Chapter 589

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Chapter 589 I Will Not Let Her Go!

Jing Shu is unconvinced and walks with difficulty. After walking for a while, she secretly looks back, and she is more unconvinced.

Beitang Xiu stands up from his chair and walks in the opposite direction to her.

Like falling into an ice pool, Jing Shu purses her mouth and sighs.

That’s right. She has nothing to do with Sister Xia and World Era Weekly. Why should Beitang Xiu take care of her?

He is a super-rich second generation and is mingling along with both circles as gangs and the police.

At this moment, Jing Shu realizes that the tea cools down as soon as the person is gone.

She is nothing now, and she will live in a down-to-earth manner in the future and do what ordinary people should do.

Realizing this, Jing Shu turns around and is about to step. Just then, the most common Volkswagen stops in front of her, and she almost falls to the ground with her box in her arms.

The door is opened, and Beitang Xiu looks at her with a smile, “Aren’t you tired of carrying it? Get on.”

Jing Shu presses her lips and shakes her head, “I want to go home and don’t want to disturb you.”

Realizing that Jing Shu is going to leave, Beitang Xiu gets out of the car, grabs the box in Jing Shu’s hand, puts the box in the trunk, opens the door of the passenger seat, and pushes her into the car without saying anything, “Don’t say anything. Go to have a drink with me!”

Since Beitang Xiu said so, it must be true.

This is a very fashionable and novel bar, which seems to be newly opened.

Although it is newly opened and the scale is not particularly large, all the equipment inside is of super-class standard. Bartenders, bands, and receptionists all look dazzling. Beitang Xiu walks into the bar with Jing Shu. As soon as he enters the bar, the waiters inside immediately bow to Beitang Xiu, “Boss!”

Jing Shu widens her eyes, “Mr. Beitang, is this bar yours?”

“Sharing your happiness is much better than enjoying your happiness on your own. Life is so stressful that it is necessary to engage in some entertainment to relax.” Beitang Xiu says that and sits on the bar.

Jing Shu’s eyelids are jumping. “Is life pressure really so great for Mr. Beitang?” She thinks.

“If even he says so, what about other people?”

The music in the bar is not very strong, but it is very rhythmic. Although Jing Shu didn’t drink, she also wants to dance to the rhythm.

Beitang Xiu takes a glance at Jing Shu, “You seldom come to these places?”

Jing Shu nods, “First, I should take care of my mother at home. Second, I don’t have much money to squander. So, I feel that there is no need to come to such a place.”

Beitang Xiu’s eyes flash slightly. He beckons to the good-looking bartender, leans over his ear, and says a few words. The bartender nods and responds, “OK.”

Jing Shu blinks and she doesn’t know what he wants to do.

After a while, the bartender brings several dishes of snacks, a big fruit plate, and a crystal blue drink.

These colorful things are placed in front of her, and they are so delicious that she wants to eat them.

“This is fruit wine. There is not much alcohol content. Don’t worry. Drink it.” Beitang Xiu says as he pours himself a glass of red wine and takes a sip, “You seldom drink, right?”

Jing Shu nods and tastes a mouthful of fruit wine, “It smells good and drinks well.”

“What time will you go home this evening?”

Jing Shu looks at her mobile phone, “Today is an entertainment day in the community. My mother usually eats with those grandmothers and granduncles, so I don’t have to go back too early. It is probably more than eight o’clock.”

Beitang Xiu looks at the time. It’s more than four o’clock in the afternoon, and there are still four hours before eight o’clock.

He originally wants to take her out to drink and relax, but she is very pure and has to take care of her mother. If she drinks too much, he is afraid she’ll get drunk.

“We’ll go out for dinner at six o’clock, sit in the cafe after dinner, and then I’ll take you home.”

“No, Mr. Beitang, you are a busy man, so I don’t want to disturb…”

Beitang Xiu waves to interrupt Jing Shu, “I am not busy today. Don’t worry about disturbing me.” After saying that, he takes a menu and hands it to Jing Shu, “Order whatever you want to eat or drink. It’s on me.”

“Bah!” Jing Shu almost spits out the things in her mouth. “It is his bar, and he is too polite!”

Although fruit wine is really delicious, after all, there is alcohol in it. She doesn’t usually drink much, but she gets drunk easily.

As soon as she puts down the glass in her hand, Jing Shu speaks to the bartender, “Pour me another glass!”

The bartender looks at Beitang Xiu, who nods, and then the bartender brings a cup of green drink.

Jing Shu takes a sip and shudders, “The mint is very good, but it tastes very cold!”

Beitang Xiu smiles, “Don’t you have to go back to take care of your mother after eight o’clock? That’s enough. Drink it later when you are free.”

Beitang Xiu is right. Jing Shu sighs gently in her heart and drinks most of the wine in one breath.

Beitang Xiu shakes the red wine in his hand and looks at Jing Shu meaningfully.

The feeling of seeing this girl is very special.

Yi Yunrui cuts off the last piece of fruit, wipes his hands, sets the fruit plate in place, picks it up, turns, and hands it to his wife, “Do you really want to eat the fruit plate made by me? You’ve been standing behind me for so long.”

