Chapter 407: The Nature Spirit's Request

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Chapter 407: The Nature Spirit’s Request

Amelia pouts while looking at Lucien and Sophia with a jealous expression. Lucien laughs at her curtness and extends a hand to her while continuing to hug Sophia with his other arm.

Surprising everyone, Amelia’s body blinks, and she disappears, immediately appearing next to Lucien and hugging him.

The Nature Spirit laugh. “Oh, you kids are evolving so fast…”

Without wasting time, Amelia places her ceremonial bowl on the pillar and begins to smash her chosen flower without stopping hugging Lucien with her other arm.

Lucien takes a white gem from his storage ring along with a shark tooth and smashes them into the bowl, but he quickly returns to hug Sophia, not letting her get away from him. A part of him thinks that the main reason he has two arms is to hug two of his lovers simultaneously.

The Nature Spirit smiles as she looks at them. “So lovely…”

So they choose two seeds, and she creates another powerful magic seed and honestly wishes them luck and happiness.

Then Amelia and Sophia kiss Lucien on the cheek at the same time, making the women find the scene very cute and the men burn with jealousy. Well, many of them can’t help but be attracted to him as well.

“Will this little wife ever have her turn?” Envy comments while making a fake sad expression and puts just like Amelia.

While Lucien and his group show no reaction because of Envy’s scene, the Nature Spirit rolls her eyes at him. “I don’t know why you treat Envy as your wife. She will always try to make your other girls look bad.”

He smiles at Envy. “She is a marvelous woman when she wants to. Also, she knows how to behave well when it is necessary.”

Envy approaches Lucien and kisses his lips before looking at Nature Spirit with a proud expression. “It doesn’t matter if you are the Nature Spirit, a Primordial, or any other shit, I can still feel your jealousy. Thanks; this is helping me to generate more demonic energy.”

“…” The Nature Spirit stops smiling and is silent, making Envy, Lucien, and Pride smile.

Lucien squeezes Envy’s ass while talking in her mind. ‘Don’t scare her too much; we still need to find out what she really wants.’

While Sophia and Amelia return to the other girls’ side, Envy places her ceremonial bowl on the pillar and begins to smash her flower as Lucien takes a gray gem from his storage ring.

The Nature Spirit returns to smile while making a beautiful seed for them. Then she looks Envy in the eye. “As Lucien like you, I have nothing against this relationship. Yet, I really hope you know how to behave… your childish actions now affect many more people than you can imagine.”

Envy takes Lucien’s hand tightly. “I would never hurt my family.”

Lucien smiles as he strokes Envy’s waist. Although he still doesn’t feel that she totally loves him, he knows that she already considers him and his family as her own family too.

The Nature Spirit nods, and Envy kisses Lucien before returning to the girls’ side. After that fight with the angels, the way she sees the girls has really changed.

Now she wants to fight alongside them as well as with Amelia and Lucien. True loyalty is hard to find, and she appreciates the way they are doing things together.

Lucien smiles at Sloth, and she materializes her body next to him to avoid walking a few feet. So, he kisses her lips passionately.

“I don’t think anyone ever thought the Seven Great Demons would have such a ceremony, especially with the same man, a young boy.” The Nature Spirit comments while smiling.

Sloth enjoy Lucien’s kiss for a few seconds before responding slowly. “It doesn’t matter if we are old or young; life is always unpredictable, yet, I am sure that anything that can strengthen our bonds will be very beneficial.”

Lucien takes Sloth’s hand while also knowing that she doesn’t genuinely love him, just like Envy. He understands that they are unique beings who have lived for thousands of years. Still, he is confident that he can really conquer their hearts with time and effort.

That ceremony is an important step in their relationship because it makes it clear that they are willing to let him take up all the space within their hearts.

The Nature Spirit looks at Sloth with a respectful expression. “I agree with you, my friend. And I’m sure you will make your heart’s wish come true.”

Those words and friendly look make Sloth somehow understand that the Nature Spirit knows about her desire to be a mother, and the fact that Lucien is holding her hand makes her feel the day she is going to fulfill that is not far off.

Sloth smiles and performs the ritual just like the other girls. Lucien uses a green gem, similar to the ones he picked up for Ghilanna and Ghalenna, which she finds very beautiful.

Then the Nature Spirit creates a powerful seed for them and delivers it to Sloth, who makes an impressed expression while holding the seed in her hand.

“What a powerful life energy…” Sloth comments before looking at the Nature Spirit. “Even though you’re not here, but just a minimal part of your aura, you’re still so powerful… You really are a Primordial, right?”

She smiles. “You will soon understand more about everything, but now is not the time to talk about it… I don’t want to fill your mind with other things now and end up hindering your development.”

[Why so much mystery? Is she helping that woman?] Sloth is very curious about how the Nature Spirit is related to them, especially Lucien.

