Chapter 68 Hubby part 1 R-18

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Chapter 68 Hubby part 1 R-18

\"Okay, girls, I understand. You all deserve special attention... But now I need Astrid, Rose, and Maggie to be well prepared...\"

Lucien tried to calm his women, who were not happy knowing that the trio would receive \"special attention.\"

\"OHHH\" Lucien was not able to persuade the girls and to make matters worse; everyone noticed when he cummed... Not coming would be impossible with Mia sucking his cock so well under the table.

\"Mm...\" Lucien also felt a little mouth on his cock, sharing his hot milk with Mia. It was easy to understand that it was Ella as they were getting along better and better.

Anne still wanted to argue that they could participate in the intense section... But everyone understood that it was not Lucien's fault.

\"What are you talking about?\" Angela and Kara did not understand what they were talking about, as they did not know about Lucien's peculiarities.

Of course, the girls didn't know much either, but they believed that anything they did with Lucien would not only be wonderful, but it would also make them stronger.

Lucien looked at the confused Angela. \"First, this room will be mine. Do you have anything against that?\"

\"There's a lot more space here than the guest rooms, and the bed is big enough for a lot of people... You can keep sleeping here too.\" Before Angela could ask, Lucien explained his point.

Angela wanted to deny, after all, she loved her room... But Lucien not only killed Julius, freeing her from many problems but also was going against the Nunid Kingdom to save her daughter... A bedroom was nothing compared to the debt of gratitude she had with him.

\"Okay, the room is yours. But I'm not going to sleep with you, pervert!\" Angela turned and left the room while blushing. She was very grateful to Lucien and Cassidy for the help, but she hadn't forgotten how Lucien hugged her out of town... She could still remember his pleasant scent...

After Angela left, Marie and Kara also went with her while Lucien looked at the other women. \"I don't mind you staying, but I have to focus entirely on the trio... I also think they should need some privacy...\"

Cassidy understood the situation well. Even if they got along well, having their first time with Lucien would be better alone.

\"Let's help Angela. We still have a lot to do until everyone accepts her as the only ruler of Bluewind.\" Cassidy called Mia, Ella, and Aria, clearly wanting to leave the room only for Lucien and the trio.

\"Kiss your husband before you go.\" Lucien was pleased that his women understood the situation even though it seemed unfair to them.

After Lucien kissed everyone lovingly, Cassidy's group left the room with Oya and Ko. Only Lucien, Astrid, Rose, and Maggie remained in the large room.

\"It will be three against one, so you will have to strive... You can't let them dominate you, but you also have to make them feel great so that you can gain maximum benefits.\" Lucien wasn't quite sure where to start, but Lust was always giving him tips on how to act like the sin itself.

Lucien was going to a place where there would only be enemies... It was far, and time was not on his side... He not only needed to get stronger but also to make his attack trio stronger... And he would only do that by giving them a lot of pleasure.

Lucien dodged the little vampire who tried to jump into his arms as he headed towards Astrid. He felt guilty that his cute manticore-woman always had to do the heavy job while the younger girls were spending more time with him.

\"Ah!\" Astrid couldn't help but moan when Lucien held her firmly by the waist. He then lifted her up while jumping on the big bed.

Lucien was naked this whole time, and Astrid was only wearing a towel, which dropped when they fell on the bed... Now she could feel Lucien's hard cock rubbing her pussy as he kissed her upper body passionately.

\"Why her first?\" Rose couldn't help but complain while she threw her towel at Lucien and Astrid.

\"Do you want to argue with me? I can choose another girl to go with us...\" Lucien did not stop kissing and caressing Astrid's body while making Rose go quiet with just a few words.

Lucien was delighted with Astrid's body. It was the first time that he was seeing her completely naked and loved the fact that several parts of her body have that fluffy brown fur.

\"Ahh...\" He kissed Astrid's delicious mouth a few more times before moving on to her neck and going towards her big breasts, making her moan while holding his head with both hands.

Her skin was an olive color, making her body look very healthy... Lucien kissed those more than perfect breasts gently and then started sucking on one of her cute light brown nipples...

\"Mm... Lucien!! Sooo good...\" Astrid felt her body warm as she became more and more excited by Lucien's caresses. Her little wings and tail started to tremble while her pussy began to produce lots of love juices.

Lucien felt Astrid's nipple get harder in his mouth, and he couldn't resist biting it as he stroked her other breast with his hand.

\"AAAAHHH!!! Fuuuuuuck!!!\" Astrid felt an electric current run through her body when Lucien bit her nipple, causing her to have her first orgasm and start squirting her love juices on his cock.

Lucien stopped kissing her breasts and went down a little, kissing her cute belly where there was a lot of that fragrant fluffy fur around the tattoo, which was a slight shade of purple before, but now was shining intensely.

\"No, no, no!! Aaahhahahahah...\" Astrid was in the middle of her orgasm when she felt Lucien start kissing her belly, making her feel a mixture of pleasure and tickling... She loved everything and couldn't help but laugh and moan at the same time while enjoying her extended orgasm.

Lucien wanted to go further and tease her on the wings, but Lust said that if he gave her more pleasure now, he wouldn't be able to have sex with her...

