anything of value.

The mine was supposed only to have ores, but as it seemed to have been used before, they could still find several useful things, which they could carry in their magic backpacks.

They continued without finding any beast or any other danger. They collected some rare gems and ores on the ground and collapsed walls.

Marie was lighting up the path while exploring, but she frowns when Anne started a strange conversation.

"What do you think about him?"

Marie didn't like how strange Lucien was and came out of nowhere, asking her to serve him... But she couldn't deny that he saved their lives twice.

"I don't know... He seems to be so... I'm not sure what I'm going to do."

Anne did not think that Lucien was very strange... maybe he was peculiar. But she found him a good person... how could she not think well of someone who had risked so much to save their lives?

"And your problem with that prince? You told me he's a disgusting villain... Lucien is a handsome devil, so I think he can be a better choice..."

Marie couldn't help but agree with Anne's words. Lucien is really nice, not like the shit, who pursues her...

"Maybe you're right... but I don't need any of them."

"So will you be single forever? I can't even imagine how bad that would be..."

Then Marie remembered that Anne also suffered from an unwanted stalker.

"And you, Marie? What do you think of him? Will you stay with him to avoid the stinky werewolf?"

Marie can't help but smile.

"Of course! I hate that dog from the depths of my soul, and I don't mind being with someone as pretty as Lucien if he promises to tear the entrails of that asshole..."

"Also, I promised my body if he could save you from the soldiers of the Light Empire. You know how strong those people are, so we had no way to get out alive... Now, I won't deny it if he asks me it..."

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

Marie knew well how the Light Empire is one of the most powerful forces in the world. Lucien almost died to save them, so she felt a lot of gratitude for him... But the idea of ??giving her body without knowing the other person well was very bizarre.

Anne saw the hesitation in Marie's eyes and tried her best to cheer up her friend.

"He doesn't look like someone who would force us. Did you see how Mia is already crazy about him? He must have been very kind to her."

"And you don't have to decide that now. We are going to travel back to the city together, and you can know him little by little."

"But I already made up my mind. If he helps me with the damn dog, I will stay with him... It would be good if we could stay with him together, we would be like real sisters."

While the girls talked, they noticed an opening in the wall. It probably opened after the mine shakes, then the girls entered the small passage.

It was a small lighted room with large torches that looked very old. It looked like a magic powder was used to keep the fire going.

The walls and floor are made of small dark bricks. There were drawings of dragons on the walls, and the few pillars, which were in the middle of the room.

In the center of the room between the four pillars was a large copper chest. On top of the chest were two small dragons facing each other, also made of copper.

Marie and Anne couldn't help but open their mouths because the shiny copper chest looks like an extraordinary find.