Xia Ning picks up a piece into her mouth with a smile, and she feels that it is so sweet.

“What? You have something on your mind?”

Being realized by her husband, Xia Ning stops what she is doing, takes the fruit plate, and takes it out of the hall.

When she puts down the fruit plate, Yi Yunrui stretches out his hand, hugs her up, and sits on the sofa, “Come and tell me what happened today.”

Embraced tightly by Yi Yunrui, Xia Ning is warm, lies on her husband’s chest, and murmurs, “Honey, I dismissed Shu today.”

Yi Yunrui pretends to be calm and says, “Well.”

Xia Ning deliberately doesn’t finish to see Yi Yunrui’s reactions. However, after she stops for a while, Yi Yunrui still has no reactions, so she raises her head and asks, “Don’t you have anything else to say?”

Yi Yunrui gently clicks his wife’s nose, “I’m waiting for your answer.”

Xia Ning smiles and holds Yi Yunrui’s hand, “Today, she quarreled with Christine, and she slapped Christine. Now Christine is still in the hospital. Jing Shu admitted her mistake to Christine, but the company has rules and regulations, and they were watched by so many people, so I can only act according to the regulations to dismiss Jing Shu.”

Speaking of this, Xia Ning signs, “In fact, I don’t want her to leave. But she is too impulsive.”

Yi Yunrui thinks about it for a while, “Why did they have a quarrel?”

“Christine said she accidentally spilled coffee on Jing Shu, so Jing Shu hit her.”

Yi Yunrui is absent-minded, “Do you believe such a simple reason?”

“Of course, I don’t believe it.” Xia Ning says calmly, “I know her character very well. If it hadn’t been for others provoking her, she would never have done that. The cause of the incident has yet to be investigated, but in any case, it is a fact that she hit Christine. Moreover, An Lingxi is Christine’s boss, and things have a bad impact, so I can only deal with it seriously.”

Hearing the name “An Lingxi”, Yi Yunrui becomes serious, “Is Deputy Editor An taking care of Christine in the hospital?”

Xia Ning nods, “I think Zhang Hai must know that. What worries me most now is that Zhang Hai will go to find Jing Shu to talk about these things. Therefore, I specially informed Mr. Beitang today and asked him to accompany Jing Shu.”

“Zhang Hai…” Yi Yunrui murmurs, “Christine is a test for Zhang Hai.”

In the major hospital of C City, after receiving a phone call from An Lingxi, Zhang Hai runs to the hospital in a hurry. When he enters the ward and sees the ointment on Christine’s face, Zhang Hai feels heartache and becomes very angry, “Who did this? I will teach her lessons!”

Seeing that Zhang Hai becomes angry, An Lingxi has a smile, “Teach her lessons? Zhang Hai, forget it!”

“What do you mean?” Christine is so beautiful. Who can do it? “Anyway, I’ll fight with her!”

An Lingxi raises her eyebrows and laughs like she hears a funny joke, “Ha-ha! Serious? Zhang Hai, I can’t believe you are so humorous! But I’d like to see you desperately fight with Jing Shu.”

After hearing that, Zhang Hai is stunned, “What? Is she involved in this?”

“Yes, Jing Shu did it.”

“Jing Shu hit Christine?” Zhang Hai thinks.

Zhang Hai is stunned, “What was going on? How did she do that?”

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Having known Jing Shu for so long, he knows her character. She has a sense of justice, but under normal circumstances, she won’t do that casually, let alone beat a woman.

As soon as he finishes, he hears a choking sound, and he is surprised and turns to see that Christine is crying.

“Oh, Christine, why are you crying? Tell me if you have any grievances. Don’t cry…” Zhang Hai hates women crying most. When Christine cries like this, Zhang Hai feels very troublesome, and all the thinking logic in his mind is in a mess.

Christine secretly makes a look at An Lingxi. An Lingxi stands up and says in a cold voice, “Christine is your girlfriend while Jing Shu is your old lover. You have problems this time. A good show. I’m going out to get some fresh air.”

Zhang Hai frowns, “What is she talking about? An old lover? Who is an old lover? Jing Shu?”

Seeing this woman in his arms sobbing, Zhang Hai doesn’t know how to comfort her, and he just pats her back all the time, “Christine, I’m afraid of women crying. Don’t cry…”

If she keeps crying, he can’t stand it.

After crying for a while, Christine stops and is going to wipe her tears, saying, “In fact, it is all my fault. I shouldn’t have talked too much… No wonder Shu is so angry. I deserve it. Hai, Sister Lingxi has always had a good relationship with me, so she doesn’t think it is worth it. In fact, it’s all my fault. Don’t pursue anything about this matter. Forget it.”

Zhang Hai has doubts in his heart. After hearing what Christine said, he is angry and says in a loud voice, “Jing Shu hit others last time, and I told her not to do that, but she didn’t listen. This time she hit you! She’s going too far now! Christine, you don’t have to be afraid and just tell me the whole story. If she is wrong, even if we are friends, I will not let her go!”