Chapter 90 - Close Relation

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Chapter 90 Close Relation

“Commissar Mei. What a coincidence! How are you?” Xia Ning greets her and smiles politely.

Mei Ruo pushes the shopping cart and goes to her, “I heard that you were injured. How are you now?”

“I am fine. Thank you.” Xia Ning replies and takes a bar of chocolate.

“Do you eat chocolate? It is fatty and will make you fat.”

“It is fine. I am hypoglycemic. I need to eat some chocolate.”

“Oh.” Mei Ruo responds, “You are hypoglycemic. Do you often feel dizzy?”

“Yes, when I need to have sugar.” Xia Ning takes a bag of candies.

“Well.” Mei Ruo frowns, “Rui is very busy. If you are hypoglycemic, you must make a lot of delicious foods. Rui really satisfies his appetite.”

Xia Ning smiles, “It is not like that. I am not good at cooking. Normally, he prepares the dishes. I only cook the rice alike.”

Hearing Mei Ruo call “Rui”, Xia Ning feels as if there is a thorn in her heart.

Mei Ruo flashes her eyes, “Do you mean that Rui needs to prepare supper himself after he gets home?”

Xia Ning hesitates slightly, “Hum…We cook together.”

“God. Rui is very busy at work. If he has to cook after work. He must be exhausted!” Mei Ruo shakes her head, “When we were in B city, I usually got supper ready before he came back…” She suddenly pauses, “Ah, sorry. I speak too much. Xia Ning, please don’t mind.”

Honestly, hearing this, Xia Ning admits that it is impossible for her not to mind.

Didn’t Yi Yunrui say that Mei Ruo and he were just friends? Did friends go home to have dinner together?

Didn’t this friend relation go too far?

“Hehe, I am not a good cook. I am afraid that he doesn’t like my cooking.” Xia Ning takes an eggplant and puts it into her cart.

“Xia Ning, Rui doesn’t like eggplant. He complains that it is too soft.” Mei Ruo takes the eggplant, “Do you buy it for yourself? Or for him?”

Xia Ning is shocked. She doesn’t know how to respond.

Doesn’t Yi Yunrui like eggplant?

But she likes it very much.

“It is fine. I will keep it. I will have lunch alone. I will have it myself.” Xia Ning takes the eggplant from Mei Ruo and puts it into the cart again.

“Xia Ning, can I ask you a question?” Mei Ruo asks tentatively.

“Do you know what Rui likes to eat?”

“…” Xia Ning hesitates.

Well, she doesn’t know what Yi Yunrui likes or dislikes.

Seeing Xia Ning’s reaction, Mei Ruo shakes her head, “You have been married for almost a year. How can you not know what he likes to eat?”

“I…” Xia Ning gives a light sigh in her heart. This is really her fault.

“Well, I can tell you.” Mei Ruo pushes the cart to the vegetable area and puts some vegetables into Xia Ning’s cart, “These are all what he likes, while he doesn’t like tomatoes, eggplants and cabbages. He said that they were either too soft or too hard. They tasted bad.”

Mei Ruo is giving her lecture, while Xia Ning hears and frowns. It seems that Yi Yunrui is really picky about foods.

Then why has she never noticed that he hates any kinds of vegetables?

In an instant, Xia Ning’s cart is occupied by the vegetables Yi Yunrui likes. Mei Ruo wants to take more. Xia Ning stops her, “Hum. It is enough. They are enough for a week.”

“Xia Ning, please don’t blame me for talking too much. Army men contribute their bodies and souls to the nation. They don’t have time to take care of their families. As the wife of an army man, you need to pay a lot of attention to him. Or, he is too tired. I used to prepare everything for Rui in the past, so he could be comfortable when he came home.”

Xia Ning frowns and she is upset.

Mei Ruo and Yi Yunrui are both in the army. They of course share some common senses, while those are really inapprehensible to her. But the point is that she has got married with Yi Yunrui. How to get along with each other is their own business.

“Commissar Mei, in the past, how long were you been with Rui?”

Unexpecting Xia Ning will ask this question, Mei Ruo is shocked. She takes a while to reply, “Not…not long. Only several months.”

Xia Ning’s heart aches, “Did you live in Yasi Villa?”

“Hum.” Mei Ruo nods, “At that time, Yasi Villa was just built. It was beautiful. We talked about how to name it. I said it could be named Yasi and Rui approved.”

What Mei Ruo said is like a thorn sticking into Xia Ning’s heart. It turns out to be that Mei Ruo named Yasi Villa.

“So, Commissar Mei really had a close relation with Rui in the past.”

Aware that Xia Ning implies something in her words, Mei Ruo is unhappy, “Xia Ning, you are married with Rui. What happened between Rui and me is past. I don’t think you should mention these in front of him.”

“Hum. Yes. Commissar Mei also knows it is past. So, how I will get along with Rui is our business. We may be together when we feel good, while we may part when we feel bad. I am not a good wife. I can’t do anything well. However, I will try hard. Commissar Mei, you don’t need to bother with it.”

Xia Ning pays the bill and looks at Mei Ruo, “Well. You can drop by for dinner at our house if you have time. My husband cooks well. See you later.”

Xia Ning waves her hand and turns to leave.

Mei Ruo looks at Xia Ning’s back. A hatred flashes in her eyes. She clenches her fist tightly.

When Xia Ning gets home, it is five in the afternoon. Yi Yunrui hasn’t come back. She glances at the vegetables and starts to prepare supper.

Yi Yunrui doesn’t like tomatoes, eggplants or cabbages…She will make these for supper. She wants to check if what Mei Ruo told is true.

When Yi Yunrui comes back, Xia Ning has almost got the dinner ready.

Yi Yunrui comes into the house and smells the flavor of foods. He walks hurriedly into the kitchen. When he sees Xia Ning is still busy, he goes to help.

“You are just getting better. Don’t do these. Let me.”

Xia Ning pushes his hand away and shakes her head, “It is OK. Just one more dish. You can wait outside. It will be ready soon.”

Being “kicked off” by Xia Ning, Yi Yunrui smiles behind her. He looks for quite a while and then leaves.

He takes off the coat and changes his shoes. When he sees there are many vegetables and snacks on the table, he opens the fridge and puts them in one by one.

Celery, broccoli, carrot…Yi Yunrui slows down. He looks blankly at the vegetables and fruits in the fridge.

Xia Ning glances at him secretly. When she sees his reaction, her heart aches.

It seems that Mei Ruo told the truth.

Thinking of this, Xia Ning feels her heart is painful as if it is stuck by a needle. She hurriedly fries the vegetable and turns off the gas and puts the vegetable on a dish.

She looks at this dish of cabbage with oyster sauce and feels uncertain. She hesitates for a while and takes it to the table.