Chapter 44 Who's coming with me? part 1

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Chapter 44 Who's coming with me? part 1

"You are so stubborn! If you continue like that, you will never be happy and will end up like mom... A person who never smiles..." Marie remembered her sister's harsh words as she looked at an untouched cup of coffee.

"You're just like him, sister..." Marie whispered as she thought Lucien was a lot like her sister. Someone who did what they wanted and didn't care about right or wrong.

Marie hated Lucien the first time she saw him. He was naked! Then he killed the mercenaries without mercy. Of course, she didn't like the mercenaries and hated Brian, but she didn't want him to do a massacre.

She hated people who didn't care about life and killed indiscriminately. Her sister was just as Lucien, and Maire hated them. But he saved her twice and suffered severe injuries to defend her...

An internal struggle was destroying Marie. Her brain told her to stay away from Lucien, but her heart said she should be beside him.

The more Lucien acted like a devil, more Marie thought she should leave the Portgreen, but at the same time, he acted so lovingly with Mia... Marie did not know how to deal with her conflicting feelings.

Marie looked at Anne, who was in front of her. They were at a table in the guild refectory. Anne also looked at an untouched cup of coffee, but instead of a confused expression like Marie, she had a silly smile on her face.

Marie thought about making fun of her best friend. "Look, Lucien!!!"

When Marie said she saw Lucien, Anne shouted his name excitedly and stood up. But someone else asked where he was, making Marie look back and see Jeanne, who was also at a table just like them.

Anne realized that Marie was making fun of her when she started laughing. Anne couldn't help but laugh too, but Jeanne was still looking for Lucien, making them laugh even more.

"Marie was kidding, Jeanne. Lucien did not return yet. Come on, join us." Anne had to explain the situation to the desperate Jeanne. She understood it was just a joke and calmed down while sitting down at the table with the girls.

Jeanne looked at Anne with an inquiring look and couldn't resist asking. "Why did you excitedly shout his name?"

Anne was embarrassed as she stammered. "I-I w-was not e-excited!!!"

"Hahaha... Is it not obvious? She is in love with him. But you? Why were you so worried when you heard his name?" Marie laughed at the blushing Anne and asked Jeanne.

Before Jeanne could say anything, Anne tried to defend herself. "I'm not in love with him! You know that I had to promise my body to him to save you, Marie! I will keep my words, so I better be on good terms with him... That's all..."

Anne's words made Marie sad. Anne was right; Lucien saved them in exchange for their bodies, and Marie accepted it but had not yet done her part... She wanted it to be easy to have sex with him and then each one to go on with their lives, but it was not that simple.

Half of Marie already thought Lucien was excellent and kind, so if she had sex with him, she would fall in love with him completely. Marie wasn't sure if she wanted to fall in love with the devil...

Jeanne saw Anne's flushed face and knew she wasn't being honest about not being in love with Lucien, but she couldn't believe it... "How can you like someone like him?!?!"

Anne didn't like the tone Jeanne used to talk about Lucien. "Someone like him? Do you mean someone who protects his friends? Someone who doesn't let others harm his woman? Someone so handsome and kind? Why shouldn't I like him?"

Marie could not deny any of Anne's words and also felt like praising Lucien.

"She is right. Everything Lucien did was for us and then for Mia. If I remember correctly, he did nothing against the archer who shot him or your nephew, who ordered the stupid attack. He just acted out of anger because of Mia..."

Jeanne knew she was wrong. After all, they attacked Lucien first, and even though he was cruel, it was not without reason. "Yes, he is not that bad... I'm sorry."

Anne drank some of her coffee, which was already cold, while staring at Jeanne. "On the contrary, he is fantastic... But I still suggest that you stay away from him."

Marie and Jeanne were confused by Anne's words and asked her why.

Anne gave them a mischievous smile as she spoke calmly. "I'm going to have to share him with Mia and maybe Marie, so I want him to have as fewer women as possible to have more Lucien for me, of course."

"Hahahaha..." Jeanne and Marie started to laugh at Anne's serious words. She already looked like a jealous little wife, but her relationship with Lucien was almost at stage zero yet.


Lucien was at the inn, conversing with his women on how to proceed.

"So, let's get out of town for a while. Astrid, I'm going to the guild with you, but the others have to leave now, I don't want to take any risks of the mercenaries discovering you before we can leave the city."

Cassidy and Mia wanted to go with Lucien, but moving in a larger group in the city would attract more attention, so they agreed to leave town with Aria and Ella before Lucien also leave with Astrid after going to the guild.

Mia caressed Lucien's arm while trying to get his attention. "You have already healed my mother, so the bronze chest should stay with you."

Lucien kept the chest in his storage ring and gave Mia a gentle kiss on her lips. "Astrid and I will be quick, take care of your mother."

Mia liked Lucien's affection but made a face when she saw him giving her mother a big wet kiss. Lucien squeezed Cassidy's ass as they kissed intensely.

Then Lucien raised little Ko and kissed her on the forehead. Then he kissed Oya's forehead while patting her. "Take care of them, Oya, and I'll give you as many pats as you want."

