Chapter 588

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Chapter 588 Shu, You’d Better Go

“Shu, go and apologize to Christine with me now.”

“Apologize?” Jing Shu is stunned.

Christine started it. Why should she apologize? If she really has to apologize, Christian has to apologize, too!

Seeing Jing Shu hesitating, Xia Ning knows she is not convinced. She is still thinking about what Christine has said.

But that is how things work in society. It is more about the result than the process. Jing Shu hit someone and Christine was taken to the hospital. That is the result.

“You hit her and you have to apologize.”

Jing Shu purses her lips. She is very reluctant.

But it is just an apology. She agrees, “Okay, I’ll apologize.”

Christine has applied some anti-blood stasis and anti-inflammatory ointment to her face. She had just left the hospital and now entered the hospital again. Her face is very pale at the moment.

An Lingxi is sitting beside her hospital bed with a deep frown.

It is indeed a troubled time when misfortunes happen again and again.

Seeing Xia Ning and Jing Shu walk in, An Lingxi stands up and says respectfully to Xia Ning, “Chief Editor Xia, Christine’s injury has been dealt with. She’ll be fine after a rest for a day or two. You don’t have to worry.”

Xia Ning looks at Christine. Seeing that she wants to speak, she waves quickly, “Christine, you need to rest first. You don’t need to talk. I’ve brought Shu here. She has something to tell you.”

After finishing speaking, Xia Ning looks at Jing Shu.

After taking Xia Ning’s ‘hint’, Jing Shu reluctantly bows to Christine, “Christine, I beat you and I’m sorry. I’ll never make such a mistake again in the future. Don’t worry. I will not trouble you again after you come back to work so that we won’t have any more conflicts.”

Xia Ning frowns. Is it a sincere apology?

It seems that the anger in Jing Shu’s heart is not so easy to dispel.

“Christine never has a conflict with you!” Xia Ning doesn’t speak, but An Lingxi couldn’t hold back, “I came from America with her, and I said before she came that I would take good care of her. Now look. She just left the hospital and she’s in the hospital again now! If it goes on, in two more months, I don’t think she and I will be able to go back to America. Even if Christine said something wrong, you shouldn’t have hit her so hard! If you were in America, you would have been sent to prison long ago!”

Seeing that An Lingxi is so angry, Xia Ning is worried that Jing Shu and An Lingxi would quarrel again. She hurriedly said, “You are right. Jing Shu is wrong in this matter.”

Speaking of this, Xia Ning glances at Jing Shu, indicating that she must hold back.

An Lingxi folds her arms and turns her face away, “If Assistant Jing just came to apologize, now the apology is over and Christine has to rest. Please leave.”

Jing Shu bites her lips and is about to turn to leave, but Xia Ning grabs her with one hand.

“As Deputy Editor An just said, if it had happened in America, Shu would have been sent to prison. Deputy Editor An, I’m really sorry, but this is not America, so it can’t be like this for the time being.”

Hearing Xia Ning defending her, Jing Shu is overjoyed and raises her head a little.

“Look! Sister Xia is still very protective of me.” Jing Shu thinks.

“But,” Xia Ning says solemnly, “It’s a society ruled by law. World Era Weekly has its rules. If one quarrels with another company employee, beats him or her, and causes injuries, he or she will be fired. Today, Shu’s behavior has violated the company regulation. So…”

Xia Ning looks at Jing Shu, “Go back to the newspaper office to pack up your personal belongings. Your salary will be paid to you after the financial settlement. Shu, you’d better go.”

Xia Ning’s decision, like a thunderbolt, shocks everyone present!

Jing Shu is stunned and looks at Xia Ning in disbelief.

Is she fired just because she slapped Christine?

“Sister Xia, I…”

“You don’t need to say anything more. Just go.” Xia Ning interrupts Jing Shu coldly, “No matter what you say this time, I will not show you any mercy. It is true that you hit someone. If we don’t follow the rules this time, then the company rules won’t get its due respect. This will seriously affect the company’s discipline. If you violate the discipline, the company can refuse to pay you all your salary. But the situation is not very bad, and you have also contributed a lot to the company, so the finance department will give you an extra half-year salary according to the dismissal regulations. I will also write a letter of recommendation for you, and you will find a new job in the future.”

Jing Shu hasn’t expected such a result, and she hasn’t expected Xia Ning to say such words. She looks at Xia Ning in shock and is speechless for a while.

Seeing Jing Shu standing there in shock, Xia Ning feels sorry and turns her face away.

In fact, she is very reluctant to make this decision.

Jing Shu is the most trusted person around her and the one who defends her the most. She really doesn’t want to fire her.

But the rules still have to be implemented!

“Sister Xia, are you really going to fire me?”

