Chapter 36

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What Yi Yunrui says is like a terrifying bomb and Director Tong is blown stunned.

If it is only about Li Dezheng, there will be no need for him to deal with it personally. The point is that there are too many interests and secrets behind him. If he looks into these, he doesn’t know what kind of important people will be found involved. The Yi Family is powerful in B City. As Yi Yunrui has told him to do it, he has no other choices.

“Well…OK. No problem. Respecting justice and observing laws is everyone’s duty. As for the bribery issue of Li Dezheng, it is an unescapable duty for the law enforcement department to find out the truth. Commander, please trust us. I will take care of this.” Director Tong looks serious, “Within today, I will give you an answer about Li Dezheng’s issue. You have my words.”

Yi Yunrui nods and turns to Xia Ning, being ready to carry her up.

“No, I can walk.” Xia Ning moves backward a little.

Yi Yunrui puts on a serious look and lifts her up by the waist without explanation. Seeing this, Feng Le immediately opens the door of the car and the crowd comes forward.

When they enters the police office, Yi Yunrui says, “I have some military issue to discuss with your Director Tong. Please leave us alone.”

So Ou Yixuan, Xiao Tingting, Secretary Ruo and several assistants are isolated outside.

As they see the door of the meeting room open, the most anxious one, Secretary Ruo says, “Commander Yi, I believe our president’s issue is just a misunderstanding. Shall we set a time to meet and discuss how to deal with it?”

Being practical in dealing with people, she vaguely feels that things do not go on well. It seems that the president gets into trouble with someone powerful.

She knows that the commander in front of her is in high position. She underestimates the influence of the woman surnamed Xia. If she knew it before, why not just accept the exclusive interview to avoid these following consequences.

Yi Yunrui does not look at Secretary Ruo at all. His cold eyes are fixed on Xiao Tingting and asks slowly, “Tingting, who called the police?”

Xiao Tingting turns pale. She knows her cousin Yi well. You can play jokes on him as you like. But when he is serious, it is horrible.

She tightens her neck and doesn’t dare to answer. It was she who called the police. She has never seen Yi Yunrui wearing this look. She is terrified, badly.

“Commander Yi. I did it.” Ou Yixuan suddenly says, “I am sorry. I was impulsive.”

Yi Yunrui glances at him, “Did I ask you questions?”

Ou Yixuan is embarrassed. He signals to Xiao Tingting and doesn’t dare to say anything.

“I just heard that Ning had been fired. Had she?” Yi Yunrui stares at Xiao Tingting, “Had she? Tingting?”

Xiao Tingting feels her heart lifted and sweats show up on her face, “Cousin Yi… Don’t do this. I am terrified.”

A smell of danger flashes in Yi Yunrui’s eyes, “Tingting has grown up and is afraid of nothing. You dare to bully your sister-in-law casually. It seems that you are not afraid of me at all.”

Xiao Tingting is frightened. She shakes her head, “No. It isn’t the case. I don’t mean it! Cousin, please don’t misunderstand.”

Yi Yunrui doesn’t respond. His face is frozen. He lifts his lips and smiles, “Good.”

Xiao Tingting feels her breath is freezing. Every time, when Cousin Yi shows this expression, it is…

“Cousin, I was wrong. I apologize. Please forgive me this time. Don’t do this to me. I am scared. Cousin…”

“Rui.” Xia Ning calls him, “It is all right. Don’t do this. It is not worthy.” To fight with his relatives because of her is not worthy.

“Ning, let’s go home.” When he looks at Xia Ning, his expression is gentle. Without looking at the others, he carries Xia Ning and walks out of the police station.

Yi Yunrui carries Xia Ning to the car and does not let her go after sitting down. Xia Ning flushes and tamely leans on his chest.

No matter what Yi Yunrui will do later. She is satisfied because of all these he did for her.

“No. I am not going to Yasi Villa.” Yasi Villa has become a nightmare and Xia Ning resists it once she hears its name.

Yi Yunrui frowns, “Why? Why not?”

Xia Ning purses her lips and shakes her head, “I am not going back there. Rui, please take me to my previous apartment.”

“Why?” Finding Xia Ning is sad, Yi Yunrui’s heart tightens, “Tell me. Why don’t you want to go back? What happened?”

Xia Ning does not reply. After quite a while, she asks, “Can you take me to my apartment?”

“OK.” Yi Yunrui says, “Go to Mingxia Road.”

Xia Ning keeps silent all the way. Leaning on Yi Yunrui’s shoulder, she falls asleep soon. She does not wake up till they get her home. Even being carried by Yi Yunrui to get off the car and go into the apartment does not wake her up.

Looking at his tired wife, Yi Yunrui feels his heart aching and he frowns.

As a husband, he is doing really badly.

“Feng, please go to have a look at Yasi Villa and let me know what happened.”

“Yes. Sir.” Feng Le says and rushes away.

Suddenly, Yi Yunrui’s phone rings. Glancing at the number, he walks out to the living room and closes the door of the bedroom quietly.

“Second Elder Brother.”

“Hey, the husband of someone else. How are you?” Yi Yunyi is humorous as he always is, “You almost forget your Second Brother after your marriage. It is two months or so and there is not even one call. Don’t you know I am worried…?”

“Ah!” Yi Yunrui feels the awkwardness on the face. He coughs and says, “We both are busy.” He pauses, “Have you heard of that?”

“Ha-ha.” Yi Yunyi laughs, “Commander Yi would do it himself! It seems Li Dezheng, the bastard is tired of his life. However, this little bastard is tricky and will be penalized sooner or later. Rui, isn’t it making a fuss over a trifle to draw you into this?

“I am not the only one to do it.” Yi Yunrui flashes his eyes, “Second Brother, your call was of great importance.”

The other side pauses, “Well… Anti-corruption is a basic policy of the country. Something has to be done immediately. Thanks to your report, I will cooperate with you. Let the military and government launch this cross-century cooperation.”

“Second Brother.” Yi Yunrui lifts his eyebrows, “This event needs to be seriously handled.”

“Oh?” Yi Yunyi pauses, “What did the bastard Li Dezheng do to make Commader Yi so angry?”

“That exclusive interview is in the charge of Ning.” Yi Yunrui simply responds and says no more.

“OK.” Yi Yunyi responds, “I know. Just leave everything to me. By the way, does my sister-in-law like my gift?”

“Yes. She likes it very much. Thank you, brother.”

“Ah, I am glad. Rui, be nice to my sister-in-law. Every woman wants her husband’s accompanying. You always stay in the military headquarter. Spare some more time to stay with her when you have any.”

“OK.” Yi Yunrui responds and hangs up.

Yi Yunrui is coming back to the bedroom when his phone rings again. It is Feng Le.

“Do you have any findings?” Yi Yunrui goes directly to the point.

“Yes.” Feng Le pauses, “Sir, I think this time you have to explain well to the Lady.”