Chapter 87 - Proposal of Marriage

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“Two days?” Li Baoer’s mother widens her eyes. She looks at them unbelievably.

Dai Zhongheng nods, “Yes, two days.”

Li Baoer rolls her eyes. She is done.

“Baoer!” The mother is angry, “Colonel Dai says that he has been dating you for two days. What happened?”

“I, I, it…” Li Baoer can’t think rationally, she wishes she could slap herself and faint, “It is two days. We are connected in these two days…”

“What is “connected”?” The mother can almost guess it right. She shouts, “What did you do? Tell me the truth!”

When it comes to this, Li Baoer blushes, “Mom. Can we not talk about this in this day and age?”

“You shut up!” The mother scolds and turns to Dai Zhongheng seriously, “Colonel Dai, we are ordinary people, not like you. But ordinary people have their dignity. Would you tell me honestly? What did you do to my daughter?”

Dai Zhongheng is surprised by Li Baoer’s mother, but he understands her as a mother. He honestly replies, “Auntie, Baoer is my woman now.”

The mother is shocked and looks at Li Baoer blankly. Li Baoer bites her lips. How she wishes there could be a hole for her to jump in.

“Good. It is good.” The mother takes a deep breath. She asks, “Colonel Dai, do you like Baoer?”

Dai Zhongheng glances at Li Baoer and nods, “Yes, I do.”

“…” Dai Zhongheng is quite confused. Is the mother playing words game with him? “Yes…I do.” If not, how would they be together?

The mother darkens her face, “Colonel Dai, please answer my question honestly. Do you love Baoer?”

Dai Zhongheng finds her angry. He can’t help taking a cold breath.

This aunt looks bright but is tough when she is serious.

“Yes. Of course.” Saying this, Dai Zhongheng gives Baoer a tight hug with the hand holding her.

“Ugh!” Baoer is shocked by Dai Zhongheng’s sudden action.

Why doesn’t she feel it?

Wait. Doesn’t he have a girlfriend…Oh, no, a girl he likes!

The mother lowers her eyes and takes a sip of the tea. She asks slowly, “Then does Colonel Dai plan to marry Baoer?”

Dai Zhongheng hesitates and thinks for a while, “Yes. I will take the responsibility.”

Hearing what Dai Zhongheng says, the mother darkens her face, “Colonel Dai, if you plan to marry her only because of responsibility, as her mother, I don’t agree to your marriage!”

The mother gives her speech heartlessly. Dai Zhongheng is shocked frankly.

Not agree… Shit! Did he say something wrong?

Seeing that Dai Zhongheng is confused, the mother continues, “Marriage is not a child game. Marriage is for a whole life. If two people haven’t built the relation well before marriage or if they are forced to marry because of some reason, I don’t think the marriage will last long. If it can’t last, I would rather it doesn’t happen.”

Dai Zhongheng is lost in his thought after hearing what the mother says.

If two people haven’t built the relation well before marriage, then…

What about his father and his mother? Didn’t they build the relation well? Or, were there any other reasons leading them to end up there?

The mother sees Dai Zhongheng ponder silently, she is a little disappointed, “Colonel Dai, I think you need to think it over and tell us your opinion.” She stops here and turns to Li Baoer, “Baoer, come with me.”

“Ah?” Li Baoer is shocked lightly. She nods and says to Dai Zhongheng, “I have something to talk with my mother. If you are busy, you may leave. You don’t need to wait here.”

Not waiting for Dai Zhongheng’s response, Li Baoer goes straightly with her mother upstairs.

Dai Zhongheng is left alone in the living room. He sits there blankly. He can still feel the warmth of Li Baoer in his hand. He opens his hand and looks at it quietly.

“Mom, why do you tell me to come here?” Li Baoer closes the door and asks.

“You want to kill me, don’t you?” Her mother suddenly shouts at her.

Li Baoer is shocked. She shakes her head, “No, No. Mom, please don’t be angry. It is not like what you think…”

“Then you tell me honestly, did you have sex with him?”

“…I” I Baoer is so shy that she would hit herself against the wall if there is any, “Yes, yes…”

“You!” The mother takes a deep breath and points at her, “Li Baoer, who is he? Who are you? How can you marry him? You will be miserable!”

Li Baoer sips her lips, “Mom, I didn’t say I want to marry him.”

“Are you out of your mind?” Her mother is furious, “You have known him for several months and been dating for only two days. You gave yourself to him! In your opinion, how he will weigh you in his heart. How can you do it so casually?”

