Chapter 1 - Who She “Slept with” was not A Nobody

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Chapter 1: Who She “Slept with” was not A Nobody

Soldiers must have an ironic will, and Feng Le knows very well about that.

He also knows very well that he is driving a car.

But he still can’t help glancing at the rearview mirror.

If let he tell what the most incredible thing is in his life, it must be what happened today!

His Commander, in the B City, is famous for being cold and cool. He is known for being iron-blooded. He is the Major General Yi Yunrui who is famous for having little interests in love affairs, but now holds a woman in his arms!

And this woman, made the Commander leave in the middle of a meeting, was carried forcedly out of a box in a bar!

Undoubtedly, the woman who was held in the Commander’s arms, is the luckiest person in the whole world!

But to make him dumbfounded, this woman called the name of another man in the arms of the Commander!

What makes him even more stunned is that the Commander is not angry. In his eyes that watching the woman, there is obviously something more…

Feeling the instability of the Knight XV, Yi Yunrui’s face is condensed, and he looks up at Feng Le, whose mind is absent, and said in a cold voice, “Eyes on the road!”

Feng Le is immediately shocked and sweaty. Sitting upright, he responds with a big voice, “Yes, sir!”

A five-star hotel in B City

Yi Yunrui sits beside her. With love in his eyes, he touches her soft long hair with his big palm. A slight smile is on his pursed thin lips.

This time, he will never let her go.

This time, he will never leave her alone.

“Yixuan… Don’t leave me alone…” She is so drunk that she is dizzy and confused, calling the name of someone in her heart.

The man next to her trembles!

“Ning…” knowing very well that she was calling someone else’s name, he is painful, and he feels sorry for her, for her bitter experience since then.

“Yixuan… Why do you betray me? Why…”

His little girl in his arms whispers, as if she is having a nightmare that makes her heartbroken.

Yi Yunrui’s face clouds over, and his dark eyes seem like a deep pound without bottom.

In quite a while, only a sigh can be heard in the darkness. The big palm clinging to Xia Ning stretches slightly, and pats her back softly…

“Baby, from today, the man who is with you can only be me.”

The head is sore, and the whole body seems to be scattered…

With consciousness gradually recovers, Xia Ning opens her eyes, and what she sees is a standard hotel room.

Her heart is beating fast!

God, was she drinking at the bar last night? How did she end up in the hotel? !

A magnetic low-pitched male voice interrupts her thinking. Xia Ning looks up and falls in a pair of sharp eyes.

These eyes can see the soul of people!

The owner of the eyes is a man, dressed in a military uniform with a star and a golden leaf on the shoulder badge. A Major General!

The man looks cold and masculine, but he is so handsome!

Xia Ning pauses for few second, “Ah!”

With the female high-pitched scream, Xia Ning jumps off the bed, but with dizziness suddenly occurs, she falls back to the bed.

“Who are you?” Xia Ning is extremely nervous and looks at the man in front of her as an enemy.

“My name is Yi Yunrui.” The man replies shortly, talking as he stretches his hand to her face.

Xia Ning shouts. The big palm nearly touches her face stops in the air.

“What do you want to do?!” Xia Ning stepped back a few steps, glancing around. There is a water glass next to her, and she will use it if necessary.

His name is Yi Yunrui?!

The famous commander of the C Military Region, Yi Yunrui, the legendary Major General?!

Thinking of this, Xia Ning takes another look at the insignia on the uniform of Yi Yunrui and becomes absolutely stunned!

When Xia Ning is confused, Yi Yunrui’s hand reaches out and gently wipes her face.

“You’re crying.” After wiping her tears, Yi Yunrui stands up and pours a cup of hot milk and handed it to her, “You drank a lot last night. Having some milk will make you feel better.”

Xia Ning takes over the milk, confused, unconsciously looking down at her clothes, then her face changes color!

She is wearing the hotel’s pajamas! Not what she used to wear!

“You dirtied your clothes when you vomited last night,” Yi Yunrui pauses. “I asked the hotel waitress to change your clothes.”

Xia Ning breathes a sigh of relief, takes a sip of milk, and immediately thinks of something. She asks anxiously, “Did we do that last night?!”

The man frowns slightly and slightly opens his mouth, but he seems to change his idea and answers, “Well, you slept me last night.”

“Cough!” that’s a surprise for a major general to say something like this…

What does he mean that I slept him?

What does “slept” mean?

Does it mean that he and she really had… last night?!

“Look at this.” Yi Yunrui slightly opened the collar, and on his neck is a clear hickey. (In fact, it was scratched by Xia Ning last night)

She drank a lot last night, vaguely felt that someone was carrying her in arms and came in and out to take care of her… It seems that it is the man right before her but she mistook him as Ou Yixuan!

Damn, is the hickey on the man’s neck made by her?!

The phone is ringing, breaking the embarrassing atmosphere. Yi Yunrui says, “Sorry.” and answers the phone aside.

The phone call is a quite long one, but Yi Yunrui doesn’t say anything from start to end. Finally, he nods, saying, “I know. I’ll be there soon.” then hangs up.

“How can we be here?” Knowing that the man is about to leave, Xia Ning hurriedly askes.

Yi Yunrui glances at her. “We knew each other a long time ago.”

“Hm?” Long time ago?! Since when?

“We met each other in the UK.” Yi Yunrui answers succinctly and glanced at the watch on his wrist, “Now it is 3:15 pm on October 20, XX, I told your company you asked for leave today. You can have a rest here.”

At 3:15 pm on October 20, XX?! Xia Ning hurriedly looks at the wall clock, dumbfounded!

