Chapter 96 Important Matters

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Chapter 96 Important Matters

As the group returned to the hall, Cassidy held Lucien's arm like a devoted wife. Like the other girls, she liked to communicate with him mentally, so making all the conversation private for them even if there were other people around.

'Lucien, I know now doesn't seem like a good time for this kind of thing, but... Tomorrow will be Mia's birthday, and I wanted to do something for her.'

Cassidy loved her daughter, but at the moment, they were planning a war, so it didn't seem like the best time for birthday parties. Still, she had to consult Lucien as the final word would always be his.

The word birthday brought fond memories to Lucian. After his mother disappeared, he could only count on his sisters. Even though everyone was always focused on their own training, birthdays were days where they got together for a meal together. His father never did anything special, but he and his sisters always celebrated the day of their birth.

'Tomorrow will be a special day, so it deserves something special. We are going to do something even if it is a small celebration, and I will spend the night only with you and her today.'

Lucien's affection for Mia was one of the things Cassidy liked most about him. She can only squeeze his arm tighter while making an "mm" sound.

As soon as they entered the hall, the group was welcomed by Kara, Ron's niece. The girl looked very excited to see Lucien, and added to her classic maid dress, completed a look, which Lucien found very cute.

"Lucien!- My Lord, I'm glad you brought the Princess home safely... And I'm also happy that you are back safely... I..."

Kara was very agitated, not knowing what to say, but her whole body calmed down when she felt Lucien's warm hand gently pat her head.

"It's all fine, Kara. You don't have to treat me so politely. We're friends, right?" Lucien continued to stroke Kara's head as she smiled with closed eyes, saying "Yes, yes, yes."

Cassidy knew that Lucien could be as affectionate as he was brutal sometimes. Still, Ghilanna and Jeanne were surprised again to see how quickly he changed his personality in different situations.

Kara was enjoying the pats, but she had to do her job as a maid and started reporting to Lucien and, of course, still enjoying his heavenly touch.

"M- Lucien, the Queen, and the Princess went to talk in her room. The Queen said she wants to talk to you later to thank you again. I also tidied up your room and cleaned everything, so you don't have to worry about anything. The cooks have finished lunch so you can also have a meal if you want."

"Oh, nice. We will have lunch now." To Kara's sadness, Lucien stopped patting her on the head and went to the kitchen with the girls.

As soon as Lucien entered the room next to the kitchen, he opened his arms to catch the cute little harpy-girl who jumped into his arms.

"Lucien!! I missed you so much!! Kiss, kiss, kiss!!!!" Ella didn't wait for Lucien's answer and attacked his mouth.

Ghilanna and Jeanne couldn't believe that all the women in the castle seemed in love with Lucien. And he treated them all with such affection. 'Really?! How many women does he have?!?!? Damn, she's so young!'

"Oh, Lucien. Welcome back... Well, I think we can call this place home, for now, right?" Aria also entered the room while welcoming Lucien.

Lucien released Ella and hugged the mature harpy-mom. Her sexy curves were a delight for his hands, which loved to touch. "Yes, for a while, this will be our home."

He introduced Jeanne and Ghilanna to everyone, and then they started having lunch in the great room. Aria and Ella commented on how strong their body was after drinking so much special milk. They had already started training under Cassidy's instruction.

Lucien was always planning his next steps. Portgreen was just the beginning of his journey to obtain enough power to save his mother and keep his family safe.

Since his strength came from his women, he would always be trying to make them stronger. So he was very happy that Aria and Ella were interested in training and learning to fight. After all, their journey would always be full of danger.

As they ate and talked animatedly, Lucien felt people approaching more than two miles away. It was difficult to focus his hearing far away because of the noise coming from hundreds of citizens in the city, but he could feel them with his connection through the tattoo. The people who approached were not just people but his women.

A few minutes later, Lucien heard Mia, Marie, and Anne entering the castle. Marie found that her sister had returned and went upstairs to look for her while the others went to the kitchen looking for him.

He expected Mia to have a similar reaction to Ella, but in the end, she was more intense. Mia ignored everyone and jumped across the table, throwing her and Lucien on the floor as she started kissing him passionately and communicating mentally.

'Lucien!! I missed you sooooo much!!! Next time I will go with you. Please never leave me again!!' Mia always wanted to be by Lucien's side, to love or fight.

Lucien couldn't deny that he has a special affection for Mia. They have first met each other as enemies, but thanks to her, he has managed to get demonic energy to wake Lust, and also face the difficult fight in the mine. She was always so kind to him too, making Lucien want to give her more and more love.

He sent Anne a mental message saying he would make up to her later, with anythingl she wanted. Anne was not very happy, not being able to kiss Lucien now. But she would wait for her turn later while thinking about many things they could do together.

They ignored the looks of others and continued kissing on the floor to their hearts content Since Mia was on top of Lucien, it didn't take long for him to feel wet on his waist.

Mia was turning 18, and at that time, most people would have their hormones very active. In Mia's case, it was even more intense because she has Lucien, who made her feel even hornier, getting easily wet.