“But that is better than to be with Li Guohua.” Li Baoer responds irrationally.

Her mother is shocked and can’t speak a word for quite a while, “Do you want me to die?”

Seeing that her mother is going to collapse, Li Baoer feels sorry. She goes to pat on her back, “Mom, don’t think too much. It is not complicated as that. Last night, I was drunk. He sent me back and we…”

“You!” She is so angry that she can faint, “Well, well. Your mom is old. I can’t discipline you any longer.”

Li Baoer is regretful. She slaps herself, “Mom, Sorry, I am wrong. I will not get married all my life. I will spend my life serving you.”

“Ah…” Her mother gives a long sigh. She holds Li Baoer’s hand and sighs, “Baby, don’t blame your mother for being conservative. Mom knows who we are. I am afraid that you will be wronged. I know you well. If you lose your temper while that man doesn’t bear with you, that will be a disaster. I arranged you a blind date, because I wanted you to find someone similar with us. So that, you would have your stand. Actually, I made a mistake, too. I shouldn’t arrange it so carelessly. OK, I will not do that again. You are wronged this time.”

“No, I am not.” Li Baoer shakes her head, “Mom, I am grown up. I can take care of myself. But when it comes to marriage, we can’t hurry. Mom, don’t worry. I will find my Mr. Right. You need to trust me.”

The mother holds Li Baoer’s hand and pats on it. She is going to speak when she hears a knock at the door.

“Auntie, Baoer, it is me. Would you open the door?”

Dai Zhongheng is outside!

They look at each other in surprise. Li Baoer hesitates whether she should go to open the door. Her mother says, “He is there already. Let him come in.”

Li Baoer nods and opens the door.

Dai Zhongheng stands at the door. He looks at her for a while and walks in. He says to Li Baoer’s mother, “Auntie, I was here listening for a while. I hope you don’t mind.”

The mother looks at Dai Zhongheng. She thinks for a while, “Good. You heard. Do you understand what I mean now? Marriage is not a game. We don’t blame you for what happened between you and Baoer. However, if you are not sure whether you are going to stay together, you two may part peacefully.”

“Auntie.” Dai Zhongheng lifts his eyes and looks into the mother’s, “Auntie, I, Dai Zhongheng is thirty now. Honestly, I have never thought of having a girlfriend. I have never given any promises to any girls either. However, what I just said is serious. Auntie, Baoer, I am a man, I keep my promises. I really like Baoer and want to spend my life with her.”

All are silent. Li Baoer’s mother flashes her eyes and looks at Li Baoer.

Li Baoer stares at Dai Zhongheng surprisingly and doesn’t speak a word for quite a while.

“Baoer.” Dai Zhongheng turns to Li Baoer, “It is right, both of us were impulsive last night. But I want you to know that I didn’t regret…”

“Please stop.” Li Baoer interrupts and shakes her head, “It is not like this. I won’t think too much. I…”

Saying this, Li Baoer is upset.

He has got someone in his heart. She doesn’t want to force him to make the decision because of what happened last night!

“You have got someone you like. Let it be.” Li Baoer has kept these words for a long time. Once she speaks them out, she takes a deep breath and turns to leave.

“Baoer!” Dai Zhongheng sees Li Baoer leave. He hurriedly goes after her. He walks two steps and remembers something. He says to Li Baoer’s mother, “Auntie, please trust me. I am serious about Baoer.”

Then, Dai Zhongheng runs out. Both of them leave. The mother is surprised and then she smiles lightly.

Err, there is a chance. It is possible!

At the moment, her husband’s voice is heard downstairs. He must have come back from the hospital. Li Baoer’s mother goes downstairs and grasps her husband’s hand, “Min, let me tell you. Our daughter has got someone.”

Li Weimin is surprised. He can hardly understand, “What’s someone?”

“You silly.” Gu Yi complains, “I am saying that our daughter has got a boyfriend.”

“A boyfriend?” Li Weimin is surprised. He remembers something, “Well, I saw a young man in an army uniform just now. Seemingly, he came out from our house. He looked good. Do you know who he is?”

“That’s our daughter’s boyfriend.” Gu Yi smiles.

“Oh?” Li Weimin strokes his head, “He is already here. Why did he go out? He ran out.”

“It is OK. Don’t worry.” Gu Yi pats on her husband’s hand, “We can go to buy some food and prepare a good dinner. You may have a rest first. Then, we will go to the market together.”

Li Weimin frowns, “But your body…”

“It doesn’t matter. I completely recover.” As if the stone in her heart has fallen down to the ground, Gu Yi feels released.