Chapter 17

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Let her write down the amount?!

This time, Xia Ning is dumbfounded.

She has never written a check!

Xia Ning stands up, walks across to Dai Zhen, looks at the blank check, and picks up the pen.

“Mr. Dai, what I write is just a number. Don’t you have to negotiate with me how to earn it back? You may lose money.”

Dai Zhen narrows his eyes and says, “Let’s see if you want me to lose money.”

Xia Ning’s hand is slightly gripped, “I understand. Thank you, Mr. Dai.”

Then she quickly writes down a series of numbers on the check and then returns the checkbook.

Dai Zhen signs it without looking at it. He tears it down and hands it to her, “Yi is waiting for you. After deciding the interview time, you can tell my assistant.”

Dai Zhen slightly waves his hand and askes Xia Ning to leave.

Xia Ning then turns and goes out.

The door is closed. Dai Zhen closes his eyes and takes a deep long breath.

Xia Ning and she seem to be cast in the same mold!

Xia Ning and she are really alike.

To the extent that… whenever he thinks about this person, his heart is so painful that he can’t help.

It is hard to believe that there are two people in the world who are so alike, so he investigated her.

Therefore, he will agree to any request proposed by Xia Ning.

Backyard of the Dai Villa.

Yi Yunrui wears a dark green military uniform, which makes him even more sturdy. Standing in the beautiful garden of this scenery, he even appears to be more handsome.

At this moment, Xia Ning’s heart beats very fast, like a child who has done something wrong. She takes a sneak peek at him, and confronts with his hot eyes, and Xia Ning’s face immediately turns red.

The distance between the two is very close, and Xia Ning can clearly feel that Yi Yunrui’s breath is blowing on her head. She bows her head. Her hands are twisted. She wants to escape.

“Ah… Mr. Dai agreed…” Xia Ning says while stepping back. Within a few steps, Xia Ning feels her arms are caught!

“When did you arrive at C City?”

The low magnetic voice is pleasant to hear.

Xia Ning’s heart trembles a little. She falters, “The day before yesterday…”

“Why don’t you tell me in advance that you’d come to C City?”

“This is a temporary arrangement of the company. I didn’t know in advance.” Why does she feel that the tone of Commander Yi is somewhat upset?

“Hum? The company’s temporary arrangement.” Yi Yunrui drags the final syllables a little, and his lips raise a good-looking curve, “C city is 300 kilometers away from B city, and it takes more than an hour’s flight. In this one hour, did Little Ning forget her husband was in C City?”

The word “husband” melts in Xia Ning’s heart and makes her feel sweet like eating sugar. At this moment, Xia Ning is very surprised that she does not resist him. Rather than resistance, she even feels comfortable.

“I am afraid that you are busy, so…”

“Even if I am busy, I’m your husband. Whatever the wife does, the husband has the right to know immediately. Am I right?”

Although Yi Yunrui’s voice is gentle, the meaning between the lines is telling her to obey. Xia Ning licks her lips. Although she wants to shake off his shackle, she obeys eventually, “I will tell you next time. Sorry.”

It is September, in the middle of the autumn. Yi Yunrui and Xia Ning walk on the tree-lined path. Although the two hands are tightly held together, they chat little all the way down.

Xia Ning quietly follows Yi Yunrui, two steps behind him. Smelling the faint aroma of his body, she gets a red face.

“Do you like here?” Yi Yunrui suddenly asks.

Xia Ning pauses and nods.

Yi Yunrui quietly looks at her for a while, “Are you afraid of me?”

He hits the nail on the head. Xia Ning’s eyes are widened. She is stunned, and then bowed her head, “Huh, a little.”

Yi Yunrui smiles faintly, and he slightly pulls her to his side. His big hand is placed on her shoulder, “Little Ning, I am your husband. Don’t be afraid.”

Yes, a husband with whom she has met less than ten times…

“You… are you not busy?” Isn’t it said that the military servicemen rarely have free time? How can the commander have time to take a walk with her?

“I have taken time off from the army. I am not busy today.”

Yi Yunrui’s implication is that he specially asks for a leave to accompany her today.

Xia Ning feels warm, “The things of the troops are important. Don’t do this in the future.”

“Well, the affairs of the troops are important, and the affairs at home are also important.” Yi Yunrui turns to look at her and reaches for the leaves that landed on her black hair.

A little surprised by Yi Yunrui’s move, Xia Ning has even more questions in her heart. She makes a decision.

Xia Ning stops and asks seriously, “Rui, can you honestly answer me a question?”

“Yeah.” Yi Yunrui does not think about it. He looks at her with love.

“When did we meet each other? Why did you propose to me?” In fact, she still has a question, do you really love me?

“I have known you for a long time, but you may not remember me. As for why I proposed to you…” Yi Yunrui pauses and looks at her full of affection at the very moment. His lips move, and he is about to say something, but it finally becomes a faint smile.

“I know that I am not as good as him in your heart, but I will work hard.”

After Yi Yunrui finishes his sentence, he turns and walks away slowly.

Leaving behind him is the stunned Xia Ning.

The “he” Yi Yunrui mentioned is Ou Yixuan…

So, Yi Yunrui knows her relationship with Ou Yixuan for a long time?

God, she is just an ordinary citizen. What did she do that can let the commander say this?!

Looking at Xia Ning, who stands still, Yi Yunrui stops, shakes his head and goes back.

“Did I scare you?” looking into her stunned eyes, Yi Yunrui tries to soften his tone.

After a few seconds, Xia Ning shakes her head, and for a moment she feels she is too selfish. Marrying Yi Yunrui is actually for the purpose of igniting someone.

She can find out a number of reasons for marrying Yi Yunrui. But none of the reasons is that she likes him.

“I’m sorry, I… oh!” With a deep sense of guilt, Xia Ning just opens her mouth, but the rest of her words is blocked in the throat.

Her lips are kissed by Yi Yunrui…

At the moment when the lips meet, the feeling of electric shock goes throughout the body, and Xia Ning is frozen!

Her lips are very sweet and very fragrant. Touching it, Yi Yunrui subconsciously think he will not be enough of kissing her in his life. However, he feels that her body is stiff. He opens his eyes and finds Xia Ning is stunned. He can’t help smiling.

Gently patting her head and holding her hand, Yi Yunrui embraces her into his arms, “Little Ning, thank you for giving me this opportunity. I will cherish you for a lifetime. Trust me.”