Chapter 590

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Chapter 590 A Woman’s Trick

From her blue charming eyes, it can be seen that she has intrigue. Christine sighs and hugs Zhang Hai tightly, “Can I not say it? I’m afraid you will scold me…”

“I won’t scold you. Just say it.” With a beauty in his arms, Zhang Hai suddenly becomes very excited. No matter what Christine says, he will always protect this woman.

“I…” After hesitating for a while, Christine screws up her courage, “Do you remember what you said to me last time? You talked about Jing Shu’s current boyfriend one night in front of my hospital bed. So, I went over and asked her today, and then I gave her a brief explanation. After all, the thinking of rich people is different from that of ordinary people. I am afraid that Jing Shu will suffer. Maybe I said too much, and she was not happy. She quarreled with me. Later… I was excited that I accidentally poured coffee on her, and then she hit me…”

Having said this, Christine chokes up again and keeps wiping her tears with her hands.

Zhang Hai frowns. Now Jing Shu is very confused because of Beitang Xiu, and she doesn’t listen to what anyone says. No wonder Jing Shu hit Christine. Christine didn’t know what Jing Shu was thinking, so she was attacked. In the end, it is Zhang Hai who didn’t explain the matter to Christine.

“It’s all my fault. I didn’t make it clear to you. Now Jing Shu can’t let anyone talk about Beitang Xiu. Even if it’s me, she will be mad…” Speaking of this, Zhang Hai carefully erases her tears, “But since you were bullied, I will definitely take revenge for you. Don’t worry.”

“Actually, she has already apologized and was fired by Chief Editor Xia. Forget it.”

“What?” Was Jing Shu fired?

Christine purses her lips, “Chief Editor Xia asked her to come over and apologize to me today, and then she dismissed her in front of Sister Lingxi and me. Don’t go there anymore. Shu must be in a very bad mood now.”

Zhang Hai is in a mess now. Although Christine was beaten and he is very distressed, he is more worried about Jing Shu…

“Hai, don’t go to see her. Today she said something very bad about you. If you go, you will only be ridiculed by her.”

Zhang Hai is startled, “What did she say?”

Christine hesitates, “Don’t talk about it. Now that she has left, if I say this, it will cause trouble. Forget it.”

“No!” Holding Christine’s hand tightly, Zhang Hai says solemnly, “You must say it! Wait. You didn’t quarrel with her because of this, right?”

There is something in Christine’s words, and she looks like she wants to say something but doesn’t dare to say it. Judging from the fact that she is a gentle girl, what Jing Shu said must have triggered her in some way. Otherwise, why would there be a quarrel?

“Christine, I’m your boyfriend. Don’t be afraid! Tell me.”

“Hai, you promise me this thing first. If you promise, I’ll talk about it.”

“Okay, tell me.”

“Don’t trouble Jing Shu. It’s over.”

Zhang Hai ponders and thinks for a while before saying, “Okay. Go ahead.”

Christine squints her eyes and goes into Zhang Hai’s arms, “I didn’t quarrel with her at the time, and then she said that she liked you originally, but you are not as good as that person, and you can’t compare to him anywhere, so she let you go to give you to me…”

“Nonsense!” Before Christine could finish speaking, Zhang Hai stands up angrily.

Sure enough, Jing Shu is just greedy for Beitang Xiu!

He finally understands that Jing Shu had just confessed to him that night, and the next day she was with Beitang Xiu. It turns out that she is for this reason!

He also always thinks that Jing Shu is as pure as a white lotus, and it turns out to be a woman who admires vanity!

“Hai!” Christine cries out in a panic, “You promised me not to be angry! You promised me that you would not trouble her. If you are like this, how dare I speak to you in the future? ”

Zhang Hai is a little stunned, and his hands clench tightly into fists.

At this moment, his heart is very hot. He is very annoyed and very unwilling!

It is the truth that he is not as rich as Beitang Xiu and doesn’t have a prominent background as that of Beitang Xiu, but it does not mean that Jing Shu can use this to insult Christine!

He now fully understands what kind of person Jing Shu is.

How dare she look down upon him? “Very well, I will take my revenge in the future.” Zhang Hai thinks.

Closing his eyes, Zhang Hai takes a few deep breaths, resists the anger in his heart, and sits beside Christine, “Don’t worry. I won’t trouble her. I will do what I promise you. ”

Although he doesn’t go to trouble Jing Shu, it doesn’t mean he will not go to find her!

It is at the Waitting For You cafe.

“Jing Shu, if you don’t drink it, the coffee will be cold.” Beitang Xiu says softly.

It has been ten minutes since the coffee was delivered, and Jing Shu is stirring the coffee with a small spoon, looking preoccupied. It seems that she is thinking about something. If he doesn’t remind her, she will keep it for a long time.

“Huh?” As if awakened by the words, Jing Shu comes back to her senses and suddenly feels embarrassed while looking at Beitang Xiu’s eyes that are as clear and bright as night stars, “I’m sorry. I just lost my mind.”

