Chapter 45

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When Xia Ning wakes up, Yi Yunrui has left.

Looking at the empty by her side, Xia Ning feels lost.

Xia Ning does not know from when she starts to care about Yi Yunrui. She loves him. But she is not sure whether it is a good thing or a bad one.

Her waist and her back ache as if her body collapses. She took the initiative last night. Yi Yunrui agrees to give her thirty days. They are together last night. He tries his best to control himself, but as the wife, she doesn’t think she should ignore his pain…

Remembering what she did last night, Xia Ning blushes and laughs like a fool.

There is a paper under his pillow, telling her that he has gone back to C city and that he boiled some soup for her to drink after getting up. It also tells that Army Doctor Wu will come to see her and she is to behave well and take medicines on time and so on.

All kinds of stuff, important or not, makes a long paragraph.

Some new clothes are put by the bed. She doesn’t know when he bought them.

Xia Ning smiles and shakes her head. It seems that Commander Yi treats her as a little child. She puts down the paper and lies for another while. When she doesn’t feel so tired, she gets up.

She opens the window. It is sunny outside. She glances at the clock and finds it is already past eleven in the morning.

Xia Ning stretches her arms and feels the burden on her shoulders is off and her whole body feels easy.

She goes to the kitchen and smells the flavor of the soup. Commander Yi boiled her favorite soup with papaya, mushroom, chicken feet and peanuts.

It is a big pot of it, enough for her to drink for two days.

Xia Ning cooks some foods and warms the soup. She has a comfortable and relaxed lunch.

Her phone rings. Li Baoer calls.

“Hello, Mrs. Yi. Are you really not going back to TIME?”

Li Baoer’s voice tells that she is bored. Xia Ning smiles, “It is not that I am not going back to TIME, but I am fired. And it is no use for me to go back. I am the thorn in the flesh to many people there.”

“So what? They are too ignorant to identify you. Let me tell you. Yesterday, President Li came to meet me on purpose. He looked at me in the way as if he fell in love with me. It was frightening. However, it is better that you leave. You don’t need to suffer their anger now. But I am very bored. Well, what is your plan?”

“I may leave B city, but not immediately. I will have a rest first…”

“What? Are you leaving?” Li Baoer raises her voice by eight degrees, “No. You cannot do that. How can you be so heartless to drop me alone? We are not done here! Tell me! Where are you going?”

“You gossip girl. Aren’t you at work? It is lunch time. You would sleep like a dead pig normally.”

“You are a pig! Ah, seriously, I don’t want you to leave. Will you don’t leave?”

“You finish your work first. Let’s meet somewhere after work.”

“OK. Then, I will call you before I leave my office. Bye.”

Xia Ning puts down her phone and sits quietly. When she goes to C city, it will be a new start for her. She doesn’t know if she will get used to it.

Through the window, she sees that it is sunny outside. She decides to go out and have a walk.

She will go to her favorite coffee house, the Zhixin Hut.

In the past, she has to fight to make a living and tries to save money with every calculation. Now she has got some money with her. Xia Ning feels easy when she goes shopping.

She never bought small decorative accessories and now she can buy some to please herself.

Slowly walking, Xia Ning stops in front of a brand jewelry store.

In the window, she sees the latest style of platinum and diamond necklaces of the season. Yes, it is the one that Li Baoer has been announcing to buy but can’t bear to do so.

She checks the price. It is proper. Well, Li Baoer’s desire for beauty will be satisfied.

She walks inside and the sale clerk comes to her. Xia Ning directly says, “Please pack the necklace in the window and prepare it to be a gift.”

Xia Ning orders a cup of cheese coffee and a peanut butter toast. She sits at a corner by the window and leisurely enjoys her afternoon tea.

It is the first time in more than three years for her to be so leisure.

She glances at the magazines in the hut and takes up today’s newspaper. She opens it and is attracted at once by the headline of the newspaper.

The Bribery of Li Dezheng, President of Li’s Multinational Group Is to Be Put on Trial Today

Subheading: Involved in Commercial Scandal, the Share Price of Li’s Group Drops by 30% within A Day. The Board Decides to Replace the CEO.

Xia Ning is astonished. Li Dezheng had been to her house last night and he goes to the court today?!

God. It is only one day of time…It is unbelievable. Within a day, the Li’s Group has changed its sky.

No surprise that Li Dezheng was so nervous last night. It was at the moment of life-and-death.

She remembers that when she was sleeping, she vaguely heard Yi Yunrui took a lot of calls and told many names…Was Commander Yi handling Li Dezheng’s problem?

Xia Ning reads the newspaper and takes a sip of the coffee, really admiring the prompt action of Yi Yunrui.

Feeling uneasy, Xia Ning puts down her coffee and looks up. She sees a pair of bright and intelligent eyes looking at her. Xia Ning suddenly feels nervous and moves her eyes.

A man sits not far from her. He is twenty-seven or twenty-eight, dressed in a suit, wearing a pair of glasses with golden frame. He looks polite and well-educated.

Xia Ning frowns and is curious. The man looks familiar, as if she saw him somewhere before.

Hold on. It seems that the man has been watching her for quite a while…

Thinking of this, Xia Ning turns her head again and finds the man still looking at her. This time, he nods to her with a smile.

Xia Ning is surprised. Does she know this man?

When she is confused, the man with glasses stands up. He is tall and with a full sense of scholarship, which attracts the attention of all the people at the coffee hall.

What makes Xia Ning more surprised, the man walks to her.

“Hello, are you Miss Xia Ning?”

Xia Ning is stunned. How does he know her name?

Xia Ning blinks her eyes and nods, “You are…”

The man smiles and reaches out for her, “Hello, my name is Gu Luan, Director of World Era TV Station. Nice to meet you.”

Gu Luan, the Director of World Era TV Station!

My God. World Era TV Station is one of the most famous and authoritative TV stations in the country, even in the world! It is not to be easily imitated, replaced or transcended by other brands of presses in the aspect of information authority it stands for. It is the leader of all brands of TV stations and the big shot of the information industry!

The Director of it is right standing in front of her!

Xia Ning stares at him in astonishment.

Does she hear it clearly?