Chapter 44

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“What do you mean?” Yi Yunrui looks at him.

Li Dezheng thinks for quite a while. He hesitates and hesitates and at last falteringly says, “Well, as regard to the bribery, I heard that someone up there is investigating… that person is said to have some relation with you.”

“Does he?” Yi Yunrui smiles coldly, “The duty of Military and that of the government are different and not involved in each other. Am I able to guide the government officials? I wonder from where President Li heard the information.

Li Dezheng feels more embarrassed. He thinks for another while and says, “Sir, I will say directly. The person who is investigating me is, as it is said, is your second elder brother…”

“Li Dezheng!” Yi Yunrui’s face is darkened, “Anti-corruption is a basic duty of the country. Who told you that it is my second elder brother? Why? Are you considering taking revenge?”

Ou Yixuan glances at Li Dezheng. One may be stupid, but no one will be as stupid as him!

What does he think of to speak out the name? Threatening or what?

Li Dezheng is shocked and his voice falters, “I… I am, ah, Sir, I have a stupid mouth!” Saying this, he lifts his hand and slaps his mouth.

He is a crude man. He always uses fists to speak and never takes any responsibilities. Today, facing Yi Yunrui, he is actually very nervous, totally in a mess.

When he was on the plane, he was thinking of how to torture Xia Ning. Who knows, within half an hour he was informed that he was in trouble because someone up there was investigating his background. He checked and found he had enraged someone he should not enrage.

This someone is Xia Ning, the woman he totally looks down upon.

He was shocked and stunned immediately. By further check he knew how stupid he had been in the recent days.

God. All people of the Yi Family are big shots. How could he make such a serious trouble?

He wanted to punish Xia Ning. But it seems that Xia Ning is the one who is punishing him.

Yi Yunrui says in disgust, “I am a soldier. I don’t understand politics. However, let me give you a piece of advice. Mind your speech. It is late. I have other things to do. You two may leave.”

Noticing Yi Yunrui is telling them away, they are anxious. Li Dezheng still wants to say something, but he swallows the words back when he sees Yi Yunrui’s sharp eyes.

“Then, we come again some time. Sorry for bothering.” Ou Yixuan says and walks out.

But Li Dezheng stands there, neither coming in nor going out.

Yi Yunrui freezes his eyes, “Get out!”

Li Dezheng is shocked and frightened by the shouting. He turns his back and walks out hurriedly.

Hearing the leaving car, Xia Ning takes a breath and gets relaxed.

To be honest, she learns things today. Who says that the commander is silent and don’t speak? She hardly opened her mouth and it was he who kept speaking.

But what the Commander said is practical. It simply stopped Ou Yixuan and Li Dezheng from speaking and scared them to leave.

“Does your heart ache?”

Xia Ning is confused by the question raised by Yi Yunrui.

Yi Yunrui stares at her, “Does your heart ache when you heard what I said to him?”

She suddenly understands.

For him? She doesn’t have the feeling…

Xia Ning thinks for a while and shakes her head, “Am I heartless?”

“You fool.” Yi Yunrui pats her head, “Are you tired? If so, you may go to bed to have a rest.”

“No. I slept for so long. I cannot fall asleep now.”

Yi Yunrui strokes her hairs, “I have one question. I want you to answer honestly.”

“I am listening.” What confuses the Commander Yi?

“Do you want to go back to TIME?”

Going back to TIME? She has just been fired by TIME. Even if TIME asks her to go back, she is not interested in it.

She has got no expectation there.

What she had is being bullied for more than three years.

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In addition, she has enraged Xiao Tingting. If she goes back, she will end in misery.

In the past, she works there for the purpose of earning a living and her dream of becoming a director. Now living is not a problem. And since TIME cannot give her the opportunity, she would better try some other places.

“No, I don’t want to go back there.” Xia Ning shakes her head.

“Then what is your plan?”

“Plan…” Xia Ning thinks seriously and shakes her head, “I temporarily don’t have a plan. But still I want to stay in the industry.”

“Do you want to stick to your dream?”

“Hum.” Xia Ning nods hard, “I love my occupation.”

Yi Yunrui looks at her and embraces her gently, “Have you ever thought of going to C city with me?”

Xia Ning is stunned, not knowing how to respond.

“You put down the certificates. Didn’t you think of leaving here?”

“Well… actually I wanted to leave here, then…” In fact, what she really wants is to leave him.

“Then, leave.” Yi Yunrui says decisively, “Go to C city with me and run our life there.”