“Well, there is one more woman to do the ritual, right? I can’t stay here much longer.” The Nature Spirit comments and Lust approach Lucien.

Although Lust doesn’t try to stand out too much so as not to steal the attention from Lucien’s other wives, especially the demi-human ones, her beauty still exceeds that of all the other women around him.

Her body with perfectly balanced curves and proportions captivates straight men and women. Her beautiful blonde hair sways in the air, while even without any decoration is impressive.

Her horns are delicate and charming, while her wings are magnificent and sexy. Her tail is too cute, especially as it wraps around Lucien’s tail as she hugs him.

Seeing Lucien and Lust together is something that seems to make total sense even to people who never saw them before. They seem to combine perfectly and are made for each other, although they have no physical similarities like he has with his sisters, especially Sophia.

Everyone feels that they generate a magical aura when they embrace… a hot aura that makes everyone feel their carnal desires aroused.

Whether women or men of any age, they feel pleasure just by seeing them together, and of course, they feel more and more desire to feel more pleasure.

The nature Spirit smiles at them. “I wonder who of you deserves to be called the Lust Sin the most. No… you are both Lust, stronger when together…”

“After all, that is the purpose of the Seven searches for hosts, right? Alone you are… just demons…” She comments.

“Just make the seed, old woman.” Lust smiles, but she doesn’t like the enigmatic way that mysterious woman speaks.

Lucien chuckles, and the Nature Spirit shakes her head while also laughing. So they do the ritual just like the other girls.

Then the Nature Spirit gives the seed to Lust. “You and Lucien have to do what is necessary to become stronger, but I don’t think your leader agrees on how things are going here… I’m sure she’ll be angry when she finds out that you and your sisters now have a husband.”

Before Lust can respond, Lucien makes a neutral expression. “This is not your problem.”

She looks at him with a fake sad expression. “Hey! You don’t have to be hostile to me. I came here to help you.”

Lucien sighs. “You really look friendly, but you must understand that I can’t just trust a person so powerful to the point of making Pride silent.”

While Pride tries to make an upset expression at Lucian but ends up pouting without realizing it, the Nature Spirit laughs. “Fair, really fair… you are right not to trust powerful people who come out of nowhere, saying they want to help you.”

“Exactly…” He comments. “You have to give me some reason to believe you.”

The Nature Spirit stops smiling and looks him in the eye. “I’m sorry… My sister would beat me up if I told you anything else than what she allowed me to say.”

Then she suddenly starts laughing again. “Though, I think I already said things that I shouldn’t have.”

She tries to caress Lucien’s face again, but he turns his face as he looks at her with a curious expression. “This way is hard to cooperate with you.”

The Nature Spirit sighs. “I see… let’s make a deal then. If you take one of these shark teeth to me at my home, I’ll tell you everything I know.”

“It seems like a good deal. However, I do not know when I will have an opportunity to go there.” Lucien responds.

She smiles and extends a hand to him. “It’s alright; I can wait. So, is it a deal?”

Lucien can feel what his wives think about most things because they are connected. However, he is not connected with some women and ends up looking quickly at Eve and Pride, asking their opinion.

Eve quickly nods to him, yet, Pride can’t help but reflect on the fact that he asks her opinion on a subject that he seems to be totally in control of.

Of course, she thinks it is rational for him to ask for her opinion, but that act of consideration makes her have more confidence in him, not as a leader but as a loyal partner.

She also nods and does it slowly for everyone to see that he asked for her opinion, and she agrees with that.

Then Lucien smiles at the Nature Spirit and shakes her hand. “Deal.”

She holds his hand with both her hands and smiles back at him. “I am one of the few people who really understand your real nature. That’s why I know that you will need powerful allies when no one else expects it… I will be one of those allies, and you will not regret having me at your side at that moment.”

The words of the Nature Spirit are clear but also mysterious, leaving more questions than answers. While Lucien thinks about it, she caresses his hand as her body starts to change back to wood.

She continues to smile at him with a genuine friendly expression, and he can even see affection in her eyes. Then he feels a sensation of loss as her body turns back to wood.

When her face is about to turn wood like the rest of her body, she makes a thoughtful expression. “Oh, I almost forgot it! What I really came to tell you…”

“The last Phoenix is in the Blue Star…” With those last words, the body of the Nature Spirit turns completely into a lifeless wooden doll. The Sins cannot even feel any energy or aura coming from it.

Lucien smiles and caresses the wooden doll’s face, so he places it inside his storage ring while thinking to himself. [What an interesting woman… I hope to see her soon.]

Then he looks back and sees several different reactions. The fox-people, like most of his wives and sisters, has confused expressions. They don’t understand exactly what just happened.

However, the Sins have strange expressions on their faces. Lust is smiling, while Sloth also has an animated expression.

Yet, the expression Lucien is most curious about is that of Daisy. She looks so happily shocked, like someone who just found the most precious treasure of all.

“Is that Phoenix so good?” He asks.

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