Chapter 15

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Xia Ning is stunned. Commander Yi really wants to spend the night in the hotel!

“I don’t think it is necessary. You’re so busy…”

“It is impossible to be busy for one whole day. When I finish my work, I have to accompany my wife.” Yi Yunrui pats Xia Ning’s head with love, “Eat it slowly. If the food is not enough, I’ll ask them to send more.”

“It’s enough, enough. A lot.” The big thermal food box is definitely not designed for her appetite.

“Then eat the food slowly.”

“…” Xia Ning swallows, “Commander, can you please…” Don’t look at me?

“We are husband and wife, and we have to eat like this every day. You have to get used to it.”

She is now wife of the Commander.

Get used to the way of eating.

She eats, and he stares at her.

In the future, he will watch her eating.

Xia Ning turns back to focus on the dishes, but the bathrobe on the macho man is not big enough, so his dark skin of the chest is looming.

Can Yi Commander dress “decently”?

And what is going on with this bathrobe?

It only covers one-third of his long legs!

With such a masculine man next to her, she feels being lured!

Xia Ning swallows the rice, and there is no mood to eat.

Commander Yi must do this on purpose: he is seducing her!

“I am full. I’m going to take a shower.” Putting down the chopsticks, Xia Ning rushes into the bathroom.

She closes the door and locks it.

She switches on the nozzle, and the water sprinkles straight down.

Xia Ning closes her eyes and lets her body and mind relax.

The one she loved most… married another woman.

She has a husband, who is a stranger.

She married Yi Yunrui for selfish reasons. Really selfish.

Ou Yixuan is eager for power and full of vanity. She doesn’t think she is much better than him.

Forget it, she just does what she should do.

She will interview Mr. Dai!

She was shut out once, but she can still have a try!

No matter how many times she is shut out, she will never give up!

But Commander Yi outside…

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

How to deal with him tonight?

He did promise her that he would not touch her again if she doesn’t want.

Or Commander Yi wants to force her tonight?

Even if he wants to have sex against her will, since they are husband and wife and he is a commander, how can she resist?

And there is someone guarding the door, right?

Xia Ning sighs. Forget it. They are in such a situation. She has no backways.

The door is knocked a few times in rhythm, and Xia Ning is shocked, “What?”

“I see you inside for a long time. Are you ok?”

“I’m fine!” Has she been showering for a long time?

Why doesn’t she feel?

Xia Ning quickly wipes her body and wears a bathrobe.

She opens the door and faces the man guarding the door.

She did not finish the sentence before her body is in the air. She is carried in Yi Yunrui’s arms.

No, don’t you really want to force me? !

Yi Yunrui carries her and puts her on the bed. His slender finger points her nose, “I am not a grey wolf. If you are tired, take a rest.”

He is so close. Yi Commander has a nice figure.

Such a strong, standard body… provokes fire!

Xia Ning’s eyes stick on him. She feels hot.

Tightly closing her eyes, Xia Ning turns her face aside, “Yes, yes, I am very tired today. So, I have to rest first. Sorry!”

Then, Xia Ning lays down and covers her head with a quilt, trying to ignore the commander.

A smile appears on Yi Yunrui’s face. Since she is with him, he often smiles involuntarily when he thinks of her.

As Feng Le says, he is full of happiness.

The happiness is just printed on his face.

Yi Yunrui lies down and sniffs her smell.

For so many years, She finally has been with him.

For so many years,he dreamed of her at midnight.

He feels sorry for her.

Xia Ning covers her head, but listens very carefully to the movement next to her.

Until someone breathes peacefully.

Xia Ning carefully moves the quilt and can’t help glancing at him.

The finely carved lines and handsome features…

The Yi family is wealthy and powerful, and Yi Yunrui is the commander. How can he fall in love with her, a nobody?

Has he known her for a long time?

She really doesn’t have this impression!

Suddenly, he turns over and stares straight at her.

The distance between the two is directly reduced to a few centimeters!

Xia Ning reflexively moves backwards!

Then, the commander slightly forces her to be tightly locked in his arms.

“Don’t move!” Yi Yunrui whispers a warning, with a touch of hoarseness, “Don’t move. Hey, sleep.”

Feeling that a certain part of someone’s body is changing significantly, Xia Ning clearly understands what he meant by “don’t move”.

She can’t move. If she moves again, the fire will devour her !

Xia Ning is not struggling.

Yi Yunrui takes a deep breath and resists the most primitive impulse of the body, and brings her into his arms, “Get a good sleep.”

Ok, what she can do is to sleep.

Xia Ning closes her eyes and relaxes her body.

She wishes to fall asleep quickly…

Surrounded by silence, Xia Ning hears Yi Yunrui’s heartbeat.

One beat after one. It is so steady and powerful.

Making her feel warm and safe.

If she can listen to such a sound every night to fall asleep…

She is kind of looking forward to it.

When Xia Ning wakes up the next day, Commander Yi is no longer there. He left a note: I am sorry that I have to return to the military. I’ll contact you after things are done. Your Husband.

Xia Ning finds a new food box on the table, with one word on it written by the commander: Breakfast.

No, he doesn’t have time to go to the military and return.

After dressing up, Xia Ning opens the food box.

Hot rice porridge, steamed buns and pickles.

Xia Ning takes a bite of the bun. It is delicious, and the porridge is not bad.

The most important thing is that he brought them to her.

After breakfast, Xia Ning takes a look at the clock.

She is going to have another try. Thinking of this, Xia Ning takes her own bag and goes straight out.

When Xia Ning opens the door, Xia Ning meets Feng Le again.

Xia Ning stops, “I want to go out…”

“Commander orders me to send you wherever you head for.”

She can get a ride. That’ great. So, she doesn’t have to climb the hillside.

And she will not encounter some bad guys.

Xia Ning nods, “Thank you.”

It takes an hour from the city to the Dai Villa. But it only takes about half an hour by car.

In addition, the car Feng Le drives is the special ride of Yi Yunrui, Knight XV.

Looking at the license plate number of the commander, no one dares to block its way.

So, the whole journey is smooth. Soon, Xia Ning arrives at the Dai Villa again.

When Xia Ning gets out of the car, she adjusts her mood and wants to report her name to the monitor.

But before she opens her mouth, and the door of the Dai Villa slowly opens.