Xia Ning widens her eyes, “I will be in your way. I will distract you.”

“You won’t.” Yi Yunrui holds her hands, “The Military Region provides housing to Regimental Commanders and above for them to live with their family. If you go to C city. It will be easier for me. B city is not far from C city, but I still worry about you. You are my wife. We should stay together.

It is right. She is married and should stay with her husband. They should not live in different cities.

She needs to clarify some things.

“Rui, I have my habits and you have yours. When we live together, what are we going to do if we find conflicts between them? I am not a traditionally good wife. I will not have the job of assisting my husband and teaching my children as other housewives do. If going to C city means that I have to stay at home all day long, I am not going.

Women need to be independent and strong. Or, if they are dumped, they have nothing left.

Yi Yunrui listens to her carefully and thinks for a while. Then he says, “You are saying that you will go out to work even if you go to C city. Are you?”

“Hum.” Xia Ning nods, “By the way, I am not good at housework and don’t cook well. So, if you are tired and want to have a good meal at home, what you can expect may be just some simple and plain foods that fail your appetite. Sometimes they may even be some take-away foods from restaurants. Are you OK with that?”

Honestly, taking his place, if she were the man, she would say no. But it is the truth. She is not from an upper-class family and cannot learn the living style of high delicacy.

“First, I will respect your living habits as they are and accept that you will go out to work. But I have two requirements: the working place is to be in C city, and you are not to work overtime to midnight every day. A good rest ensures health. Second, as regard to the cooking issue, if I am not busy in the Army, I will cook. And I like you because who you are, not because you can cook well. Even if it doesn’t work, there is a canteen in the Military Region. So, we have no problems with the cooking issue.”

Yi Yunrui’s speech is seriously logical. Hearing it, Xia Ning can’t help laughing.

He is confused, “Why?”

“No. Nothing.” Xia Ning takes a breath. She says seriously, “If all these are OK. I am going to C city with you.”

Yi Yunrui looks gentle and hugs her more tightly, “The certificates stuff, I don’t want it to happen another time. We are husband and wife. Keep that in your mind.”

Xia Ning curls her lips and suddenly she is reminded of the goblet in Yasi Villa. Her heart aches and she doesn’t say anything.

Feeling something wrong, Yi Yunrui frowns, “Why? Did I say something wrong?”

Xia Ning shakes her head and slightly signs in her heart. She really wants to know who that woman is and what the relation between them is.

But another voice in her heart tells her not to ask too much.

Ever since they got married, Yi Yunrui has never asked her about her past. Does it mean that she is not supposed to ask about his?

“No. You didn’t say anything wrong. But will you give me several days to think it over?”

Yi Yunrui pauses, “In fact, I asked for a leave and came to B city this time and I am going back tomorrow. You don’t feel well. If you go with me tomorrow, I can take care of you. Will you?”

Going to C city with him…

Yes, they are married couple. They should go together. Going to C city with him should be a sure thing.

But…if everything goes on as he wishes, she might lose her position in front of him in the future.

There are big differences between them. If anything happens, who can she count on except for him? That husband is the sky and the ground is but a horrible saying to her. Conflicts happen in life. What if they meet with some?

Ou Yixuan was an example. She was too indulgent to him. When he got married, she was even the last person to know it.

She must depend on herself.

She must create the position and dignity for herself.

She calms her heart and shakes her head, “Give me some days. I would like to have a rest for several days and have fun. When I am ready, I will go there. OK?”

Yi Yunrui looks at her and doesn’t speak. They look at each other and neither would like to give in.

At last, Yi Yunrui speaks first, “OK. I am going to C city and make some arrangement. You are too tired these years. It is OK to relax yourself, but for no more than thirty days. Agree?”

Xia Ning nods. In fact, she just wants to have fun for several days, not so long as one month.

Yi Yunrui hugs her again and says gently, “Don’t worry about the Li Dezheng problem. I will handle it. Go to have some fun. Don’t worry about anything. Your husband will take care of other things.”

Xia Ning frowns. She just wants to have some fun, not to do any illegal things. Can it be so serious?

“Wait.” Suddenly, Yi Yunrui frowns and cries.

Xia Ning is shocked, “Why?”

“We are going back to the bedroom.” Saying this, Yi Yunrui holds Xia Ning and takes her to the bedroom directly.

Xia Ning is frightened, “What happens? Why do we go to the bedroom?”

Yi Yunrui puts her on the bed and jumps onto the bed too. He nervously speaks to himself, “It is thirty days. How can I live with it… I am a man…”