Chapter 51

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The scene in the video suddenly changes. In the busy street full of walking people, a little boy carries a black plastic bag. He puts it down by the lamp post. After he leaves, a tall man comes and opens the bag. Then he puts down something else and leaves.

The man is one of those in the photo.

After a while, another boy comes and takes away the thing.

The camera provides a clear image, and the whole process is clear.

Yi Yunrui lifts his hand slightly. Feng Le pauses the video.

“Mom, what do you find?” Yi Yunrui asks.

Zheng Yao is shocked. Vaguely she is aware that the whole thing is set up by someone.

“Are you saying that someone set up the incident on purpose?”

Zheng Yao thinks for a while and has another look at the photos. She shakes her head, “Even if it is set up, the situation has become what it is now. What can we do?”

Yi Yunrui blinks his eyes. He looks at Yin Jingyao, whose face has turned pale. He says coldly, “We don’t know yet.”

He lifts his hand. Feng Le presses the play button.

The scene changes again. The big men have been controlled by the police. Those policemen look like the guards now standing around.

After a round of messy moves, Xia Ning shows up in the scene. She wears sexy clothes and is flirting with the men.

“Stop. Stop it!” Seeing this, Zheng Yao can’t help crying.

“Mom, be patient to look.”

The video continues. They are having fun noisily. Someone shouts and the men all calm down.

The Xia Ning goes down from the bed and walks close to the camera to take off his clothes and wig. It is a man!

Seeing this, Zheng Yao, Yi Xian and Yin Jingyao are all shocked.

Then a tall man shows up in the scene. He is an army man. He gives some instructions and one of the men takes out his phone to call. The next scene is the conversation with the boss.

The video stops here. Yi Yunrui looks at the three people with his eagle-sharp eyes and doesn’t speak a word.

After a while, Yi Xian takes a sip of the tea and looks at Zheng Yao, “Yao, what do you think?”

Zheng Yao is still in shock. She stares blankly for a while. Her face darkens, “Jingyao, what’s this? Didn’t you say that Xia Ning often goes to the night club?”

Yin Jingyao’s face is pale and sweats flow out. Even if she doesn’t say anything, her thoughts are revealed.

“Auntie…I…I have nothing to do with that. My friends say…”

“Didn’t you say that you investigated Xia Ning and have evidence?” Zheng Yao is impulsive, but she is not stupid. As if she remembers something, she takes up the photos and has another look. Then, she throws the photos fiercely on the table, “What Xia Ning? It is the man pretending to be her! Nonsense. Nonsense!”

Yin Jingyao blinks her eyes, “Auntie, sorry. I was lied to by my friends, too. They told lies. Sorry. I shouldn’t believe what they said…”

“Who are they?” Yi Yunrui speaks. His sharp eyes gaze at Yin Jingyao.

Yin Jingyao feels she is stuck. She falters, “Just some of my friends…”

“Can you ask them to talk to me?”

Yin Jingyao is frightened, “They will not come. They absolutely will not come.”

“They will not come or they don’t exist?” Yi Yunrui keeps questioning.

Yin Jingyao is so nervous that her eyes are red and tears come out, “Brother Yi, I just easily believed other people’s baseless gossips. I am wrong. Please don’t do this to me. I am wrong. I know I am wrong.”

Yi Yunrui doesn’t speak. His eyes are deep with something unknown.

Seeing that Yi Yunrui doesn’t respond, Yin Jingyao turns to Zheng Yao, “Auntie. I am too young. I can easily believe others. I have some bad friends. All are my fault. I know I am wrong. I can apologize to Xia Ning. Auntie, you know me. You have known me for a long time. You…”

Yin Jingyao sobs and cannot continue her words. She bursts into tears.

Zheng Yao hesitates. Honestly, she was also impulsive. If apologies were needed, she should also say sorry.

“Rui.” Zheng Yao speaks in a weak voice, “Let it go. Jingyao is too young. It happens. Let’s first solve the problem. Shall we?”

“I am back to solve the problem.” Yi Yunrui looks at Yin Jingyao. He says word by word, “Yin Jingyao, you still have the chance to tell the truth. Resistance can only lead to severe consequences.”

Yi Yunrui’s tone is like that he is speaking to a criminal. Zheng Yao is shocked. She is going to speak but Yi Xian stops her. She swallows the words back.

It has gone to this point. Yin Jingyao consciously wants to escape. But looking at the guards around, she understands at once.

“It is a slander at the most, what does Brother Yi mean by saying so?”

“What do I mean?” Yi Yunrui blinks his eyes, “Yin Jingyao, if not because that your father is the mayor. You are already in jail now.”

Hearing this, Zheng Yao changes her color. She looks at Yin Jingyao, puzzled. Yin Jingyao’s face is gray with despair. In an instant, she says, “Jingyao, what did you do? Tell the truth now.”

Yi Yunrui is her son. She knows him well. The scene she sees can mean something serious.

Yin Jingyao is in panic. Still, she is not willing to admit, “No. I didn’t do anything. Without evidence, Brother Yi, what do you want to do? Do you want to arrest me? My father is the mayor. You don’t have the right to do so!”

Saying this, Yin Jingyao takes out her phone and is going to dial a number, while Yi Yunrui laughs coldly.

“That will be good. Call Mayor Yin to come here. We will have another witness.”

Yi Yunrui speaks very slowly. He pauses after every word. Yin Jingyao feels that her heart is thrown into a total coldness and she is so cold that she trembles.

Neither sides give in. Yin Jingyao taking her phone at hand struggles and doesn’t dial the number. But she shuts her mouth. Seemingly that she will never admit till her death.

“Good.” Yi Yunrui lifts his hand slightly. Feng Le notices and passes him a black box.

Yi Yunrui opens the black box. There are several pieces of things inside, all are wrapped in dust-proof plastic bags. Yi Yunrui takes out a small cell phone and puts it on the table, “Yin Jingyao, have you seen this cell phone before?”

Yin Jingyao’s face is frozen.

“This is a one-off cell phone. After the conversation with the gangsters, it is thrown into the rubbish bin by you.” Yi Yunrui makes a pause here.

Yin Jingyao curls her lips, “How can you say this cell phone was used by me? Do you have any evidence telling that I have anything to do with this cell phone?”