Chapter 41 Assassin Squad part 1

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Chapter 41 Assassin Squad part 1

Mia and Astrid couldn't believe they heard the Queen beg for more in such an erotic way...

Oya, who was sitting on the floor near the bedroom door with Ko, was already used to females being delighted with her master's caresses.

But the most surprised person was Aria, the owner of the inn, who was watching the fantastic show through a small fracture in the roof of Cassidy's room. "It looks so good... ahhh..."

Lucien continued to make Cassidy moan as he was still far from needing to pause. Mia and Astrid could not continue to hear those erotic sounds and left the inn to get some fresh air.

Mia was thrilled that Lucien was healing her mother. She had waited so long for that, but a small part of her was envying the Queen. After all, Cassidy was doing everything she hadn't done with her man... yet...

Astrid saw Mia's thoughtful look and thought she was feeling the same thing. "If you want to join them, I'm sure neither will be against..."

Mia was embarrassed by Astrid's words as she believed that too. "I'm a dirty girl for wanting to do it along with my mom... But now he must focus on healing her."

Astrid started to laugh at Mia's honest words. "You know... That rascal must be made of candy because my body had no resistance to him right when we met..."

Astrid told how she met Lucien, and Mia also told her story, making them both laugh while cursing Lucien for being so good.

They were in an open area at the front of the inn, but both wore hoods and were not afraid because the area was not very busy as one of the most underdeveloped parts of the city.

But unfortunately, some scout mercenaries, who passed there earlier, recognized Mia as a shadow...

After Mason left the Black Hand Party mansion, some mercenaries wanted to beat him up as they were very angry at the adventurers. Still, their leader warned them not to bother Masons as he had given him valuable information.

Black hand had already destroyed his office with punches and kicks. He was sure that Shadow would be his sooner or later. He regretted so much for not having forced her because now she had already given her body to a man, and he could not contain his fury for it.

"I'm going to kill him in front of you, bitch!!!" He kicked his desk a few more times until he calmed down and started to think of a plan.

Black Hand was the leader of the third strongest mercenary group in Portgreen, and he only achieved this by always acting cautiously and attacking his enemies in their weak points.

He called the scouts to find out all the information they had about Shadow and started planning what he would do.

Mason had said that Lucien was as strong as Jeanne, who is known as one of the strongest A-rank adventurers in the city. But Black Hand was a diamond-rank mercenary, so he was confident of beating Lucien.

The ranks in the guild are D, C, B, A, and S. Most adventurers were B-rank, and there were approximately two hundred A-rank, but they were almost always out of town in missions and exploring.

The mercenary groups had a system similar to the guild. Their ranks were Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Most being varied in all ranks except Diamond, as there were only three of them, who were the leaders of the three strongest mercenary groups in the city.

So, Black Hand thought he would have no problem dealing with Lucien, but he was not sure about the White Tigress as Moom Tigers were famous for being formidable companions beasts. He also knew nothing about Lucien and was concerned that there was some influential power or force behind him.

After thinking for a while, he concluded that it would be better to send a group of his most stealthy men to capture Lucien and Shadow so he could do whatever he wanted with them, and nobody would blame him.

He shouted at the guard outside the room. "Call Isaac, now!"

The guard had never seen Black Hand so angry before and followed his order quickly. After a few minutes, he returned with a group of five people wearing black robes. The leader of the group entered the room after knocking, and the others waited outside.

"I'm ready, boss." Isaac took off his hood as he bowed to Black Hand, waiting for his orders.

He was almost 1.8 meters tall and had short blond hair. His smooth and unscarred face is proof that he was one of the best assassins among the mercenaries as his stealth skills were incredible.

Black Hand trusted Isaac's group a lot; even if they weren't the strongest mercenaries, they were very skilled and discreet, so it would be easy for them to capture Lucien and Shadow quickly.

He explained the situation to Isaac and made it clear that it was to take Shadow alive, but if Lucien was a problem, they could kill him. Isaac could understand that his boss didn't like Lucien, so he would try to bring him alive to please Black Hand.

After arranging everything with Black Hand, Isaac left the mansion with his group and the two scouts. They sprinted through the shadows of the city, and it was not long before they arrived at the front of Aria's inn.

Isaac saw Shadow talking to a hooded woman in front of the inn, and he couldn't help but find her very careless. He could easily capture her now, but he was cautious and wanted to scout the area before doing any action.

He turned to one of his comrades. "Maggie, use your magic."

The woman named Maggie was already waiting for this, as they have already done several missions like that. She began to whisper an enchantment as she moved her hands, making a circle in the air toward the inn.

Her hands shone with soft gray light, and a mirror-like circle formed in the air. She continued to move her hands in the air while Isaac and the rest of the group could see inside the inn through the magic circle.

