Chapter 68

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Xia Ning looks at the message frankly as if she is frozen. After quite a while, she counts, “Ten thousand, hundred thousand, million, ten million, hundred million…”

Uncertain, Xia Ning counts again and again and at last she lifts her head to looks at Yi Yunrui.

“What?” Yi Yunrui looks at her with a seeming smile. His eyes are intense.

“I have just received a message. You may have a look.” Saying this, Xia Ning shows the message to Yi Yunrui.

Yi Yunrui takes a quick glance, “Hum. Ning has become a rich woman. Please don’t dislike your husband.”

Xia Ning is confused. It seems that Yi Yunrui knows what happens in advance.

“Such a great amount of money. Rui, don’t you feel surprised?”

“Hum. That is a lot of money. But I am not surprised.” Yi Yunrui takes Xia Ning’s hand. They walk slowly, but the latter doesn’t walk easily.

“In my opinion, the money is not much enough. It is a loss. Ah, I made a loss this time.”

Xia Ning frowns, “What loss?”

It is almost four hundred million. Is it a loss?

Yi Yunrui touches his long fingers. He ponders for a while and says, “A place of two thousand and seven hundred square meters is sold for three hundred million…It is a loss.

Xia Ning twitches her eyebrows.

Well, a place of two thousand and seven hundred square meters? Is it…

“Rui, do you mean Yasi Villa?”

“Hum.” Yi Yunrui nods, “It is the compensation because of the government-lead land acquisition. I actually didn’t want to sell Yasi Villa, but I felt the price was reasonable. So, I agreed.”

Xia Ning’s words are stuck. That is three hundred million yuan. If what Yi Yunrui said is true, she is a woman with hundreds of million yuan.

She is a woman with hundreds of million yuan. Isn’t she dreaming now?

“Does the government agree to pay so much?” Xia Ning is shocked.

Yi Yunrui smiles secretly. He leans to her and speaks by her ear, “To Mayor Yin, it should be nothing. It is the national plan. So, it is an honest gain.”

“Is this the surprise you mentioned before?” It is really an astonishing surprise.

“Hum. We have got something of his daughter.” Yi Yunrui strokes Xia Ning’s hairs, “However, the amount of three hundred million is really too little. I should have asked for more. I am regretful about that now.”

Xia Ning is shocked to open her mouth. That means the unit price for a square meter is more than a hundred thousand yuan. Is it still not expensive?”

“Is this government-lead land acquisition? What does Mayor Yin want that land for?”

“That’s his business.” Yi Yunrui keeps some guesses, “As long as the money comes to Ning, it is done.”

Xia Ning is stunned. That is three hundred million. Even working for ten times of a life time cannot make such amount of money.

“Is it all for me? Did you ask Mayor Yin to transfer the money to me?”

Yi Yunrui nods, “The money is all yours. Ning, you can do whatever you like. You don’t need to save money.”

Xia Ning is still shocked. She shakes her head, “No. It is not right. You give all the money to me. What about you?”

It is three hundred million. No matter to whom, it is enough to fight with life for.

Yi Yunrui looks at her gently, “It is enough for me to have you.”

Xia Ning’s heart melts and she is stunned to be silent.

It is enough to have her…Is she worth it?

“I am not worth three hundred million.” Xia Ning responds sillily.

Yi Yunrui bursts into a laugh. He pats on her head, “Silly, don’t speak nonsense. You are human. How can you be measured by money? In addition, I have got enough money. Ning, you just take it.”

“But…” Xia Ning is a little anxious, “It is so much money. Aren’t you afraid?”

“That is also Mayor Yin’s business.” Yi Yunrui stops and holds her into his embrace, “Yin Jingyao wronged you. I would make her father pay for that.”

Hugged by Yi Yunrui, Xia Ning feels that he is warm with good smell. She leans quietly on his chest, “Didn’t you know Yin Jingyao for a long time? Weren’t you afraid that you might displease Mayor Yin by doing so?”

“Should I?” Yi Yunrui pauses. As if he remembers something, “I did not think about whether I would displease Mayor Yin.”

Xia Ning is shocked, “What should we do? Should I reject the money and call it an end…”

“Silly.” Yi Yunrui pinches her face, “Your husband knows what is going on. You don’t need to worry. But Ning, you are a rich woman now. I am a little worried about that.”

“People may think that I am relying on a rich woman.”

“…” Xia Ning can’t speak a word. However, it seems right under the current circumstance, “In fact, with such a well-built body and a good-looking face, Commander Yi can rely on any rich women better than me. It is not a question.”

“What do you think I am?” Yi Yunrui holds her more tightly and they get closer to each other. The intimate contact of the two bodies fires the flame of desire inside his body. It is burning.

Feeling that there is something swelling by her belly, Xia Ning’s heart beats rapidly. She wants to push Yi Yunrui away but he presses her more tightly.

“Don’t move.” He cries and holds her tightly. He gasps heavily to restrain something.

Xia Ning doesn’t dare to move.

“Ning…” Yi Yunrui holds her face up and looks at her with his intense eyes. His voice is little hoarse, “Will you promise me one thing?”

Love and desire make his eyes deeper with a fatal temptation. Xia Ning’s heart beats loudly. It is undeniable that Yi Yunrui is really very good-looking.

Maybe the man is too charming, so Xia Ning nods, “OK. I promise…” However, once she responds, she feels it is not right. She hurriedly adds, “I mean I promise that I will think about it.”

Yi Yunrui looks at her intensely. His eyes soften, “I want Ning…to take the initiative at night.”

Hearing this, Xia Ning’s face turns red.

She takes initiative…initiative…

The scene that she rides on Yi Yunrui’s body suddenly flies out of her brain. She at once feels that her whole body is hot as if it is going to burn.

Heavily she shakes her head to get rid of the indecent scene. She gasps, “Rui. Please don’t. I can’t…”

Xia Ning’s heart jumps. She lowers her head, “I can’t even you teach me.”

Feeling that the arms around her get tightened, Xia Ning is aware that she is a little selfish.

Ever since they got married, it is always him who takes the initiative. Actually, as man and wife, it is normal for either of them to take the initiative. Yi Yunrui has done so much for her. What he is asking for is really not too much.

Yi Yunrui gives a long sigh and presses her to his chest with his big hand, “It is OK. I am just kidding. Ning, never mind.”

He doesn’t insist, but she hears his heartbeat, which is out of control, and she knows that he wants it very much.

Which man doesn’t want that?

Her brain is echoing his heartbeats, as if they are saying “Promise me”. Xia Ning curls her lips and listens to her heart, which seems to tell her that she will.

Seeing that she is silent for a while, Yi Yunrui’s heart tightens. He pats on her back, “Don’t think about it. Your husband is just kidding. Don’t keep it in your mind…”

“I promise you!” Not waiting for Yi Yunrui to finish his words, Xia Ning interrupts decisively.