Chapter 49 Partner for Life?!

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Chapter 49 Partner for Life?!

"Nice!! Your title of the number one archer is well deserved." Olivia saw the mysterious woman falling from the sky and praised the elven archer, who was well known for being an S-rank adventurer.

Glen, the elven archer, was sure he would hit the target as always, but he was still looking at the woman seriously. But it was not the woman who worried him, but the man on the other side of the fissure that stared at her.

"That man is going to jump over the fissure and help her. Can I shoot him?" Glen tensioned the bowstring with a ready crystal arrow.

Olivia didn't have a high vision as Glen. She could see the man on the other side of the fissure, but she didn't even know that he was looking at the mysterious woman. "Who is that man?"

"I can only say that he is not very tall and has red hair." Glen could see some of Lucien's characteristics but not facial details or anything like that. After all, they were more than 500 meters away.

"Red hair?" Oliva is a smart woman and connected the facts quickly. A group of mercenaries chasing someone right after Astrid hurriedly leave the city for having problems with mercenaries...

She understood that this man must be Lucien, but she did not understand where Astrid was and how the mysterious woman was connected to them.

Olivia liked Astrid and considered her a friend at best, but the mysterious woman and Lucien caused so much chaos in the city, and she, as one of Portgreen's leaders had to do something about it.

"If he tries to escape, let him go, but if he tries to help her, you can shoot. But only to disable him." Olivia knew she was going to have problems with Astrid, but she had to think about the city before the friendship.

Glen aimed his arrow at Lucien to anticipate his movements...

The earthquake had already lost almost all Its strength, and the mercenaries were running towards Lucien at full speed. Black Hand was in the middle of them, shouting things like whoever's the first to catch Lucien would gain special rewards.

The fissure got bigger and bigger as the cracks were spreading. The mysterious woman was hopeless... She could still use some spells but could not levitate with one of her arms disabled.

She tried to resist the pain and stand up, but she couldn't. Glen's arrow had a tranquilizing toxin that was slowly making the mysterious woman weaker, and soon she would pass out...

She could hear the sound of the mercenaries coming towards her. The woman thought she was over... But then she saw a beautiful red-haired man jump over the fissure and land in front of her.

"You!?" She recognized Lucien as the stranger who was calling her a few seconds before she got hurt.

When Lucien jumped the fissure, which was almost three meters, he heard Glen's arrow less than ten meters away. He had no difficulty in dodging it, but he realized that the archer must be very proficient and have a great bow to shoot at almost the same speed as his golden bow.

Lucien didn't think twice and took the mysterious woman by the arm, turning her around so that the woman was on his back while he positioned her arm on his shoulder. "Use your good arm to hold me tight, and I will hold your leg."

The woman had no time to think when she realized she was holding Lucien's neck with her good arm while he held her thigh on the other side, making them balanced.

Lucien heard another arrow coming and dodged again. He knew the direction the archer was, and could already hear the arrows from more than 30 meters because he was focused.

He had no trouble dodging the arrows of the archer on the wall, but the mercenaries were approaching, and some of them started shooting arrows as well. But that's not the biggest problem...

The fissure was getting bigger, and he couldn't jump over it with the woman on his back. "Hold on tight. We'll have to run!"

Lucien couldn't stand around, waiting for the mercenaries to arrive or for an arrow to hit him, so he started running in the direction that the crack was growing. He expected to reach a part where the fissure was shorter, allowing him to jump over it.

While Lucien ran alongside the fissure, more mercenaries were shooting arrows at them, and some were casting spells, but everyone was missing. Still, they kept trying and were sure someone would hit him at some point...

But Glen was more and more sure that Lucien could escape because he never saw anyone so agile enough to dodge all his crystal arrows like that...

"What is the problem?!" Olivia saw Glen shooting more and more crystal arrows and didn't understand why he was missing them all.

"I do not know! He seems to have a sixth sense, or his perception is absurdly high." Glen kept shooting arrows, but Olivia knew she would have to act too, or Lucien would escape with the mysterious woman.

She turned around and saw several groups of adventurers arriving. Not everyone had the same speed as she and Glen to arrive there quickly, ignoring the earthquake, so she could only chase Lucien herself.

Olivia didn't think twice and jumped off the wall as she ran towards Lucien. He was not going away from the gate as he couldn't get through the fissure so that she could reach them...

Lucien kept running, but the fissure kept growing, preventing him from jumping over it. The mercenaries were getting closer and closer, so he asked the person who put him in that situation for help.

"Tell me, Lust! How do I not die here?!"

Lust thought for a second before answering Lucien animatedly. "Tell her to suck your blood and cast some spell!"

"What!? My blood??!?!?!?" Lucien could only be confused, but Lust explained quickly.

