Chapter 31

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Early morning of the next day, Xia Ning goes back to TIME. Firstly, she puts a schedule on Xiao Tingting’s desk. Then, she takes the document and goes directly to Li’s Multinational Group.

Seeing Xia Ning waiting early there, Li Dezheng’s secretary is shocked with surprise. Xia Ning says hi to her and asks her to inform President Li. She says nothing more.

Xia Ning waits there, doing nothing for so long a time that the secretary feels embarrassed. She goes to inform Li Dezheng.

It is lucky that Li Dezheng is back to the office today earlier than usual. Xia Ning has only waited for about an hour before she sees Li Dezheng get to the office.

Seeing her, Li Dezheng directly tells her to enter the office.

“So, have you made the decision?” This is the first question after Xia Ning enters the office.

Xia Ning smiles and sits down. She is calm, “President Li, would you please give me half an hour for the interview?”

Li Dezheng is surprised that instead of answering his question, Xia Ning raises another one. He crosses his arms, “Little girl, I don’t think you understand what I mean. What’s Xiao Tingting’s response? And have you thought it over yourself? This is your second chance and I rarely give a second chance to other people.”

“I understand.” Xia Ning says slowly, “First, Chief Director Xiao said that she doesn’t have the time and cannot have dinner with you. Second, I will never spend a night with any men, except my husband.”

Li Dezheng raises his eyebrows, looking at her as if she is a freak, “Then, why do you come here? To waste my time?”

“Of course not. I am here for the exclusive interview…”

“No way.” Without waiting for Xia Ning to finish her words, Li Dezheng waves his hands and interrupts, “Leave my office in one minute, or, I will ask someone to make you do.”

“So, I still have one minute. Right?” Xia Ning puts the document she prepared in front of Li Dezheng, “President Li, please read this document with this one minute and then you will decide whether you would like to have the exclusive interview.”

Li Dezheng looks annoyed. He stares hard at Xia Ning and takes up the document, anyway.

Just a few seconds later, Li Dezheng turns pale. He drops the document fiercely on the table, “Woman, you have got the gut. How dare you play a trick on me? Aren’t you afraid that you may be in danger?”

The document on the table is in a mess because of the dropping. The topic on the front page is highlighted: Li Dezheng, Your Mom Is Calling You to Go Home for Dinner!

The smile on Xia Ning’s face grows bigger. Li Dezheng is irritated as expected.

Li Dezheng got rich suddenly, but he did not treat his biological mother well. Morally speaking, Li Dezheng is unfilial. In Li Dezheng’s opinion, he doesn’t care whether people say he is unfilial. What he cares is the impact of public opinion. Every large enterprise cannot stand the impact of reputation and morality problems.

Not to mention that he is the president of the company. The negative influence will be seriously terrible.

“If I am in danger, President Li will read a lot of “very interesting” stories in tomorrow’s newspaper.”

Xia Ning deliberately emphasizes the words “very interesting”. Li Dezheng frowns.

She knows that Li Dezheng starts to falter. She adds, “So, I would like to have an exclusive interview with you, for half an hour. I wonder if it is convenient for you.”

Li Dezheng turns his eyes and says, “I have a meeting today. Come here tomorrow at the same time…”

“President Li, I am sorry.” Xia Ning interrupts. She predicted Li Dezheng’s reactions in advance. He is just making time to figure out how to deal with the problem. She will not give him the break, “One hour later, my report will come out. President Li, so…” She smiles but says no more.

“You!” Li Dezheng bursts into anger. Being fighting in the business world for so many years, he fears no one. Unexpectedly, he is being threatened by a callow woman!

Staring at Xia Ning’s smiling face, Li Dezheng takes out a cigar and tries to light it. He thinks for a while and then drops the cigar, “Let’s do it.”

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

The exclusive interview doesn’t matter, but that report does. It is not but an exclusive interview. There is no need to take the risk of ruining the image of the company!

“OK.” Xia Ning opens her notebook, “As it is convenient, let’s begin now.”

It takes about thirty minutes for Xia Ning to finish the exclusive interview with Li Dezheng. Li Dezheng finishes the last question and tells her to get out immediately. Until the moment she has left Li’s Group, Xia Ning keeps the professional smile on her face.

When she is back to the TIME ERA TV Station, Xiao Tingting is already there. Seeing her coming, Xiao Tingting sarcastically asks, “Why? Are you sent back again?”

“Yes, I am driven back.” Xia Ning answers honestly.

Xiao Tingting darkens her face, “Assistant Xia. It is not your first working day. If every reporter works like you, how can the company go…”

“Excuse me. I cannot get what you mean.” Xia Ning impolitely interrupts the lecture and puts the first draft on her desk, “This is about the exclusive interview with Li Dezheng. Would the Chief Editor check if there is anything you want to add in it?”

Being interrupted, Xiao Tingting is at the edge of losing her temper, while she sees the draft on the desk and is surprised that she forgets her words!

She gave Xia Ning five days, while it takes her only two days to finish the task.

Xiao Tingting can’t believe it. She takes up the draft and reads and listens to the tape. It is truly the exclusive interview with Li Dezheng. Looking at Xia Ning’s smiling face, she has the feeling of being slapped.

She is in anger when her phone rings. It is a strange number.

She hesitates and presses the key, “Hello…”

“This is Li Dezheng, is that Chief Editor Xiao?”

Li Tingting is stunned and then she smiles, “Yes, it is Xiao Tingting, President Li.”

“Is Xia Ning your assistant?”

Xiao Tingting glances at Xia Ning and is surprised, “Yes. Isn’t Assistant Xia just back from your company? What do you mean?”

“I mean Chief Editor Xiao has a great talent. It is but an exclusive interview. How dare you play the trick on me? Are there any things that your TV station cannot do? I have seen your capability.”

Being reprimanded by Li Dezheng inexplicably, Xiao Tingting is surprised, “President Li, what happened? Would you tell me more? What on earth Assistant Xia has done to make you so angry?”

“Ask her yourself!” Li Dezheng shouts. Then he sneers, “Chief Editor Xiao, we both are grown-ups. It is no need to play the trick. If it is not ordered by you, how dare your people do that? I will keep your move in mind. We will have more chance in the future. Wait and see!”

Li Dezheng hangs up directly after finish his speech. Xiao Tingting is stunned and then she feels a fury. She drops her phone fiercely on the desk and shouts at Xian Ning, “Xia Ning, what the hell did you do?”