Chapter 47

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“Here, have a look.” Li Bao’er puts a magazine in front of Xia Ning, “Turn to the first page.”

“What’s the secret?” The first page is for the headline.

As Li Bao’er says, Xia Ning opens the magazine and is at once attracted by the title of the first report!

Li Dezheng’s Bribery Did Not End, TIME Director Ou Yixuan Fires His Subordinate to Get Away from the Responsibility.

The title is not edited in a special way, but the plain typesetting brings the effect of a great shock!

Xia Ning reads it and is puzzled, wondering why Ou Yixuan is also blackened.

Although Ou Yixuan did fire her, he is the son-in-law of the mayor. Who dares to put him onto the stage?

“Surprised? I am surprised too. I came back to TIME today and heard the gossip. Well, really, there is nothing sure in the world.” Li Bao’er is kind of gloat, “However, he deserves it. How dare he hurt you?”

Xia Ning curls her lips. Ou Yixuan is snobby and always knows which side to stand by. Obviously, he made some mistakes this time. Anyway, she was with him for eight years. She feels her heart aching, but not as badly as before.

“Hey, why don’t you say anything? Are you sad, or does your heart ache? Well. For a man like him, it is not worthy. Look at your husband. He has got all that you can ask for. Why aren’t you satisfied?”

“Bao’er.” Xia Ning says in a soft voice, “My heart doesn’t ache. It is just that I don’t feel well. Well, I am too sentimental.

Li Bao’er signs and pats on her back, “It is not your fault. Women in love are all sentimental. Not to mention that you were with him for so long a time. Sorry. I spoke too hard. Babe, forgive me.”

“It is OK. You are right. Maybe I should adjust myself.” Temporarily, Yi Yunrui is very nice to her. But she is not sure how long it will last.

What does she have to keep him stay? Is there only her pretty appearance?

Well, seemingly the least thing Yi Yunrui may need to have is a beautiful woman. Who is she among those rich and powerful ones around him?

“Babe, you are always bright and confident. Aren’t you? Though you met some difficulties in work, you are lucky in love. Why are you so upset? It is not like you.” Li Bao’er takes back the magazine from her and puts it aside, “Listen to me. Don’t think of anything else. Enjoy what you have. Who knows what will happen in the future? At least, you are doing well now.”

Xia Ning’s eyes brighten.

It is right. What Li Bao’er said is who she used to be. When she was with Ou Yixuan, she had never thought of how good it would be in the future. What she thought of was that it was enough to have him by her side. Now, she has got married. She shouldn’t worry about so many things. That is unnecessary.

She had promised her parents that whatever might happen, she would face it strongly and happily go on with her life.

Thinking of this, Xia Ning smiles and nods, “Hum. Yes. Thank you, Bao’er. As you said, I will be more confident as the Xia Ning used to be.”

“That’s right.” Li Bao’er pats her on her face, “From now on. Don’t think of any unhappy things. Babe, you are now a rich woman. What are you going to take me to have fun?”

Xia Ning turns her hand and pinches her, “As you like!”

Being comforted by Li Bao’er, Xia Ning feels better. She calls Gu Luan the next day. Gu Luan is more straightforward. He offers the position of Program Director to Xia Ning. Considering that Xia Ning has not got used to working in a new place, he gives her one-month probation for her to learn from a senior director.

As regard to salary, Gu Luan also gives her a good offer, which is several times of that in TIME. And she is also given two weeks to get ready for the job.

Seemingly, Gu Luan is sincere enough, which moves Xia Ning a lot.

Gu Luan gives her two weeks, but Xia Ning promises that she will go to work in C city within 10 days.

She will not let Gu Luan down. In ten days, she will get everything ready and go for her new job and her new challenges.

Yi Yunrui calls her at least once a day. Though what is talked is only daily greeting, Xia Ning feels good.

When she was with Ou Yixuan, he couldn’t call her once a day. So, she feels satisfied with what Yi Yunrui does for her.

She told Yi Yunrui about the job in World Era TV Station. Yi Yunrui did not agree immediately, but he did after several days.

Consciously, she feels that Yi Yunrui has done something for her in these days.

Maybe she should go to C city earlier and get used to the environment first.

She puts her clothes into the case, and glances at the apartment, feeling a little sad.

She has lived here for more than three years and is kind of unwilling to leave now.

Yi Yunrui said that he would send someone to pick her up, but she refused. B city is not far from C city. It will only take several hours for her to go there. She can manage herself.

At the time, her phone rings. Xia Ning sees a strange number and is surprised at it.

It doesn’t sound nice. The speaker is a crude man.

Xia Ning’s heart tightens. She warily asks, “Who is that?”

“You don’t need to know who I am. I just want you to know that your friend Li Bao’er is in my hand. Bring three million yuan to get her back in four hours.”

As if it thunders suddenly, a word flashes in Xia Ning’s brain: kidnapping!

Her heart beats quickly. Xia Ning is very nervous, but she tells herself to calm down.

“I don’t know you. Who are you? Where is Li Bao’er?”

“Good. You will hear her voice.”

The man says and takes some steps. There are scolding and woman’s crying. Xia Ning recognizes at once. That is Li Bao’er’s voice.

“Ning, leave me alone. Don’t listen to them…Ah!”

Li Bao’er has not finished her words. It seems that she is hit by something and cries painfully.

“Did you hear that? Four hours. Three million yuan. Remember.”

Xia Ning’s heart tightens, “I warn you. Don’t hurt my friend. If there is anything happening to my friend, you will not get a penny.”

“Of course, we only want the money.”

“Where is the place?”

“Wait for my calling. I warn you. Don’t call the police. Or, you will have the corpse of your friend.”

Saying this, the speaker hangs up.

It happens too fast, so fast that Xia Ning cannot react properly. She stares at the phone blankly and cannot speak a word for quite a while.

Kidnapping, Li Bao’er is kidnapped!

Xia Ning panics. She carries her phone and walks inside the house… Wait, why did the gangsters kidnap Li Bao’er? Did they already know that she has no relatives?

If so, these gangsters …know her very well.