"I'm almost sure she is a vampire, so if she drinks your blood, she will recover mana to help you. Your high regeneration will recover your blood a few minutes later so that you don't have to worry about it."

Lucien had a lot of questions about it, but now, the situation was critical, and he didn't have time to think too much. Follow Lust's suggestions was the best plan.

He squeezed the mysterious woman's thigh to gain her attention. "Drink my blood and do something to slow them down!"

"What!?! Your blood?!?!?!?" The mysterious woman cannot help but be shocked.

Lucien was increasingly angry at Lust for this confusion. He would have to "punish" her many times to forget about this matter in the future.

"Aren't you a vampire? So what's the problem?"

She didn't know how Lucien found out that she was a vampire. In fact, she was only half-vampire... "I never drank human blood... I can't do that!"

"A vegetarian vampire?! What the fuck is that? Make her drink your blood because I see no other way out." Lust gave her final words, and Lucien would have to convince the "vegetarian vampire" to have her "first time" with him.

Lucien squeezed the vampire's thigh again. "Look at the army that is almost catching us! If you do nothing, we will die here!"

The vampire-girl knew that as it was already a miracle that Lucien was able to run so fast with her on his back while dodging arrows. She wanted to be useful, but...

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

"My mother said that I could only suck... the man who will be my husband... I... I will be connected to the person... after I suck him the first time..." The vampire-girl started to blush as she stammered because she was embarrassed to talk about it.

Lucien and Lust were surprised. All Lust knew about vampires was that they sucked blood to regain mana and vitality. She could recognize the woman as a vampire because she has seen other vampires before but for a short time.

Lucien didn't even know vampires existed before, so he didn't know what to think about it, but... Not only was the army of mercenaries approaching them, but there were adventurers and Olivia too. Lucien recognized the leader of the guild as she was much faster than the mercenaries.

"If you don't drink my blood now, we're really going to die! If that is so important, you have my word that I will take responsibility for it."

The vampire blushed even more at Lucien's words. If he could see her flushed face in a life-death situation like that, he would certainly want to hit her. "Do you mean..."

"Yes, yes, I will accept this connection with you and be your husband and everything else you want, but now please drink my blood and do something!!" Lucien was having a hard time dodging the growing number of arrows as the mercenaries approached them.

The vampire never thought she would accept her only partner for life while they were being chased like that... But if it were the only option for them to stay alive, she would have to do that.

"What's your name?" The vampire had already decided to suck Lucien's blood, but she at least wanted to know the name of the man she would make that connection with.

"Lucien! It's Lucien!! Now drink it!!!" Lucien had to dodge lightning. Every second they spent running, more wizards and mages managed to cast their spells, and Lucien was at the limit of his patience.

"Lucien, my name is Rose. I am now accepting you as my partner for life!" Rose swore a vow quickly as they had no time and bit Lucien's neck.

Lucien felt Rose's cold lips kiss his neck for a second before he felt the pain of her fangs piercing his neck.

Rose could eat normal food because she was half-human, but she had already drunk animal blood... Her mother said that she should only drink blood from the special person who was going to be her husband, so Rose had never drunk people's blood before to know how good it was...

Of course, people's blood was delicious for vampires, but Lucien's blood was far superior to anything that Rose could even dream of...

"Mhhmm..." Rose felt a pleasant warmth spread through her body when her small fangs pierced Lucien's skin, and she felt his blood.

Lucien's blood was full of life mana and Lust's demonic energy, not only doing Rose's body very well but giving her a lot of pleasure. Rose sucked for a few seconds, but it was so intense that she felt as good as never before. Lucien's life mana ran throughout her body, restoring her mana.

"That was so good!! Leave them to me now." Rose wanted to continue drinking Lucien's blood, but she only did it so she could have mana to cast some spells. She stopped sucking and noticed that her arm was much better than before, almost completely recovered.

Rose, still on Lucien's back, pointed her open hands toward the army that were following them. A brown light shone in her hands when the ground started to shake, but it was not another earthquake spell...

Two seconds after the earth shook, rocks started to come out of the ground creating a barrier of more than a hundred meters. The shakings caused the mercenaries to fall to the ground, and even the most agile people in the group could not move forward when the rock barrier blocked their path.

The new shakings made the cracks in the ground increase faster, but Rose aimed her hands at the fissure, and a small rock bridge formed quickly, giving Lucien a path to the other side, as the mercenaries tried to get around the rock barrier.

Olivia was the first person to go around the rock barrier, but she could only see Lucien on the other side of the fissure while the small rock bridge broke at Rose's will.

"I will find you and make you pay for it!!!" Olivia could only curse Lucien and the mysterious woman as she had no way of quickly crossing the fissure, which was already more than ten meters long.