Chapter 94 My Kingdom

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Chapter 94 My Kingdom

"So, let's go?" Lucien already missed that feeling of improvement that he could only achieve with his women... And of course, he missed the strengthening process too.

"Won't it be hard to leave the city?" Lena asked Lucien but looked at Rose and Maggie. But they were silent, waiting for Lucien's answer.

Lucien could already hear the guards moving. They found corpses in two places on the second floor and were already preparing to enter the Prince's room. He also heard that the Queen was receiving medical care and would soon be fine.

He looked at his girls and the rest of the group with a confident smile.

"They are just weak guards... I don't mind if we kill our way out of here, but if we can avoid killing everyone, it would be good too. Many people are innocent, so let's try to leave without causing too much damage to the city."

"Ok." Everyone agreed and left the room. There were about twenty guards in the corridor and others coming from every corner. The group acted quickly by knocking everyone out with non-lethal blows. Of course, some of them were less resilient than expected and could not survive Astrid's light punches.

In the hall, there were more than fifty guards and others entering, so Rose cast a small earthquake focused on the guards, allowing the group to leave the castle.

After the castle started to tremble, the whole of Nunid City became aware of something happening. Hundreds of soldiers from the Kingdom began to prepare for battle, and even Light Empire troops outside the walls began to get ready.

But how could they hold Lucien's fast group? Lena had a total power level at the top of B-Rank, so she wasn't very fast. Lucien's solution was simple, which made Rose very jealous.

"Climb on my back, and I'll carry you, Lena." Lena was hesitant, but she didn't want to slow them down while they helped her escape from this nightmare of a place, so she accepted Lucien's help.

'FUCK!! Why does he smell so good?!?!' Lena couldn't help cursing Lucien because his pleasant scent made her dizzy. She held tight to his shoulders as the group sprinted towards the south gate. Lucien could leave the city through another gate, but he had another plan before returning to Bluewind.

As soon as the guards at the gate heard the city's alarms, they went into alert mode, closing the gate to prevent anyone from entering or leaving. There were many guards on the walls because of the Light Empire army.

Still, no one could stop Lucien's group easily. They were in small numbers, and the night covered their movements, helping them be stealthy and quick. The group climbed the walls and jumped outside.

The 15-meter fall would be fatal for many people but not for powerful adventurers. Still, Rose and Maggie made Lucien hold them as princesses, making Ghilanna and Lena also want the same treatment.

Jeanne wanted it too, but there was no way the proud knight could ask for something like that. While Olivia and Scarlett had no difficulty in the fall, Mason rolled like a ball on the ground.

The group ran two hundred meters away from the walls without being followed. All the guards who saw them were knocked out or killed, so there was no risk of taking a break, but that was not Lucien's intention.

He looked at the army camping by the walls and remembered the Captain's words. He had said he was sent here by Light Envoy to corrupt small kingdoms with the intention of making it easier to conquer Portgreen.

Lucien still didn't know much about the politics of this world and would need to have many conversations with Cassidy about it to understand the general context. Lucien also thought that these conversations would be much more pleasant after an intense love session with his beautiful Queen.

But now, something was evident. His sister, Amelia, was forcing the situation. Lust had already said that she was with Envy, so there would be no lack of ambition. Lucien understood that his sister was trying to conquer everything at once, and he could not let her get into the Kingdom, which would soon be his.

He was always weaker than his sisters, just as Lust was considered the weakest among the Sins. Now Lucien felt a great desire and to show his sisters and the other Sins that he and Lust could be incredible, and of course, he also wanted to lead the strange group of sisters and great demons.

Lucien looked at his sister's army as he spoke to Rose mentally. "How much mana do you need to sink them into the ground? If possible, not to kill everyone but incapacitated them."

Rose was much more powerful now and didn't need Lucien's help to make an earthquake strong enough for the situation, but she wouldn't miss a chance to get some reward. 'A bloody kiss before the spell and a thousand after.'

Lucien smiled at the little vampire before biting his lip enough to bleed. As Rose was just getting a boost, she didn't need to do the same, but she knew that her blood would also please him because of their vampiric connection. She also bit her lip, and they started their exclusive passionate bloody kiss.

"But- but- but what?!?!?" Lena was surprised by Lucien and Rose's strange action in the midst of what should be an escape. The others who did not know about Rose being a vampire and Lucien being her life partner. They also did not understand the situation and were shocked too.

The kiss lasted a minute, where Lucien held Rose's small body tightly against his, making them both feel great pleasure. He then hugged her from behind while Rose started to move her hands, casting her Spell.

This time the earthquake was very strong, causing the whole city to shake. Of course, Rose focused the damage in the area of the Light Empire army's camp. Part of the southwestern wall fell on top of the soldiers as cracks opened in the ground.