Everyone there was his wife or would be soon, so Lucien didn't mind starting a passionate sex session in the dining room, even using the table or the floor. Still, he wanted the first time to be unique for Mia, and also, the bed he "got" from Angela was extremely comfortable.

'Mia, I know that tomorrow will be your birthday, so today and tomorrow, I will do what you want.' Lucien's words were like an explosion of happiness inside Mia's mind. She knew he couldn't resist her light attacks, but doing everything she wanted is more than perfect.

Mia continued to kiss Lucien, or instead, he was kissing her as her little tongue always followed his lead while she just enjoys all the love he had to give her.

'I want it all! Can we go to the room now? I'm just going to take a bath, and then we'll do everything you did to my mom.'

Lucien wouldn't mind spending two days just patting Mia on the head if she wanted it. But she wanted sex, and he had nothing against it as well.

'That's a great idea. I can also help bathe you, and then we'll do everything and then more.' Lucien and Mia had already reached an agreement, but they both couldn't stop kissing.

The passion that oozed from Mia was addictive for Lucien. Both began to feel the power of demonic energy running through their bodies, making them feel really great.

Since Mia didn't seem to want to stop kissing, Lucien managed to get up without separating their lips. He lifted her up by her thighs, and she wrapped her legs around his waist so that he could carry her into the room like a spoiled koala.

The other women could only roll their eyes. They wanted to keep their poses elegant and well behaved, but inside their hearts, they all wanted to be acting spoiled like Mia, if that guaranteed them a place in Lucien's arms.

Lucien was not worried about Jeanne and Ghilanna because he knew the others would treat them well. He also didn't need to worry about Olivia and Scarlett as Astrid and Ron's spies were watching their cells.

Although he wanted to pay special attention to Cassidy too, it was Mia's birthday, and they both agreed that he should spend time with her alone.

Still, when Lucien started heading towards the stairs, Mia made an exciting request while still using mental communication. 'Lucien, I know my mom missed you a lot too... If it is with her, I don't mind sharing you.'

Mia loved her mother and couldn't keep her out of the fun. Of course, it doesn't mean that she wanted to do something weird with her, and just that she was okay with doing things with Lucien at the same time as her mother. After all, it wasn't just his cock that could take them to the heaven of pleasure.

Lucien understood Mia's intention. He couldn't deny that it was a tempting idea to have a daughter and a mother at the same time. He also remembers how good he was at the stream when they gave him a double blowjob.

He wasted no time and sent Cassidy a mental message. She got up on the spot with a wide smile on her face. 'I really have the best daughter!'

Cassidy looked at the other women and knew they were dying of envy, which made her even more proud. "I apologize for having to leave like this... We have important matters to deal with, so we'll talk more later..."

The women could only roll their eyes again. Everyone knew what they were going to do. Aria and Ella gazed at each other with similar thoughts.

Anne continued to make plans for when Lucien went to spend time with her alone.

Jeanne still thought all it was very surreal. But Ghilanna knew that these girls were brilliant to obtain their place before there were many women around him. She just wanted to have still a chance to get a good position in Lucien's heart.

Oya, who was lying in the corner of the room, continued to lick little Ko's head. The cute tigresses knew how to be good girls and would wait patiently for the time when their master would reward them.

Lucien went up the stairs carrying Mia while Cassidy followed them. Mia never really liked parties, and she always celebrated her birthday with just her mother and Astrid. Still, she couldn't help thinking that this was going to be the best birthday of her life.

He opened the door to his room, it was previously Angela's and he could not help but be surprised. Kara really did an excellent job in the room. Everything was very clean and tidy, also smelling of fragrant flowers.

Lucien went to the bathroom with Mia because they had returned from their journey and really needed a bath. Of course, they could have pleasure anywhere, and in fact, the bath brought them memories of their first time together.

He had taken off his armor when he entered the castle and was now wearing ordinary clothes. Mia got out his arms and tried to take his shirt off, but she was very excited and lost patience with the buttons, tearing his shirt, eager to see and touch her man's wonderful chest.

Lucien managed to turn on the tap of the big bathtub, even under constant attacks from Mia's hands and mouth. She quickly took off his pants, leaving him just in underwear. She could see the big tent, which only made her hornier.

Mia smiled at Lucien as she stroked his cock over his underwear. "I missed it so much... Since that day, my ass has never been the same... Now you will have to take care of it and the rest of my body too."

Cassidy didn't need a bath, but she couldn't resist the erotic sounds that came from the bathroom and started to take off her clothes, wanting to participate in the exciting bath session.

Lust couldn't deny that she was happy with the production of demonic energy, but she still complained to Lucien.

'How unfair!! You had promised sometime to me... But I only see you caring for your other women well.'

Lucien knew it would always be difficult for him to take care of all his women, but if they wanted to be with him, they would have to wait for their turns patiently.

'Everyone will have their turns, so be a good girl and wait for yours.'