Chapter 85 Charming Threats part 3

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Chapter 85 Charming Threats part 3

\"You must be kidding! How do you expect me to choose one of my comrades to die just like that?\" Olivia was furious at Lucien and took a step towards him with a hostile attitude.

Lucien didn't have to do anything because Astrid acted quickly, hitting Olivia with a powerful punch, which threw her to the ground.

\"Olivia... I don't have time for those games, so I'll choose one for you... Or should I kill them both?\" Lucien continued to point his katana at Klaus and Glen. He knew that having too many people who he couldn't trust in the group would only cause problems.

Letting them live would also only bring trouble, so Lucien concluded that killing Glen and Klaus was the best move. He also wanted to kill Mason but, that would be bad for developing the relationship with Jeanne.

Olivia was very angry with Lucien, but she knew that there was nothing she could do in the current situation. She was more and more sure that he was somehow related to Cassidy because nothing else made sense to all that hate at her and the adventurers.

She had no option but to follow Lucien's orders... But that meant having to choose one of her teammates to be executed... Olivia couldn't help but be angry at herself for being a weak leader.

Still, she had to make a choice quickly, or Lucien would surely kill them both. She always respects Klaus even though he is not such a nice person. The lizardman was known for being a womanizer and always flirted with her and several other women, but when it came to fighting, he always fought for his comrades and the Guild...

But when Olivia had to choose between Klaus and Glen, she had no doubts and shouted at Lucien quickly in the hope of avoiding two deaths.

\"Let Glen alive, please! We will not oppose your orders anymore.\"

Klaus was on his knees because he was unable to get up because of his injuries. He was very angry with the situation but was silent, waiting for Olivia to find a solution. When he saw Astrid hitting Olivia, he tried to get up again, but his body was unable to move well.

Then Lucien told Olvia to choose between him and Glen. Klaus was sure that Olivia would choose him and not the elven archer... But then she chose Glen, making Klaus really furious. He used all his will to try to get up, but...

Glen was surprised when Olivia chose him. He was very afraid of dying, and his heart started to beat faster and faster as Lucien pointed the katana at him... He closed his eyes when he felt the wind caused by Lucien's swift movement.

\"...\" Lucien cut off Klaus's head in less than a second. The S-rank lizardman died without knowing what happened while everyone was silent.

Glen never got along with Klaus, but he was not happy to see another adventurer being executed like that. Olivia's hatred for Lucien grew even higher as she swore to herself to make him pay for it.

\"If you don't want to end like him, I suggest you don't try anything. Are we in agreement?\" Lucien spoke coolly with a neutral expression, making Olivia, Glen, and Jeanne angry and afraid at him. Scarlett, unlike adventurers, liked Lucien more and more even though he killed so many mercenaries.

Lucien thought again if he should kill Glen too to avoid problems, then asked Astrid what she thought. Astrid responded with mental communication.

'He's very close to Olvia, so I don't think they will cause any problems for the sake of each other... Also, Glen is not like other men... I think it's okay to let him live.'

Lucien didn't understand what Astrid meant by \"different from other men.\" Still, he understood that in the same way that killing Mason would be bad for the relationship with Jeanne, killing Glen would only make Olivia hate him even more.

He and his girls were on a new level of power and would already be considered SS-rank in the Light Empire, so they didn't have to worry about being attacked by the adventurers in the back. So Lucien decided to leave the others alive as long as they didn't cause any problems.

\"So that's all... Will he continue to sleep?\" Lucien concluded it was best to keep the journey to the Nunid Kingdom as soon as possible so they could return to Bluewind and start making plans, but before, the pig sleeper had to get up.

\"Ok, ok! I will wake him up.\" Jeanne would not let Lucien speak twice, or her nephew's head would roll just like Klaus's.

Jeanne knew Mason was lazy and didn't think twice before kicking his butt with her heavy steel boots. \"GET UP, STUPID PIG!!\"

\"What?! Who?!?!?\" Mason woke up with intense pain in his ass, and immediately next, he felt a painful headache. Everyone who was knocked out felt this pain, but they wouldn't complain about discomfort when Lucien could kill them for no reason.

\"Do I need to explain the situation to him?\" Lucien gave Jeanne a look, which looked somehow kind, but she was just more scared.

Jeanne was afraid that Lucien would kill Mason, so before he could say anything else, she slapped her nephew hard on the face while speaking sternly. \"He is our enemy, and we are his prisoners. So you will be silent and follow his orders just like us.\"

'?!?!?!' Mason was perplexed, but he knew it was best to remain silent. He almost pissed himself in fear when he saw Klaus's head on the ground, near his body, still bleeding, and couldn't help but regret the talk he had with Black Hand. Now he could only pray to Lucien never finds out about it.

\"Now that we all agree, can we go?\" Lucien and the girls had already looted the corpses and recovered the black arrows, so there was nothing more to do on the battlefield.

\"My comrades died here, fighting these bastards mercenaries. At least let me bury their bodies.\" Olivia was a leader who cared for the adventurers even though she sometimes acted in questionable ways to achieve her goals.