Lust was always giving him tips, but Lucien followed his instincts, and neither did she expect him to make Astrid moan so loudly kissing her belly... Even she, the Lust herself, had to agree that Lucien was a natural lover.

Rose bit her lip while Maggie was drooling; they both couldn't contain their pussies wet by love juices just to imagine Lucien doing something like that to them.

\"Put inside, hubby. Please, I want it...\" Astrid couldn't take any more of feeling Lucien's cock rubbing her pussy and not taking the next step. Her entire body was more than ready, and her pussy was craving Lucien's hard cock.

\"I'm not sure if you really want it...\" Lucien remembered the results of teasing Cassidy well. He didn't even need Lust to say anything as he started teasing Astrid while kissing her belly... Then he went down even further and started kissing her pussy.

Lucien could smell anything from afar, so he already expected Astrid's pussy to be different from everything he knew, but when he kissed those beautiful pink lips, his mind seemed to expand when his body went into a higher state of excitement.

\"Fucking damn fragrant!!\" Lucien loved the scent of Astrid's pussy... It was a sweet and addictive smell that made his cock tremble, wanting to get inside her... It seemed to have something to do with that her fluffy fur.

Astrid's pussy was only hairy at the top, and Lucien gently spread her lower lips with his fingers as he stuck his tongue inside her...

\"Delicious...\" Astrid's taste was as excellent as her scent, and Lucien enjoyed every drop of her love juices that he managed to lick from her pussy.

\"Hubby... Ahhh... Hubby, I want your dick...\" Lucien loved how Astrid started calling him \"hubby\" when she got really excited. Until now, this was the first nickname he had earned, and he wanted to make her moan more and more before making her feel the greatest pleasure.

\"Who is your hubby?\" Lucien stuck his tongue as far as possible in her pussy without breaking her hymen while teasing his sweet manticore-woman.

\"It's you. Of course, it's only you, Lucien! Please don't tease me that much... Hubby.\" Astrid wanted to act dominant, but Lucien made her feel as good as ever, and she only wanted to be pampered by him...

\"Good girl... Your hubby will take good care of you.\" Lucien started kissing Astrid again while ran his hand over her body... He thought it was time to take the next step with her, but then...

\"HA!\" Lucien used his knees on the bed to get up and catch Rose, who jumped on him. Both fell beside Astrid with Rose on top of Lucien.

\"Kiss! Kiss, please... Hubby...\" Rose bit her lip, making some of her blood come out to start the bloody kiss while trying to use Astrid's words to seduce him... Which seemed to have a good effect as Lucien started to smile at her.

\"Naughty little vampire.\" Lucien turned around, standing on top of Rose and holding her arms against the bed while also biting his lips...

\"FUCK!!!\" When they connected their bleeding lips, both felt the great pleasure of sharing the blood with their partner for life... Lucien was not a vampire, but Rose's blood was as good for him as his was good for her, and so they delighted with the bloody kiss.

Rose wrapped her legs around Lucien's waist while trying to get her body the maximum as close to his. He let go of her arms, letting her hug him...

After a minute, Lucien turned again without breaking the kiss. Now Rose was on top of him as he started to caress her delicate body...

\"Mmm...\" Rose's tongue tried to fight Lucien's, but he was very dominant and made her follow his lead while they both enjoyed that mess of saliva and blood...

Rose was very bold, and after kissing for almost five minutes, stopping just to breathe, she lifted her upper body as she started to move back and forth on top of Lucien's cock...

\"Ohhh... Tha's sooo good, my dear...\" Lucien couldn't help moaning at Rose's teasing. She was rubbing her pussy all over his cock, covering it with her love juices... He couldn't deny that he wanted to penetrate her, but playing like that also gave him a lot of pleasure.

\"Ahhh... I'm coming, hubby!!!\" Rose thought she would make Lucien come sooner, but she couldn't resist the stimulation of his cock against her pussy and started to wet his waist with her juices...

Lucien was making a significant effort not to come because he wanted to dominate the girls totally... He started to caress Rose's small cute breasts, making her moan even more with great pleasure.

He also raised his upper body and sat on the bed while Rose was sitting on his lap... So, he started to silence her moans with more kisses, making the little vampire delight in his arms.

\"Hubby... Lucien... I love you... Sooo much...\" Rose can't handle so many good feelings... She was already sure that she loved Lucien more and more... Maybe it was because of the blood... But she didn't mind saying that she loved him...

\"I love you too, my naughty vampire... My sweet Rose...\" Lucien liked Marie's stubbornness, but he couldn't deny that Rose's passion was also incredible... She wasn't afraid to say what she felt, and neither was he. Then he started saying how much he loved her while he kissed the whole little vampire's delicate body...

Astrid took a while to move again after Lucien made her have such an extraordinary orgasm... But she was already impatient and wanted more attention from him as she stared at the romantic scene, jealous of Rose.

Of course, she couldn't be as jealous as Maggie, who was still standing in the room's center, looking at them having fun in bed.

Maggie really wanted Lucien's acceptance. She knew they first met as enemies, but she was increasingly attracted to him... She saw how lovingly he treated girls and would be satisfied with 10% of that affection...

She saw how the girls were doing well for being bold, and she also tried to be like that while talking in a sad tone...

\"Hubby... You are unfair to me!!!\"