Chapter 55

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Zheng Yao glances at her son, “Ning. I mean it! If Rui dares to wrong you, you can call me. I will let him know how wrong he is!”

Yi Yunrui twitches the corner of his mouth.

Fortune changes, just in a while, the mother and daughter-in-law band together to deal with him.

“Ugh.” Yi Yunrui coughs purposefully and passes a piece of fruit to Xia Ning.

Xia Ning blushes. She is shy, “Mom, Rui is nice to me. Very nice.”

“Hahaha, you are partial to him so soon.” Zheng Yao shakes her head, “As it is said, don’t feed your man full until he is seventy. You gotta remember that.”

“Ugh!” This time, Yi Xuan coughs.

The next morning, Yi Yunrui and Xia Ning take a special flight to C City. Once getting off the plane, they see people from the Military Region waiting in the airport. They get on the Dongfeng Warrior and head for the downtown.

“Let’s go to the house first. You got up early today. Have a rest first.” Yi Yunrui says and dresses the hair on her forehead.

“Don’t worry about me. I am fine. I slept well last night. Well, don’t you go to the Military Region?” Yi Yunrui has accompanied her for several days. Busy as he is, he must have a lot of things to deal with after coming back.

“Not today. I will inform the Military Region that I am back now and it will be OK.”

They keep talking while the car arrives at a residence community.

She sees the five-star red flag fluttering in the air far away. The Military Region is not far from the urban area and is clean. It reminds Xia Ning of her childhood.

When her parents and grandmother were still alive, her family lived in a military compound. More than twenty years have passed, the layout of the compound did not change at all.

It looks simple and clean, just as it was many years ago.

They get off the car. Feng Le and some guards take the luggage. They arrive at Block A and stop in front of Room 401.

“It is provided by the Military Region.” Yi Yunrui says and opens the steel door.

It is large inside and also bright. Xia Ning cannot believe what she sees.

The guards carry the luggage inside the house. Feng Le asks, “Commander, what should we do next?”

“Nothing. You can leave.”

“Yes, Sir.” Feng Le responds. When he walks past Xia Ning, he naughtily smiles, “Mrs. Yi, we are leaving. We will not disturb your two-person private world.”

Xia Ning blushes and nods, “Thank you.”

The door is closed and the big house is all theirs.

“I will clean it up first.” Yi Yunrui says and puts the luggage away.

There are three bedrooms and a living room, which are all well-equipped, bright and clean. The facilities are simple but of top grade.

It is not known whether Yi Yunrui chooses it or it is designed for all the houses, pink is the main color – pink curtains, light pink sofa and wall. They look warm and sweet.

Yi Yunrui walks to her and embraces her from her back, “Though not as good as Yasi Villa, it is OK for work. Ning, will you make it do and live with me here?”

Xia Ning widens her eyes. Can this also be called “making it do”?

God. As measured by eyes, the house covers at least 150 square meters. If this is called “making it do”, lots of houses will not be suitable to live in.

It is not as lofty and elegant like Yasi Villa, but this house is also great.

“Commander, don’t we always recommend simple life? What you said will offend the public.”

Yi Yunrui smiles, “So, you like here?”

Xia Ning nods, “I like it very much.”

Yi Yunrui feels relaxed, “Most people living here are men. And the design in the military houses also tends to be of male style. I am worried that you may not get used to it.”

Xia Ning smiles, “So, the pink color in this house chosen by you?”

She feels being hugged more tightly. Yi Yunrui holds her hand, “Let’s go to see our bedroom.”

He opens the door of the bedroom. Then, she smells a sweet flavor of strawberry. There are more colors in the bedroom, but match very well and don’t look harsh. Instead, the whole bedroom is active and sweet.

The bed is big enough for five or six people. The most eye-catching things on the bed are all kinds of dolls. Xia Ning is almost astonished.

Wait, Army Commander Yi cannot be fond of dolls. So, the dolls are for…

“I don’t know which one you may like. So, I buy one of each kind. If you don’t like them, I can change them.”

Hearing this, Xia Ning feels moved. When she imagines the scene that a man, an army man – the Army Commander Yi – walks into a boutique to buy dolls for her, what else can she ask for?

“Yes, I like them. No need to change. I like them all.”

“It is good.” Yi Yunrui holds her in his arms, “From now on. This is our new home. When I am not busy in the Military Region, I normally will come back by six o’clock in the evening. Then, we can go shopping and prepare dinner together. Do you like it?”

“Yes, yes…” Yes, this is the home for Yi Yunrui and her, for them only.

“Ning, the past has already passed. Will you promise that you will not think about those things any longer? We will run our life well here. OK?”

His embrace is warm and comfortable. She feels safe in it. For a very long time, she thought that Ou Yixuan was the one, the only one for her. But after all these incidents, she comes to realize what true love is.

Sometimes, happiness doesn’t come as wishes. She doesn’t know how much Ou Yixuan loved her. She only knows her man is Yi Yunrui now.

Her husband is Yi Yunrui, not Ou Yixuan.

“OK.” Xia Ning responds in a low voice, unconsciously hugging him with her arms.

Instantly, she feels that his body trembles slightly and she is hugged more tightly, as if he wants to pull her into his body. Xia Ning closes her eyes quietly and enjoys the sweet moment unique to her.

“I am looking up, on the moon…”

The phone rings and Xia Ning is shocked. She takes out the phone. It is from Li Baoer.

She shouts silently in her heart. It has been days, but she hasn’t remembered to call Li Baoer ever once.

God. She is too concentrated on enjoying her happiness and simply forgot her good friend.

“Baoer, I am sorry. Really sorry. I forgot to call you these days. I am sorry.” This time, not waiting for Li Baoer to speak, Xia Ning apologizes again and again.