Lucien was losing his patience with Olivia. He knew that even if she really wanted to bury the adventurers, that was also a setup.

\"Do you think waiting for the backup will save you? If we stay here any longer, more of your adventurers will arrive, and I will have to kill them. Is that what you want? Do you want to see me killing your people?\"

Olivia had her mask on the whole time, but everyone was sure she was making a face at Lucien. She hoped that other adventurers groups would come looking for her, but they would probably die too. She was sure that only Ivan or an army could stop Lucien and his incredible women.

Olivia was silent, and then Lucien turned to Scarlett. \"Do you also want to bury your comrades?\"

It was evident from Lucien's sarcastic tone that he was asking if she had ideas for waiting for backup too.

\"I didn't say anything!\" Scarlett raised her hands like an unjustly accused person. She knew that death in combat was common in the mercenary's career, but most of all, she wanted to be on good terms with Lucien to be able to manipulate him so she wouldn't do anything to upset him.

\"So let's get going. Whoever cannot keep pace will become Oya's food.\" Lucien did not wait for anyone to respond and went south. Everyone followed him immediately while Oya roared. Mama tigress was being greatly influenced by her master's strange humor.

All of them were people with high physical capabilities, so even after the stressful battle, they could run smoothly. Of course, they couldn't continue at the incredible speed that Lucien's group was traveling before, now that Mason and Jeanne were with them, but it was still fast enough to reach the Nunid Kingdom in a few days.

Olivia and Scarlett speculated on various things while following Lucien without knowing where they were going. Jeanne kept thinking about the fact that Lucien hadn't mentioned anything about their previous meeting or the promise to have a date. In fact, she thought he had changed a lot from the last time they had met.

Mason couldn't stop imagining a scenario where Lucien found out what he did and brutally killed him while his aunt wept tears of blood.

Glen couldn't stop thinking how incredibly handsome Lucien looked even though he was a real devil. The more he tried to hate Lucien for kidnapping them, the more he felt it didn't seem so bad to follow him, no matter where they were going.

While everyone ran in silence, lost in their thoughts, Lucien and his girls had various types of mental conversation. The girls told things about their life, but Lucien did not have much to say. After all, he lived in isolation, having contact only with a few servants, his father, and his sisters.

When the girls asked more about his past, he couldn't help but remember his sisters. In fact, their relationship was very complicated because his sisters, like him, were complicated people for having such a broken family.

Lucien was always asking Lust if she felt any energy from another sin. She was always scanning for the other sins, but even as they began to strengthen recently, her detection capabilities are still very limited.

He didn't know what it would be like to meet his sisters again, but he couldn't help but be excited. Lust said that they could help each other as each sin needed different situations to strengthen themself. Still, there were cases where they could get in the way too, which is why they preferred to stay away at the beginning.


While Lucien was thinking about his sisters, they were also going through similar situations where they followed their own plans but longed to be reunited too.

On a planet, small enough to be considered a moon, close to the one where Lucien was, there was a lot of chaos happening now.

While on one side of the world, a woman destroyed armies with a colossal ax, on the other side, on top of a tower, a girl slept quietly.

The level of power in that world was much lower than Argerim, Lucien's current world, so while one of her sisters had no fun in destroying small kingdoms, Sophia could develop her relationship with Sloth without any problem.

While Sophia seemed to be sleeping, in fact, her mind was in another world.

The ground was green, the rocks were green, the water was green... Even the sky was green.

\"Ahhhh... Sloth... What am I doing wrong?\" Sophia looked up at the green sky and can't help but sigh.

A woman with a mature but still incredibly beautiful appearance appeared in front of the little red-haired girl. \"You are rushing things. My powers cannot be rushed. You have to take it slow and let things happen naturally.\"

Sophia tried to make a face at Sloth while speaking in a serious tone, but in the end, she still looked cute and sweet as always.

\"Do you know how many years I tried to get along him?!?!? Now that we started to develop our relationship, we had to separate... And you want me to go slow? I have to be quick, or that bitch will occupy all the space in his heart!\"

Sloth could not help but her eyes. She thought she was very unlucky with her host this time as Sophia didn't want to act like Sloth's calm and slow nature, but wanted to do everything she could to meet up with Lucien again.

Instead of just relaxing, Sophia was trying to master the mental powers she gained from Sloth, but they had only been together for a few days, which made everything more difficult.

Of course, Sloth knew that they could benefit greatly from Lust's help as their natures did not contradict themselves at all. So she agreed to look for Lucien, but they had to get at least powerful enough to be able to open a portal if Lucien wasn't in the same world as them.

But how would she be able to calm down the eager Sophia? It was fortunate that Sloth was very patient, or she would have gone crazy with the number of times Sophia shouted out the name of Lucien, looking up at the green sky.

Sophia stroked her belly in the area of the purple tattoo as she thought out loud.

\"Just wait for a while, my beloved Lucien. We will be together as soon as possible... And then continue where we stopped.\"