Chapter 62

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When they finish lunch, it is almost one o’clock in the afternoon. However, there are still two hours before Dai Zhongheng’s time. So, Xia Ning and Li Baoer, accompanied by the two men, go to the malls one after another and buy lots of things of daily use.

Seeing that Lin Kai almost collapses for carrying the shopping bags, Xia Ning is sorry for him silently. What a poor correspondent!

When they are doing the shopping, Xia Ning keeps explaining. When carrying a box of biscuit, she will tell what kind of biscuit is Li Baoer’s favorite, while carrying a bowl of cup noodles, she will tell what kind of noodles Li Baoer likes best. Apparently, it is just normal chatting between friends, while in fact, she is lecturing Colonel Dai.

Dai Zhongheng stands behind them quietly with no emotions. It is not known how much he gets.

Normally speaking, it is a torture for a man to accompany two girls to go shopping, but Dai Zhongheng doesn’t complain at all. He does whatever they ask him to do, while Lin Kai looks unhappy and miserable. At last, Li Baoer can’t help trying to take the bags from his hands, but Lin Kai doesn’t allow that. Li Baoer continues to grab the bags from him until Dai Zhongheng helps to carry some of them.

Xia Ning stands there, smiling to look at them for quite a while. Li Baoer is a real laugh, she wonders if Dai Zhongheng will be good with her.

At three o’clock, Xia Ning remembers that she will go to Mei Ruo’s house in the evening. So, she asks Dai Zhongheng to drive her back to the Army Compound before sending Li Baoer back to her apartment.

“I live here. For anything, you can find me here.” Xia Ning points to a block, “Look, Block A, Room 401. Take note of it.”

Li Baoer nods, “It is impressive. It seems that the girl I am relying on is rich, and also provides me a sense of safety.”

Xia Ning’s lips twitch, “Colonel Dai, please drive Li Baoer back to her apartment. I have some other things to do and will get off here. Thank you for your help today.”

“It is my pleasure. Don’t worry. I will drive Baoer back.” Dai Zhongheng responds.

Xia Ning’s eyes flash. She hears clearly the word “Baoer”.

That is right. There is something to be continued.

“Hum. Baoer, you go back for now. As regard to your job, I will try to see if I can help. Don’t worry. Anything happens, you can just tell me. Don’t hide anything from me. OK?” Xia Ning talks to Li Baoer and gets off the car.

Li Baoer is moved, “Hum. Ning, I really have a very good friend.”

The car leaves slowly. Xia Ning looks at the time, it is two forty in the afternoon. She still has enough time to take a shower and have a good rest before Yi Yunrui comes back.

After having a relaxing hot water bath, Xia Ning glances at her computer and remembers something. She turns on the computer.

Li Baoer’s family is in difficulty and she may not bring much money with her. The living expense in C city is high. It can be quite hard for her without any income.

Xia Ning opens the e-bank. She wants to do something. But she pauses to take out her phone.

Should I make the call, she wondered.

Xia Ning hesitates for a while and at last she grits her teeth and dials the number.

Soon, the phone is answered, “Hello, Miss Xia. Are you feeling better?”

“Yes. Thank you. Director Gu.” Hearing Gu Luan’s voice, Xia Ning is a little nervous, “I am fine. I can go to work in a few days. Would you please help to arrange?”

“Good.” Gu Luan checks the file, “What about the day after tomorrow? Our office time starts at nine, you can call me when you arrive.”

“OK…” Xia Ning hesitates, “Director Gu, actually…I have a request. I hope Director Gu can give it a consideration.” Feeling that she is a little unscrupulous to ask for things when she herself has not even worked there, Xia Ning speaks and her heart beats rapidly.

“Hum. Please tell. I will think about it.”

“Well…” Xia Ning thinks for a while, “I have a friend called Li Baoer. She worked with me in TIME for many years. She was a senior editor. Because of my incident, she encountered some conflicts in TIME and quitted. Now, she is in C city. I wonder if Director Gu can give her a chance?”

“Are you saying Li Baoer?”

“Hum. Yes. Though Baoer is not graduated from a famous university, she is experienced. She is also a nice person. Director Gu…”

“OK. You can ask her to come together the day after tomorrow.”

“Err?” Unexpectedly, Gu Luan agrees at once. Xia Ning can hardly believe it.

“Thank you. Director Gu. Do you know Li Baoer?” She thinks it is better to make it clear, in case she may cause some conflicts between the Director and her to result in a tough future.

“As regard to Li Baoer, I also took notice of her. She worked hard. World Era TV Station cares for talents, and even more for working attitude. The aim of the TV Station is vitality and vigor, which can be found in Li Baoer. If I knew that she quitted, we would also have contacted her.

Xia Ning is released and she is happy for Li Baoer, “OK. I will tell her and we will go to work the day after tomorrow.”

“Hum. Xia Ning, but you need to mention one thing to your friend.” Gu Luan says seriously, “We have policies in the TV Station. Except for the specially invited talents, new comers need to work from the bottom regardless of their background. So, when your friend comes, she will be given a month of probation. If she is proved to be qualified, a promotion will be offered after that. OK?”

“OK. I will tell her about this. Thank you, Director Gu.”

She hangs up the phone and has a long breath. Everything for Li Baoer is settled.

She keys in a series of number on the computer and presses Enter. The note is popped up. Xia Ning feels satisfied and goes to do her hairs with a hair drier.

About one minute later, her phone rings. It is from Li Baoer.

“Ning, did you transfer money to me just now?!”

Li Baoer shouts in a high voice, as if she is going to dismantle a building. Xia Ning moves the phone a little, “Hum. You have just arrived here. You need to have some money. We are sisters for a long time. You always take care of me. This time, let me take care of you.”

“Ha! What are you talking about…but I don’t need so much! One, ten, hundred, thousand, ten thousand, hundred thousand…! Gosh! I know you are rich. But I am not used to owing.”

Xia Ning rolls her eyes, “Aunt is ill and I don’t have time to see her. You may use the money to buy some things for her recovery. By the way, the one who owes is not you. It is me. Last time, you were influenced by my incident and suffered a lot. I am guilty about that. Baoer, just take the money. Will you give me the chance to make the atonement? Or, I will feel guilty all my life…”

“Well, well, stop! Ning, I didn’t know that you are good at playing cute. Well…OK…I will take the money. To be honest, I am really frustrated recently. Thank you. When I earn some money, I will give you a real treat.”

Xia Ning chuckles, “Hum. OK. Keep it in mind. Don’t ever forget!”

They talk when Xia Ning’s phone gives alarm that someone is calling. It is from Yi Yunrui.