She remembers that Ou Yixuan announced that he was going to marry on the 19th. That night she went to the Wondertime Bar, opened a box, and sang and vented emotions while drinking.

In other words, she slept for more than ten hours!

“Xia Ning, I need to go back to the meeting,” Yi Yunrui handed her a note, “This is my personal phone number. Take care of it.”

The writing on the note is powerful and soaring. Xia Ning’s brain is a paste.

Yi Yunrui tidies his military uniform, opens the door, but makes a slight pause at the door as if something just occurs to him, saying, “Xia Ning, there are some responsibilities you have to bear. I will come to you after some time.”

Ignoring Xia Ning’s confusion, Yi Yunrui closes the door.

Xia Ning sits on the bed, being confused for a while… Wait, how does Yi Yunrui know that her name is Xia Ning?!

Also, Yi Yunrui did not answer any of her questions at all!

Did they have that…?! Why did she wake up in the hotel?!

“My boyfriend is married but the bride is not me…”

The phone is ringing, Xia Ning picks up, takes a look and has a headache. After pressing the answer button, a loudly shout suddenly breaks out on the other side.

“You’re finally willing to answer the call!!”

“I knew you were going to get drunk!” Li Baoer pointed her finger at Xia Ning’s head, “The man is not worth what you did for him!”

“Hey! Be quieter!” Xia Ning looks around and says, “Yixuan is our editor!”

“Hum.” Li Baoer snorts with disdain.

The relationship between Xia Ning and Ou Yixuan is well known in the TIME ERA magazine. Everyone in the company privately discussed when they would get married. Yesterday, Ou Yixuan suddenly announced that he would marry the daughter of the Mayor of B City, Yin Jingsi, surprising everyone.

Regarding the relationship between Ou Yixuan and Yin Jingsi, there are many rumors. Li Baoer, as the best friend of Xia Ning, thinks Ou Yixuan as someone pursues money and power through marriage at all costs. She looks down on him!

In fact, the most heartbreaking thing for Li Baoer is the expression of Xia Ning at the moment when Ou Yixuan announced his marriage with Yin Jingsi. It seems that Xia Ning had been kept in the dark.

She knew that Xia Ning’s heart was broken and thought about comforting Xia Ning after the work. But Xia Ning left the company hurriedly with her phone turned off. Until this morning, a man called her and asked her to find an excuse for Xia Ning’s absence.

Thinking of this, Li Baoer’s eyes light up, and smiles with a tease, “Xia Ning, as best friends, do we need to be honest with each other?”

Li Baoer was full of anger a few seconds earlier, but now she can’t help smiling. Not knowing Li Baoer’s intention, Xia Ning’s eyebrows are raising, “What do you want to ask?”

Li Baoer’s smile is bigger, “Who is the man called me this morning? His voice is attractive! Hey, to be honest, did you sleep with him last night?”

Xia Ning’s face turns red and quickly turns away, “Don’t say something like this. We are just friends.”

“Friends?” Li Baoer teases her, “If he’s just a friend, why is your face red?”

Feeling awkward, Xia Ning licks her lips and is about to explain. At this time, Li Baoer lowers her voice and says, “Look, they are coming out.”

The door of the office of Ou Yixuan opens, and two people came out, Ou Yixuan and Yin Jingsi.

The mayor of B City has two daughters, Yin Jingsi and Yin Jingyao. Yin Jingsi is the eldest daughter, the agent of the internationally renowned makeup brand L’Oreal in B city, with decent behavior and good looking. She was the focus of famous magazines, and also a goddess of countless successful men.

Ou Yixuan is the chief editor of the famous old brand magazine TIME ERA Weekly in China. He was graduated from the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom with excellence grades. Being handsome and elegant, with a good character and expanded knowledge, he is the ‘Mr. Right’ in the hearts of countless girls.

Ou Yixuan and Yin Jingsi are dating like, according to the propaganda, they are born to be the perfect match!

The two look at each other with love. After whispering a few words, Yin Jingsi gently kisses on the face of Ou Yixuan.

Xia Ning’s heart is fiercely painful!

“Ning, give me five years. When I make some achievements in my career, we will get married. I will make you the happiest woman in the world!”

The warm whisper is still echoing in her ear, but the vows and memories all died like yesterday…

She is no longer his girl. The cruel reality has crushed the beautiful dram and fantasy!

Feeling the burning gaze behind, Ou Yixuan looks back and falls into the eyes of Xia Ning.

The two souls collide at this moment. It is like an explosion booming between the two!

Ou Yixuan dodges her eyes and speaks to Yin Jingsi with a soft voice, “Jingsi, I drive you home.”

Yin Jingsi slightly smiles, making her more attractive. “No, you still get work to do. Have a good rest at night. Don’t forget tomorrow’s plan.”

“Yeah.” Ou Yixuan nods, turns and walks back to the office.

At the moment when the office door is closed, Yin Jingsi looks straight at Xia Ning.

Although it happens in just a few seconds, it is enough for Yin Jingsi to show her disdain to Xia Ning!!

The next second, Yin Jingsi’s red lips rise slightly. She nods to Xia Ning and leaves.

“Pretentious!” Li Baoer rolls her eyes at Yin Jingsi’s back, “The princess and the Mr. Right are going to get engaged tomorrow. Will our Cinderella attend the engagement party?”

Xia Ning’s heart seems to be hurt by a knife. She takes a deep breath.

Yes, she lost. She lost a war which didn’t even start!

But she wants a decent leave. She, Xia Ning, will never run away from the war of love!

“Yes! Of course I will go!” Xia Ning looks at Li Baoer, one word by one word, “I need to correct you, I am not Cinderella, I am Xia Ning!”