Chapter 84 - Robbery

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“What are you doing? Let me go!” When Li Baoer realizes that she is at a disadvantage, she shouts.

The golden-hair man lights a cigarette and smokes. He says slowly, “Girl, you want a play. Well, I will tell you what an unforgettable memory is.”

Saying this, the man takes the smoking cigarette and slowly moves it towards Li Baoer with the burning end pointing at her chest.

“No. What are you doing? No. Help!” Li Baoer tries to get away. But she is pressed there tightly. When she takes some backward steps, they push her forward again.

The flaming cigarette is getting to her chest. Li Baoer closes her eyes.

Well, she is done this time!

A painful cry is followed by a sound of breaking glass. The golden-hair man collapses on the ground.

The two men who are grasping Li Baoer’s hands are shocked blankly. They hardly see clearly how the golden-hair man is injured.

The next thing they are aware of is that they feel something flashes in front of them and their hands unconsciously fall down with a crash, as if they are cut apart. When they see clearly, they hear another crash from their legs and they go down on their knees almost at the same time.

They widen their eyes to look unbelievably at the man standing in front of them. He looks kind of scholarly but steely enough. Looking at his cold eyes, their hearts are frozen.

Gosh! How can the eyes of a human look like that? They are obviously eyes of cruel beasts!

They are astonished and terrified, shivering with fear.

“Who…who are you?” One of them risks asking.

Dai Zhongheng holds out his big hand and picks up the golden-hair man, who is then thrown to the sofa aside. Dai Zhongheng sits down in front of him. He lights a cigarette and smokes.

“Spare me…please…” The golden-hair man looks pale with no color on his face. He is so painful that he almost faint, “Why…why…”

“Why?” Dai Zhongheng blinks his eyes, “Didn’t you want to tell what an unforgettable memory is?”

The Golden-hair man takes a cold breath. Shit, he has enraged the wrong person!

“Colonel Dai?” All happened too fast. When Li Baoer comes back to consciousness, she finds two of the men are on their knees while the other collapses on the sofa.

Many people in the bar look at them.

“Why are you here?” Li Baoer wants to hold Dai Zhongheng. But she is dizzy. She trembles and loses her balance. She is falling to the ground.

Dai Zhongheng sees it and quickly catches her with his hand and scoops her up as if he is lifting a fish. Li Baoer feels dizzy and she sits on his legs in the next second, leaning her head closely on his chest.

The golden-hair man realizes at once the real meaning of “courting death”.

Dai Zhongheng gives Li Baoer the cigarette, “You can do what he did to you.”

Li Baoer takes the cigarette and sees that the end of the cigarette is wet. Her heart jumps and she can’t help thinking that Dai Zhongheng smoked it…

Li Baoer stares at the cigarette blankly. Dai Zhongheng frowns, wondering what the silly woman is thinking about.

“Hey!” Dai Zhongheng shouts lightly and pats on Li Baoer’s head, “Come back.”

Patted by Dai Zhongheng, Li Baoer blinks her eyes and glances at the cigarette and then she gives a glimpse at the golden-hair man.

“How are they?” Li Baoer asks.

“Their arms and legs are broken.” Dai Zhongheng responds indifferently.

Li Baoer’s heart tightens and feels the air cold.

Honestly, if they were only flirting her, the punishment is enough.

“What’s your name?” Li Baoer asks the golden-hair man.

The man is shocked. He hesitates for a while, “F, Fa.”

“Fa.” Li Baoer says slowly, “Did you say that you had been in the business for quite a long time?”

“Hum. Hum.” He does have been doing for a long time, but he has never met someone terrifying like that.

“Then you must have made a lot of money. Haven’t you?”

“…Hum.” The golden-hair man has a bad feeling.

“You three men are a group and I am alone. I am really having a loss. Not to mention the medical cost, there are compensations for mental injury and breaking things.” Li Baoer says and counts her fingers, “Well. I am not asking for much. One hundred thousand.”

The golden-hair man widens his eyes. One hundred thousand!

It won’t cost so much to have a senior whore…

Li Baoer sees the expression on the man’s face and she freezes her eyes, “Two hundred thousand!”

The golden-hair man’s eyes get wider. He is afraid that Li Baoer may go on. He hurriedly replies, “OK. OK. Two hundred thousand. Deal.”

He is afraid of the man by her side. He has a feeling that if he refuses to give the money, what is going to happen next will cost him much more than two hundred thousand!

Li Baoer smiles with satisfaction, “Good. That is good.”

It is dark. It gets quiet in the street. The night wind blows. A full moon is shining in the sky.

“Two hundred thousand is received.” Looking at the message on her phone, Li Baoer laughs happily.

Dai Zhongheng twitches his eyebrows, “A money fan.”

“What are you saying?” Li Baoer stares at him, “I know Colonel Dai attaches no importance to it, but I am a little woman and I can’t live without money. My mother is just getting better. I will use this money for her recovery.

Dai Zhongheng is stuck. He says nothing more.

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The Dongfeng Warrior goes fast and they arrive at the hotel soon.

The car stops. Li Baoer is going to get off the car herself, but when she moves, she feels so dizzy that she can’t manage herself.

Dai Zhongheng holds her. He frowns, “You can’t drink. You should not go to the bar. If I did not arrive there in time, do you know what will happen?”

Dai Zhongheng shouts at her. Tears blur Li Baoer’s eyes.

Did she want to go to the bar? That’s because of him!

Because she likes him, and she knows that she couldn’t like him. She sought solace in drinking.

Dai Zhongheng is shocked to see Li Baoer staring at him with tears.

The eyes seem to have thousands of words to tell, but she restrains herself from saying anything.

He would rather see that she could scold him or hit him. But what does her expression mean?

They stare at each other for quite a while and Dai Zhongheng loses. He holds her, “OK. OK. It is my fault. I shouldn’t yell at you. OK?”

Li Baoer leans on Dai Zhongheng’s embrace, honestly and quietly as a kitten. Dai Zhongheng holds her to the bedroom and puts her on the bed.

“Err…” He strokes his head, “You smell like wine. You need a shower. Can you do that?”

Dai Zhongheng says it and feels regretful at once. God. How can he ask such a question? If she can’t, is he going to help?

“I, I am going back to my room.” Dai Zhongheng gets up to leave. He has hardly taken some steps when he finds that his hand is caught.

“Can you… stay with me tonight?”