Taking a deep breath, Xia Ning nods, “Shu, I know your family is in financial trouble. Don’t worry. I will take care of it…”

“Sister Xia, that’s not what I meant!” Jing Shu looks at Christine and An Lingxi.

These two women are not good!

She has fallen into Christine’s trap. Christine is like this, and Jing Shu could imagine what An Lingxi is like!

These two women are wicked. If she leaves, then Sister Xia will be in danger!

“Sister Xia, can I not leave? I won’t take the salary, okay? I won’t take the salary, and I just want to stay with you! And I will pay Christine’s hospital bills in full! Sister Xia, I’m begging you. Don’t drive me away! Please!”

Jing Shu almost falls to her knees when she says this. She couldn’t let the villains succeed.

“Don’t beg me. I’ve made up my mind.” Xia Ning turns around and pats Jing Shu’s shoulder lightly, “Shu, this is a hospital. Don’t make any noise, okay? Let’s part on good terms, okay?”

“Part on good terms…”

Jing Shu is so unwilling that she grits her teeth!

Glancing at Christine fiercely, Jing Shu stomps heavily and runs out of the ward.

With her hands clenched into fists, Xia Ning is heartbroken. She could clearly see that Jing Shu’s eyes are red.

“Chief Editor Xia,” An Lingxi says apologetically, “Actually, there is no need to dismiss Jing Shu. Just give her a warning or punishment…”

“Deputy Editor An, you don’t have to protect her. Shu has beaten people more than once. She was warned last time, and she still made the same mistake. If I don’t fire her this time, I don’t know who will be hurt next time.” Xia Ning sighs and looks at Christine, “Christine, you have a good rest. Take your time. There is still some work to do in the company, and I will go back and deal with it first. That’s it for now.”

With that, Xia Ning smiles at An Lingxi, turns around, and walks out.

The door of the ward is gently closed.

An Lingxi turns to look at Christine, and the two exchange glances with each other.

The first step of their plan is completed.

When Xia Ning chases out, Jing Shu has long disappeared.

Man and Xiaoniao are guarding the door of the ward. Seeing that Xia Ning didn’t come out, they didn’t catch up.

Xia Ning searches again and again to no avail. Suddenly, she thinks of someone, and she takes out her mobile phone and makes a call, “Mr. Beitang, it’s me, Xia Ning. I’m sorry to bother you. Can we talk now?”

Jing Shu quickly goes back to the newspaper office, packs everything on her desk, and leaves the office without waiting for the treasurer to bring her paycheck and cash.

Then, with the small cardboard box in her arms, she walks straight to the edge of the long embankment and sits on a bench along the long embankment.

“Christine, f**k you!” After leaving the newspaper office, Jing Shu bursts out with anger and curses at once.

The woman is so wicked!

Even if Jing Shu is a woman, she agrees with it.

She is obviously a very clever person. How could she have been set up?

That woman only made one move, and then she was fired!

She really hates her guts!

“Ah!” Shouting towards the river opposite, Jing Shu vents her anger.

Although it is daytime, there are still a lot of people on the long embankment. But there are a lot of “neurotic” people now, so Jing Shu’s loud shouting does not attract many people’s attention.

“Girl, are you in a bad mood? Care to have a drink?”

There suddenly comes a very nice voice beside her, and it sounds a little familiar. Jing Shu would turn her head to see how the owner of such a nice voice looks like under normal circumstances. But now she is so angry that she roars without thinking, “F**k off! Go away…”

Halfway through her curse, Jing Shu swallows abruptly when she sees who is coming.

It is Beitang Xiu, Mr. Beitang.

Seeing Jing Shu’s shocked face, Beitang Xiu smiles softly.

She is so cute, as cute as Mickey Mouse.

“Mr. Beitang, why are you here?”

Beitang Xiu sits next to Jing Shu and weighs the small cardboard box she has placed on the ground, “Is it heavy?”

“It takes at least 20 minutes to get here from the Media Building. You were holding this cardboard box all the way. Didn’t you think it was heavy?”

Jing Shu takes a deep breath and lets out a long sigh of relief, “To be honest, I didn’t feel anything at all.”

It is because she is so mad!

“Ha-ha!” Beitang Xiu laughs. This girl is really cute.

She dares to show her love and hate.

Jing Shu frowns when she sees Beitang Xiu’s smile. She is in a bad mood now. If Beitang Xiu talks like this again, she might even scold him.

Thinking of this, Jing Shu stands up, picks up the cardboard box, and says coldly, “Mr. Beitang, I still have other things to do, so I won’t bother you. Bye!”

This time it is Beitang Xiu’s turn to be dumbfounded. Watching Jing Shu hurriedly walk away, he wonders if he has said anything wrong.