Chapter 38

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The room is not big and they are the only two in it. At the moment, being embraced by Yi Yunrui, Xia Ning blushes. She is so shy that she buries her head deep into his embrace.

“Ning.” Yi Yunrui opens his mouth, “We have been married for two months. Yes?”

“Hum.” Xia Ning nods.

“Do you think…I am qualified enough to be your husband?”

Xia Ning pauses. She does not understand what the question refers to. She lifts her head and looks at him in perplexity.

“I am thirty-three years old this year.” Looking at her eyes, Yi Yunrui seriously says, “I am a soldier and seldom come home. When I was twenty-five, my mother began to introduce girls to me constantly.

When mentioning this, Yi Yunrui pauses and Xia Ning’s heart aches unexpectedly.

“However, I hope you keep one thing in mind.” Yi Yunrui holds her more tightly, “In my lifetime, I will not get married except my wife is you.”

Hearing this, Xia Ning is shocked! She is moved, yet she is uncertain, “I don’t think I knew you before the marriage…”

“You did. You just don’t remember it.” While speaking, Yi Yunrui strokes her hairs gently, “In fact, we have known each other for a long time.”

It seems that Yi Yunrui keeps some other information in these words and leaves the listener with a lot of imagination. Xia Ning frowns and tries hard again to remember, “Can you honestly tell me when we got to know each other?”

His sharp eyes flash. Yi Yunrui moves his lips but swallows his words.

“Hum?” Xia Ning is puzzled. She asks again, “Rui, can you tell me the truth?”

“Eight years ago. You were studying at the University of Edinburgh and I was in The Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst.” Yi Yunrui strokes her hairs and says, with pity in his eyes, “We both studied in England. One time, I went out with my friends and met you. You were bringing a basket filled with big strawberries. You looked cute and attractive.”

Xia Ning blinks her eyes. The time of studying in England was her happiest period, because she had got Ou Yixuan with her. Except Ou Yixuan, other classmates were also nice. During those five years, she never felt lonely. All she had were happy laughs.

But eight years later, the days with Ou Yixuan in England became her nightmare…

Having noticed the sadness in her eyes, Yi Yunrui frowns slightly. He smooths her eyebrows with his long and strong fingers, “Don’t think of the unhappy things. Think of that you were carrying a basket of strawberries, while my friends and I were passing. If it is not because the car ran too fast and was far away, we would have gone to loot the strawberries.” Mentioning this, Yi Yunrui smiles, “Then I began to pay attention to you, Ning. From that time on, I kept inquiring about you and knew that you are studying at the University of Edinburgh and you liked Ou Yixuan.”

Yi Yunrui stops here. He signs, “Ning, I have been waiting long.”

Yes, that is a long time. Eight years, another eight years, and another eight…and longer…the time in England is just one of them, but he does not speak out, because he is worried…

His confession is flat, but every word comes from the bottom of his heart. Xia Ning’s heart trembles and her face turns redder. In a while, she doesn’t know what to say.

“Ning, we are married.” Yi Yunrui curls his lips as if he has made a big decision, “Be my real wife. Will you?”

Xia Ning understands the implication in his words. Her heart beats loudly. She widens her eyes and her lips quiver. In the next second, she feels her heart is beating more quickly as if it is going to jump out of her chest.

Lowering her head, Xia Ning escapes from his intense eyes. She is in a panic…

It is correct. She has got married to him and they shall… but…

“Ning, you are my life. Don’t you forget.” Turning her face back and looking at her eyes, he says word by word, “From now on. I, Yi Yunrui will hold your sky. Whatever you want to do, just do it. I will take care of other things. Leave it to your husband. What it may cause, I won’t let you get hurt, even if it gets to cost my life.”

“…Rui.” She opens her lips and calls out. At the moment, her heart beats loudly and her breath goes fast.

This has never ever happened.

The two look at each other. For quite a while, Xia Ning doesn’t know what to say. When she just wants to speak again, Yi Yunrui leans to her and kisses her lips. And the kiss is an exploding bomb!

His action, his emotion, his eagerness, and all, all those being restrained for a long time, explode at the moment!

Nothing can stop him!

“Hum…” Xia Ning resists unconsciously, and holds her clothes tightly. But in a minute, she hears the sound of her clothes being torn into pieces.

“No…” She is frightened and resists with all her strength. Yi Yunrui holds her more tightly. It is so tight that she can hardly breathe. She wants to push him away, but she is not capable to move him an inch.

Lying on her body, his eyes are red. At the moment, Xia Ning unexpectedly feels sad and bursts into tears…

Xia Ning is sobbing. Yi Yunrui trembles!

In an instant, he stops all the actions. He gasps and holds her tightly for a while and then takes a deep breath.

“Sorry. I am impulsive.” Desire inside, Yi Yurui’s voice is hoarse. He clenches his fists and veins bulge on his forehead, “Sorry, I scared you.”

Saying this, Yi Yunrui moves back slowly and pulls the quilt to cover her body. He stands up, closes his eyes and turns back, “You may have a rest. I will be in the living room.”

Yi Yunrui is leaving.

“Wait… wait for a minute.”

He has hardly taken two steps while hearing her weak voice. Yi Yunrui stops, “If you don’t want to see me. I can leave this house.”

The air seems to be frozen. She doesn’t respond.

The desire inside is roaring and fighting. He has been loving her for so long. She is now in front of him but he is forced to stop all his actions in the middle. He has tried his best. If he doesn’t leave here in time, he is not confident that he can control himself one more time.

Thinking of this, Yi Yunrui walks ahead.

She calls his name. He stops again. His is almost roaring, “Ning, I need to go out to calm down…”

“Rui.” She interrupts gently and blushes a lot, “Can you… be gentle?”

Yi Yunrui is surprised. He turns to look at her. She holds a small piece of the quilt and lowers her head. Then she lifts up her face and glances at him. Her face is redder and half of it is covered by the quilt. Her voice is trembling, “It…it…it’s my first time, so…”

Hearing this, Yi Yunrui is shocked and stunned!

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Does he hear it clearly? Xia Ning was with Ou Yixuan for eight years and yet this is her first time?”