Isaac can't help praising Maggie. "Good job, Maggie. This magic is very useful. Let's see where the man is..."

Maggie moved the circle in the air while the group saw everything inside the inn. She could control the magic so that they only saw through the walls to be able to recognize their target.

They saw three ordinary citizens in simple rooms, but surprisingly Maggie's magic failed to get through a specific room. They just saw the wall as if something blocked the magic, and Isaac thought Lucien had some protection artifact.

"He must be there." Isaac started to think about the best way to get in, but the others kept looking at Maggie's magic as she scanned the rest of the place.

"Heeeee?!" As the group looked on the magic circle, they saw Lucien and Cassidy loving each other madly, and Meggie couldn't help but blush. She tried to focus on maintaining her magic, but the scene she was seeing was very intense...

Everyone in the group was a man except Maggie. They could only see Lucien's body as he was on top of Cassidy and were upset when Maggie broke the magic circle before they could see anything good.

Isaac did not understand what happened and spoke severely to Maggie. "What did you see?"

Maggie started to stutter. "Th...T-hey were... d-doing... d-dirty things!!!"

Isaac could not believe that she had broken the magic circle because she was ashamed and slapped Maggie on the face. "Fuck you! Are you an assassin and become ashamed to see sex? Make the damn circle again, or I'll beat you up here!"

The slap was hard, and Maggie felt a lot of pain while Isaac's handprint marked on her face. "I can't do the magic... while I'm nervous... I can't... with them... doing that... sorry."

Isaac was about to slap Maggie again, but then he got a better idea. "Look at your comrades. They couldn't see the woman's body, so they're upset... If you don't show her body to them, I'll show your body..."

Maggie was terrified. Even though they were partners, she knew they wouldn't hesitate to do terrible things to her if Isaac ordered them. "Okay, just give me a second, please!"

Maggie was very nervous about making the magic and seeing Lucien doing dirty things with Cassidy, but she didn't want to get another slap or that something worse would happen to her. Then she started to move her hands in the air, and a few seconds later, the magic circle formed again.

The men wanted to try to see the woman's body, and Isaac wanted to see Lucien, but everyone was surprised that there was no one in the room.

"AAAaaa!! Deeper!! Faster!!! Harder!!!! Fuck me more, Lucien!! Pleaseee!!"

Cassidy has never felt so good before. Not only was she very pleased, but she felt a power she had never felt before. Her body was recovering and also getting stronger. She felt unlimited energy running through her entire body.

Her hair, which had become half-white as time, was already black as before but seemed to become brighter and healthier at every second that Lucien continued to fuck her. Her skin had also returned to the healthy olive color of before, and she looked even younger now, like Mia.

Cassidy understood the good Lucien was doing to her body and didn't know how to reward him. She couldn't help but like him more and more and wanted to give everything to him... She wanted to belong to him entirely...

Lucien was enjoying it as much as Cassidy. He felt that wonderful feeling of improvement in his body. He felt his strength and senses increase while he was in great pleasure with Cassidy's sexy body.

Lust kept laughing in his mind, telling him to fuck Cassidy more and more because he was receiving many benefits from her. Not only was his power increasing, but Lust also felt a vast amount of air mana entering Lucien's body. It wouldn't be long before he had a complete affinity with air attribute so.

Lucien's senses were already excellent as he could hear from a mile away if he were focused. Of course, within the city where there was a lot of noise, it was much more difficult to hear specific sounds, and he needed to focus on a direction so he could listen to over long distances.

While he had sex with Cassidy, he was focused on her, but his hearing reached two hundred meters around the inn perfectly. He heard when a group of people arrived across the street at the front of the inn and was suspicious when they stopped.

As they could be just regular people, Lucien didn't act quickly but focused on listening to what they were saying while he continued to fuck Cassidy's hot pussy.

But then he heard the group's strange conversation and understood that they were doing some kind of magic. Lust was also analyzing them, so when she said that the magic could see through the walls, Lucien covered Cassidy's body with his.

Lucien heard Maggie's scream and knew it was time for him to act when she stopped the magic. He left the bed and picked Cassidy's clothes quickly, without worrying about his.

He could not accept other men trying to see the body of his beloved women and would make them pay with blood just for trying it.

He started dressing Cassidy quickly. "Fast. Some people are coming for us."

Cassidy quickly put on her clothes because she believed in Lucien completely. Lucien quickly picked up his black armor, and they left the room. Oya was already ready to fight because she felt her master's anger and knew that someone would die soon.

Lucien saw Oya's excited look and patted her on the head as he said words that left Cassidy and Aria, on the roof, very confused.

"Some kind men came to feed you, Oya..."