Oya roared, ensuring that she understood her master's orders while Ko also showed an interest in gaining pats. Lucien laughed at them and moved towards Aria instinctively.

"Wait! What are you going to do??!" Aria was surprised and worried. She saw how Lucien conquered Cassidy and knew that she couldn't resist if he tried something like that, but she didn't know him, and even though she found he was a good person, she took a step back.

Lucien realized his mistake and apologized to her. Then he approached Maggie. He let her hear everything because he wouldn't let Oya walk away from her. Lucien didn't trust Maggie, but he trusted Oya's speed to kill her before any problems.

He held Maggie's chin and made her look at his eyes as he spoke severely. "You go with them and obey everything Cassidy says... Otherwise, you will be Oya's food, understand?"

Maggie shivered with fear of Lucien. She really wanted everything to be a nightmare... But it was all her fault for joining a group of assassins mercenaries, so she could only nod and follow Lucien's orders.

After everything had been said and planned, Lucien thought about using his telepathy with Mia to find them easily outside the city. He managed to communicate with her after two seconds, and it looked all right.

But then he tried to telepathically communicate with Cassidy too as she already had his tattoo. "My Queen, you're heavenly sexy!!"

"IDIO- How?!" Lucien was able to communicate with Cassidy instantly, making the sweet middle-aged woman blush and almost scream at him. But then she realized that he had not moved his mouth and had communicated telepathically with her.

Lucien understood that his connection with Cassidy was very strong and went out with Astrid towards the guild while explaining everything to Cassidy by telepathy. Cassidy could only be more surprised by Lucien's peculiarities and liked him more and more.

While the women and tigresses left the city quickly, Lucien ran with Astrid to the guild. He didn't ask what she was going to do there as he trusted her, and he also wanted to talk to Marie and Anne before he left.

The speed of both was very high, so it didn't take long for them to arrive at the guild. Lucien and Astrid stopped in the hall.

He understood that she wanted to work things out on her own and gave her an intense kiss while hugging her. He didn't forget to slap her ass, making the cute manticore-woman blush.

They agreed to meet in the hall after finishing their business, and Astrid went upstairs while Lucien went to look for Marie and Anne.

The guild was a very lively place, and there were many people in the hall. Everyone was surprised when they saw the wild Ravenous being so cute and submissive to Lucien. Almost all adventurers already knew Lucien by the rumors, and now they were sure that he had tamed the terrible man-breaker.

Men were both jealous and reverent for Lucien. After all, everyone agreed that Ravenous was beautiful and sexy beyond the limits, but no one could "survive" her, so when Lucien did it, he became a legend, which would be more famous than Ravenous herself.

But the girls acted as if that was already expected as they thought Lucien was the most handsome man of all, so just like them, any woman could fall in love with him easily.

Three women, in particular, had very different looks, staring Lucien while having various kinds of thoughts.

Jeanne couldn't believe that her plan went so wrong. She had known Ravenous for a year, and the terrible manticore-woman was always brutal with all men. They never got along for a variety of reasons.

Jeanne was the type of person who liked to follow the rules and always be straight. She was what could be called "boring." Ravenous was always intense, and Jeanne wanted to punish her and Lucien for acting so undisciplined...

But all she managed to do was make them a loving couple... She literally brought the demon and the devil together; now, she could only regret it...

Marie couldn't stop thinking that Lucien was extraordinary. He easily conquered Mia's affection and now Ravenous; A legend in the guild known for destroying men became a cute kitten in his arms...

Her heart was eager when she felt jealous again. She was feeling jealous of a man who she knew that was not a good person... Marie was having a lot of headaches without knowing whether to follow her mind or her heart.

Anne had several thoughts, but only one was more intense. "Damn! Why is it so fast with everyone but not with me?"

She didn't understand why Lucien got so involved with Mia and Ravenous so quickly but didn't show any interest in her. She started to feel less confident in her beauty and can't help but be sad.

It is not Anne's or Lucien's fault. He was very attracted to her from the beginning. Lucien always wanted to caress those beautiful fluffy ears, but the situation with Mia was very intense, and then Ravenous caught him off guard... But now, he would have to resolve this and couldn't wait for the week he promised her.

It didn't take long for Lucien to notice the girls staring at him from across the hall. He walked towards Anne because he wanted to talk to her first.

Lucien approached Anne, and before she knew it, he hugged her around the waist and kissed her mouth intensely.

Anne couldn't resist Lucien's speed and intensity. She didn't know when she opened her mouth, but Lucien's tongue was already fighting hers as he explored her beautiful little mouth.

Anne felt so good with Lucien's kiss. The taste of his mouth was so good... His smell was so pleasant... Anne wanted more and more of that, which she was already becoming addicted to...

"Mm... mmm... Lucien?" Anne was thrilled that Lucien took the initiative with her, but she still wanted to know why now.

Lucien held her head gently and placed a few more tap kisses on her little mouth while looking into her eyes lovingly. "Will you come with me, Anne?"

Anne wouldn't care if they were going to war now. She just wanted to be with Lucien and never leave him again. "Of course I'm going!!!"