“Are you thinking about Zhang Hai?”

“Hmm!” She doesn’t expect Beitang Xiu to ask so directly. Jing Shu chokes on the coffee, “Mr. Beitang, what are you talking about?”

Beitang Xiu hands her a handkerchief, “Everything in your mind is written on your face.”

Taking the handkerchief from Beitang Xiu, Jing Shu purses her lips, “Is it so obvious?”

She wants to wipe her mouth with white silk, but this piece of silk is so beautiful and fragrant that she is reluctant to use it. Then she puts down the handkerchief and wipes her mouth with a tissue, “It’s a pity that such a beautiful handkerchief is used to wipe my mouth.”

Beitang Xiu always carries these handkerchiefs on his body. He is always clean and he is a very particular person.

Beitang Xiu says with a smile, “The handkerchief is just for use. If you don’t use it, it doesn’t reflect its value. What’s the pity?”

Hearing this, Jing Shu feels a little pain in her heart, and Beitang Xiu’s words make her feel a little uncomfortable.

She doesn’t know why her heart is hurting, but she is really unhappy at that moment.

Seeing Jing Shu frowning again, Beitang Xiu stretches out his hand to take the handkerchief that Jing Shu hands over. When Jing Shu wants to withdraw her hands, he stretches out his big palm and tightly wraps her small hand.

Beitang Xiu’s palms are very warm, and his slender fingers are like fine white jade. When her hand is held by him, Jing Shu’s face turns red all of a sudden. She pulls back subconsciously but finds that Beitang Xiu doesn’t want to let go of her, “Mr. Beitang, you are…”

“Do you love Zhang Hai?”

“!” Jing Shu widens her eyes. Beitang Xiu’s questions tonight are very direct, so she doesn’t know how to answer them!

“Did you hit Christine today because of what she said, or because of your jealousy?”

“Mr. Beitang!” Jing Shu says unpleasantly, “This is my business. Please don’t interfere!”

“It’s your business. That’s right.” When he says this, Beitang Xiu holds Jing Shu’s hand tighter and tighter, “But as my apprentice, I don’t want you to be half-hearted when you learn from me.”

For a moment, Jing Shu couldn’t respond.

“If you say that you love Zhang Hai, then I can understand your distress. But if it is for other reasons, I will re-evaluate you.”

Jing Shu purses her lips. At this moment, Beitang Xiu is like a machine, which makes her feel icy cold, “Evaluate me? Do you think I am not qualified to be your apprentice?”

Beitang Xiu is silent, looking straight at Jing Shu.

His eyes could penetrate her soul. She feels sad and breaks down completely, “I used to be Sister Xia’s assistant, and it was because of Sister Xia that you accepted me as an apprentice. Now I am nothing, and I have no value for you! I know that. I will leave, and I will never trouble you again!”

Jing Shu’s voice is so loud that everyone in the cafe looks at her. She suddenly becomes the target of public criticism and wants to find a hole to burrow into. She is not rich. Why does she have to deal with these people? It is meaningless!

Zhang Hai is like this, and so is her work!

Forcefully throwing Beitang Xiu’s hands away, Jing Shu stands up and runs outside the cafe.

The location of the Waitting For You Cafe is very remote. Although it is eight o’clock, it looks like eleven o’clock. There are very few people and it is very quiet.

Jing Shu wipes her tears as she runs. At this moment, she feels that her life is a failure…

A person appears in front of her, but Jing Shu doesn’t notice it and bumps straight into him. She feels very hurt. When she sees a person in front of her, she quickly apologizes, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry for bumping into you.”

After bowing and apologizing, Jing Shu bypasses him and wants to leave.

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Suddenly, a pair of hands appear in front of her, blocking her way.

“I’ve already apologized. What else do you want…?” Before she could finish speaking, she is stunned when she sees the person in front of her.

“What? Did you just meet your lover in the cafe?”

Zhang Hai says the word “lover”, but Jing Shu feels it is very harsh, “Zhang Hai, what are you talking about? Who is my lover!”

“Beitang Xiu.” Zhang Hai has a cold smile, “Don’t you like him? You pester him every night. Are you thinking of being his wife one day?”

“Shut up!” She breaks free from Zhang Hai’s hand, “Zhang Hai, do you think I am such a person? You have disappointed me so much!”

“Humph! Did I disappoint you? This sentence should be my own!” Stopping in front of Jing Shu again, Zhang Hai speaks slowly and solemnly with a cold face, “Jing Shu, you like Beitang Xiu, but do you know him? Do you know how many women are around Beitang Xiu? You like him so blindly. Aren’t you afraid of being deceived?”

“Shut the f**k up!” Jing Shu is already angry in her heart. After listening to Zhang Hai’s words, her suppressed emotions break out again, “If you don’t let me go, I’ll do it!”

Zhang Hai raises his eyebrows. He thinks of Christine’s appearance after being slapped, and he becomes serious, “Like you hit Christine today? If that’s the case, then I’ll see what you’ll do.”