Chapter 70

Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband Bing Gong Zhu, 冰公主 2022/9/21 6:32:42

It is ten o’clock at night. Xia Ning lies on the bed. She tosses and turns but cannot fall asleep.

She gave the promise to Yi Yunrui three hours ago, but till now, Yi Yunrui is still working in another room.

Actually, she should feel lucky, but seeing the faint light leaking from the door, she cannot tell whether it is heartache or …

Did he know that he would need to work at night?

She remembers that when they came back, he stroked her hairs and went directly to the room to work.

Seemingly, he did not answer any calls.

With a lot of questions, Xia Ning cannot fall asleep and she decides to have a check there.

She dresses and opens the door quietly. She looks through the gap of the door and walks on tiptoe.

“Hum, OK. I know. You may also have a rest.”

She hears Yi Yunrui’s voice, which is lowered to the maximum. A call is over while another comes in. It seems that he is really very busy.

Thinking of this, Xia Ning goes to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee. She pours some milk into it and takes it to the room.

“Ruo, I am married. Next time, if you have anything, please call me earlier. It will wake up Ning…”

Xia Ning hears this when she is by the door. She pauses and hesitates whether she should go in or not.

The voice in the bedroom pauses too, Yi Yunrui is heard, “Ning?”

“Hum.” He finds her. Xia Ning gives a little cough and walks in with the coffee.

This room is designed to be a study. There are rows of books on the wall. The sofa is right under that for rest use if needed.

Xia Ning puts down the coffee on the desk, “Are you working overtime?”

Yi Yunrui nods, “There are some documents from the central government. I need to check them and make some future improvement guidelines.” Saying this, Yi Yunrui takes up the coffee and takes a sip. It is sweet with bitter.

Xia Ning looks at the documents on the desk and is puzzled, “Isn’t this the job of the political commissar? Why does the Commander have to do it yourself?”

Yi Yunrui smiles lightly. He puts down the documents, “Correct. It should be done by the political commissar. But Mei Ruo has just come here. I am afraid that she has not got used to it.”

When Mei Ruo is mentioned, Xia Ning feels uncomfortable. But she doesn’t say anything. Instead, she nods, “Hum. You can go on with it. I am going to bed now.”

Caught by the hand, Xia Ning stops, “Yes?”

“I…” Yi Yunrui hesitates and gives a light sigh. He pulls her to his embrace, “Wait for some time, I will apply to transfer Mei Ruo. Currently, it is not the right time.”

Xia Ning frowns, “This is the Army Department’s arrangement. I am not so mean. You don’t need to do so.”

“No.” Yi Yunrui says seriously, “No matter for what reasons, she must leave.”

Yi Yunrui is silent for quite a while. Unconsciously, he strokes her black hairs, but he doesn’t respond.

“Sorry. I ask too many questions.” Xia Ning grasps his hand, “You may go back to work. I am going to sleep.”

Xia Ning stands up and lets go of his hand. She turns to leave.

Yi Yunrui looks at her back. His eyes look complicated.

Xia Ning goes back to her bedroom and closes the door. She leans on the door and feels very sad.

What is the real relation between Mei Ruo and Yi Yunrui? She is clearly aware that Yi Yunrui hides something in his words.

Mei Ruo was Yi Yunrui’s political commissar. They were working together every day. It was unavoidable that they would develop some affection for each other. In addition, Mei Ruo’s father is the Deputy Chief of the General Military Department. What can she take to fight with Mei Ruo who has such a superior background?

If Mei Ruo really wants to take actions with the advantages, she will simply have no room to fight back.

Honestly speaking, Mei Ruo and Yi Yunrui make a perfect couple. They were classmates in the past and are colleagues now, while she is just the person who shows up in the middle of the way.

She has got plenty of money with her, so that she can do whatever she wants, but what is the use of money for her?

If it is possible, she really likes to spend her life peacefully with an ordinary person.

Xia Ning gives a light sigh and lies on the bed. She compresses her lips and closes her eyes.

In the morning of the next day, when Xia Ning wakes up, Yi Yunrui has gone.

She went to sleep first the last night. She doesn’t know when he lay down or when he left. She feels so disappointed.

She glances at the clock. It is past nine. She has slept for a long time.

She takes out her phone and calls Li Baoer. She wants to tell Li Baoer the World Era Weekly issue in case she may be busy hunting for a job everywhere.

“Hello…” It sounds lazy. Seemingly Li Baoer doesn’t wake up yet.

“Well, Miss Li, if you want to sleep, do it till you feel enough today. Tomorrow, you are going to work in the World Era Weekly.”

Li Baoer is shocked at the other end of the phone. She raises her voice by eight degrees, “What are you saying? Do you say that I am going to the World Era Weekly tomorrow?”

Xia Ning takes the phone away from her ear, “Miss, your voice may scare an elephant! I said, you are going to work in the World Era Weekly tomorrow with me.

“Ning, Are you seriously? Didn’t Director Gu only ask you to work there?”

“That is because Director Gu didn’t know you had quitted from TIME. He asked me two days before and told me to go there with you. But it is based on one condition. You will have one-month probation first. Is that OK?”

“OK. Absolutely OK.” World Era Weekly is a famous press in the world. It is good enough to get the chance to work there. What can she ask for?”

“Well, we will meet at half past eight at the gate of the company. OK?”

“OK!” Li Baoer cheers, “Ning. I love you so much! I won’t forget you when I get rich.”

Xia Ning feels her face is frozen, “It sounds like that I owe you money. Well, you have fun today. Tomorrow, we are going to work hard.”

“Of course. I may hang up. Let me check where I would like to go. Are you free today?”

“Then, I will call you. Ha!”

Li Baoer laughs and hangs up the phone.

Xia Ning gets up. She is going to do the dressing and washing when the phone rings.

Xia Ning is happy, thinking that it must be Yi Yunrui. But finds it a strange number when she looks at it.

Xia Ning presses the button, “Hello, Who…”

“Xia Ning, this is Li Yun speaking! Xia Ning, I am sorry about what happened last time! I am calling to apologize to you. Would you please forgive me and cut me a break?”

Xia Ning frowns. What does Li Yun mean by saying “cut her a break”?

Xia Ning, I did not do that on purpose. If I knew who your husband is, I wouldn’t dare do that to you even if I was given a bear’s gut! Now, many of my companions are taken to the police office. Would you please talk to your husband that we know we are wrong? Would you please cut us a break?”