Chapter 23

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In front of Xia Ning are all of her favorite sushi dishes. Glancing at Yi Yunrui, she wonders whether Yi Yunrui really knows what her favorites are.

Ou Yixuan and she have been together for eight years. About her, Yi Yunrui knows even more than Ou Yixuan does.

At least, in terms of her favorite dishes, Ou Yixuan is unqualified to be a good boyfriend.

In fact, she doesn’t want to compare them. She just feels a little sad.

What’s more, she feels she is touched by him.

Yi Yunrui pours a glass of Japanese Sake and hands it to her, “The newly brewed Cherry Blossom. Have a try.”

After picking up a small bowl of wine, Xia Ning smells a fragrant scent of the pink Sake. She tastes a bite. It is sweet and delicious!

“Is this a product in the restaurant?” She asks and hands him the small bowl. She wants more.

Yi Yunrui pours another bowl for her. His masculine face is full of tenderness, “No, it is brewed only for you.”

Xia Ning’s hand trembles a little and her face is reddish. She smiles and says, “Oh, how come it is made only for me? Rui, you are kidding me.”

“I brewed it.” Yi Yunrui places the rice wine next to her, “It was being buried under the ground for a few years. I don’t know if you like it or not, so there is not much.”

Xia Ning pauses for few second and shakes her head, “Rui, you are a soldier. You can’t tell lies!”

“I only married you for more than a month. Not many years!”

Yi Yunrui’s eyesight is warm, and he looks at her, “Maybe you don’t remember the past. Whether you believe it or not, this rice wine is brewed for you.”

Does she forget the past? Yi Yunrui often says these words. Xia Ning tries hard to think about it several times, but there is no trace in her memory.

She is very sure that there is really no such person like Yi Yunrui in her memory.

But why is Commander Yi so sure?

“Are you well-prepared for the interview?” Yi Yunrui eats a piece of raw salmon, and then puts a piece in her bowl.

“My notebook is still in the dormitory, so I have to go back and take it.” Xia Ning looks at the time. She still gets three hours. There is no need to hurry.

In fact, she is ready the day before yesterday. As long as she gets the notebook, she is ready to work.

“I’ll ask Feng Le to bring it for you.” Yi Yunrui says. The phone rings. Yi Yunrui presses the answer button, “Bring me the notebook of Ning.”

Then, Yi Yunrui hangs up the phone.

“Hasn’t he eaten yet? Tell him to come and let’s eat together.” With a full table of dishes, they can’t finish them even if they eat till tomorrow morning.

“Of course not. I don’t mind. It is a pleasure to eat together!” Suddenly, something occurs to her, Xia Ning asks, “Do you mind?”

Yi Yunrui shakes his head. At this time, Feng Le’s loud voice is outside the box, “Commander, I’ve got the notebook of Madam.”

Feng Le comes in, puts down the notebook and turns away. But he is stopped by Yi Yunrui, “Feng, come here and let’s have lunch together.”

Feng Le is dumbfounded, repeating his words indefinitely, “Commander, what did you just say?”

“Your commander told you to come over and eat!” Xia Ning waves to Feng Le, “Little Le, comes over. There are too many dishes for us to finish!”

Feng Le glances at Yi Yunrui. Seeing Yi Yunrui stay silent, he is so happy!

“Thank you, Commander, and thank you, Madam!” says Feng Le, who is seated. Looking at the high-end food on the table that he can’t name, he doesn’t know where to start.

He is a poor child born in the countryside. He knows little about high-end things in the city. Especially now, he even doesn’t know how to eat them.

“Don’t you like Japanese food?” Seeing Feng Le hesitate, Xia Ning asks.

Feng Le smiles embarrassedly, “Hey, I have never seen these things.”

“Most of the dishes are seafood. Some of them are raw and some are cooked. Soak the raw one in soy sauce and mustard before eating. You can eat whatever you want. If you feel disgusted, don’t make yourself to eat it.” Without waiting for Xia Ning’s explanation, Yi Yunrui takes the initiative.

Feng Lu is stunned and looks at Yi Yunrui in an incredible way.

The reticent Commander Yi explains to him!

“I know. Thank you for your explanation, Commander.” Feng Le salutes to him naughtily, and begins to eat in an ordinary manner.

With Feng Le “joins the war”, most of the dishes are finished. The three eat for quite a while before they stop. Looking at the rest of the dishes, Xia Ning doesn’t want to waste and asks waiters to pack them.

If they are handled well, she can eat them tonight.

“Are you going to return to B City tomorrow?”

Xia Ning pauses and nods, “I cannot refuse.”

“Then you can go to interview Mr. Dai later.”

Xia Ning looks at the time, “Isn’t the appointments at three? Will I disturb him if I go now?”

“This morning, Mr. Dai gave me a call and said that if you have time, you can go ahead. You don’t need to wait until the appointed time.”

What? Mr. Dai called him personally. It flatters her.

“Oh, then will you drive me here later?”

“I will go with you later.”

Xia Ning blinks, so Yi Yunrui is still on vacation today?

“I go to the downtown for business today. I have to wait for the phone call from the leader. If something happens, it will be inconvenient to come back from the military region.”

“So, let’s get off now?”

Yi Yunrui pauses, “There is one more thing to do.”

“Are the snacks in the Yasi Villa enough?”

“Enough, of course enough.” But not many snakes are left, she’d better buy some more when she returns tomorrow.

Yi Yunrui glances at her and puts down the teacup, “Let’s go.”

When Xia Ning gets on the car, she finds they are not heading for Dai House, but a large chain supermarket XX.

After entering the supermarket, the Commander, under the “spotlight” of the crowd’s eyesight, pulls a trolley for her.

Feng Le wants to take it over, but he steps back after being glared by the commander.

Then Feng Le thinks of something and goes back to the car.

Yi Yunrui, in a military uniform, is tall and mighty, and he is very conspicuous in the crowd. In addition, he is very good looking. No matter where they go, they are the focus of the crowd.

There are even a lot of women at various ages and housewives taking out their phones and take photos of him. They all flush when they click the shutter.

Xia Ning suddenly finds out that the one beside her is the Helen of Troy!

As long as Yi Yunrui is there, she can never enjoy quietness.

“Don’t you like jollification?” Yi Yunrui leans and says softly near her ear.

His voice is low and sexy, and Xia Ning can’t help but feel intoxicated for a little while.

“It isn’t jollification, is it?” This is show-off…

Yi Yunrui thinks for a moment, “Well, I will pay attention next time.”

Xia Ning feels embarrassed. As a super handsome man, what can he pay attention to?

Even wearing a pair of black sunglasses and dressing in black can’t hide his unique masculine aura.