Almost half of the Light Empire soldiers died while the other part was seriously injured. The Nunid Kingdom's soldiers focused on helping the people of the Light Empire, who were supposed to be their ally, and stopped looking for Lucien's group.

Lucien's group was surprised by Rose's power and by Lucien's boldness in destroying a Light Empire army like it was nothing. Then the group headed towards the forest to head towards Bluewind in the north under cover of the woods the same way they came.

As the group headed towards the forest, the world seemed to be collapsing behind them. Rose's earthquake made cracks appear everywhere, just like in Portgreen. While everything was shaking and the people of the Light Empire were screaming in panic, Lucien and his girls walked calmly. Rose recovered her place on Lucien's back while Lena already missed that wonderful smell.

Astrid and Maggie did not envy the power and affection that Rose received because they were also with Lucien and knew that he was good to them too. But Ghilanna, Scarlett, Jeanne, and Lena couldn't help wanting to be like them. An affectionate and powerful group.

Olivia was once again sure that Lucien was different from anyone she knew. Not only was he as fast as the legendary Great King, but he could also bring together amazing people under his leadership and strengthen them even more like he did with Astrid.

After Lucien ran away from Portgreen, Olivia thought about recruiting him as an S-rank adventurer and even giving him a semi-leading position in the Guild to ensure his loyalty.

But then she started to think that Cassidy was somehow alive and they were together, which made Lucien her enemy. Now she was seeing how powerful this enemy was and couldn't help but fear for the future of the Guild.

While Olivia tried to think of a way to prevent a war, Scarlett had other thoughts. She realized that the power of Lucien's girls was more than extraordinary, and she wanted more and more to have a significant influence over him so that she could use that power for her own purposes.

Still, everyone had the same thought. They couldn't go against Lucien without a significant advantage, and now they had to continue as good behaving hostages, or he would kill them without a blink.

As the group continued their journey to the north, the Nunid Kingdom was in chaos. The Prince died, and the Queen was in despair, leaving the people in a panic.

Zora knew that her son was not a good person, but what kind of mother would she be if she didn't love him anyway? It took her two hours to stop crying and try to ease the chaos in the Kingdom.

There were no more attacks, and the only real problem was the injured Light Empire soldiers. Zora was not in approval of allying with them, and she used the advantage that the Captain had died, and the soldiers were wounded to exterminate the rest of the Light Empire army.

Zora hoped to get support from Portgreen after they knew that the Nunid Kingdom bravely fought against the Light Empire at the border even after losing their Prince.

The night turned to dawn, but Zora still had a lot to do as she would now have to lead the Kingdom alone. After losing her husband recently and now her only child, she didn't seem like a really sad woman. Maybe it was time to really do things for her own and not for her family, who never really treated her well.

Anyway, she couldn't stop thinking about who those girls were and who were the group that declared themselves to be "dancers," which were led by a handsome red-haired man she heard from the servants and guards that survived the dangerous night.


After five hours of running through the forest, most of the group was hungry again, so Lucien stopped for a quick and improvised breakfast.

They were close to the area where if they headed east, they would head towards Portgreen, so a certain tension made their mood strange. After all, they were "hostages," and they couldn't help wanting to go back home.

Lucien could feel that Ghilanna would follow him everywhere. He and Lust concluded that she was very attracted to his life-mana, but there was also something else. So Lucien didn't mind if the beautiful elf followed him, but Jeanne was a different case.

He didn't want to force Jeanne into anything and end with her hating him. But there was also no way for him to release them so easily after kidnapping Olivia and Scarlett.

"Jeanne... I can let you go back to Portgreen, but Mason is going to have to stay with me because I don't trust him." Jeanne was surprised by Lucien's words. She didn't know why they were enemies, but she knew he wouldn't do things without reason. But now was he releasing her?

"You have the option to kill him too..." Jeanne tried to test Lucien to see what he would do.

Lucien smiled at Jeanne as he knew she wasn't serious. "Family is complicated, and I wouldn't kill yours without reason... But I'm still going to lock him up in a prison cell until he isn't a risk to my plans or family anymore."

Jeanne didn't know how to respond. She wanted to go home but didn't know how to face her brother and say she abandoned Mason. So she told Lucien she could only follow him for now and hope he didn't hurt her and her stupid nephew.

"Okay, it won't be long before we get back to Portgreen. Maybe a few months..." Lucien tried to comfort Jeanne while Olivia and Mason made faces. They would not have denied Lucien's offer to return to Portgreen.

Olivia looked upset, but she also had her plans. She wouldn't be one of the Guild's Leaders if she couldn't deal with unforeseen circumstances. Even if she had to follow Lucien now, it wouldn't be long before Ivan returns.

Lucien couldn't wait to get back to Bluewind. It was less than two days, but he was already missing his women. He could feel that Oya was also missing little Ko. They were almost halfway there, so less than a day of travel, running at high speed would be enough for them to reach Bluewind City.

"Let's keep the same pace."