Chapter 93 - Fight and Fight Back

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Chapter 93 Fight and Fight Back

Xia Ning looks at the cheque on the table and she laughs coldly.

She doesn’t dislike money. She likes money, but not the money like this!

“My requirement is that you will never cling to Ou Yixuan any longer.” Yin Jingsi says frankly.

Hearing this, Xia Ning is shocked!

What? She clings to Ou Yixuan!

“I think that Miss Yin has some misunderstandings here.” Xia Ning pushes the cheque back to her, “Ou Yixuan is your husband now. I have nothing to do with him. You couple should handle your problems by yourself. It has been a year past. If Ou Yixuan hadn’t come to meet me, I would not have known at all that he had come to C City. We have hardly met. Why do you say I cling to him?”

“Xia Ning, you and I are alone here. We don’t need to hide. You can tell frankly what you want.” Yin Jingsi darkens her eyes, “You are smart and understand men. You know how to give a man the most serious hurt and the deepest pain. Xia Ning, you have succeeded. Ou Yixuan’s heart has been trapped by you. What is your next step? Don’t tell me that you are going to let go. I met many women like you. Many are trickier than you. I come here today to suggest you stop. Or, don’t blame me for taking actions.”

Xia Ning freezes her face, “Whether you believe or not, it has nothing to do with me. I am happy with my husband. Ou Yixuan is not my boyfriend any longer. What happens to him is none of my business! If Miss Yin wants to blame me for anything, I think you have got the wrong person.”

Xia Ning stands up, while Yin Jingsi speaks, “Do you leave because you feel guilty? Don’t hurry. Let’s make it clear.”

Xia Ning lifts her eyebrows. She feels guilty? What a joke!

Thinking of this, Xia Ning sits down again, “Good. Let’s make it clear today. Well, do you like to ask Ou Yixuan to come, or Yi Yunrui?”

Yin Jingsi feels a little embarrassed. Ou Yixuan is out and she temporarily doesn’t know how to get in touch with him. Recently, Ou Yixuan is indifferent to her, which drives her crazy. Ever since she was a girl, she has never been treated like this!”

When she met Ou Yixuan for the first time, she fell in love with this elegant man. She knew that Ou Yixuan had got a girlfriend, but she didn’t mind. She believed that she was capable to make this man hers.

After a month carefully planned, she succeeded in obtaining Ou Yixuan’s heart and his body, too. As a matter of fact, she knew Ou Yixuan still loved Xia Ning, but she believed that she would try her best to give Ou Yixuan a home after they got together.

It was good at the beginning. But as time went by, she found it go wrong. Ou Yixuan often called her the wrong name. He even called Xia Ning when he was in dreams. She kept patient with him with understanding. But the more tolerance she gives, the worse it gets.

Until the moment when she saw Ou Yixuan and Xia Ning in the coffee shop, she wished she could kill Xia Ning.

Because of Yi Yunrui, her sister Yin Jingyao has left China. Now, it is her turn!

The woman Xia Ning is tricky. It is imaginable what she will end up if she doesn’t stop Xia Ning!

She underestimates this woman!

Today, she asks Xia Ning out to check her ability and to see what she is going to do.

Xia Ning doesn’t want the money. She also believes what she has done are righteous. It is hard to deal with this shameless woman.

“Men have their work. Those between us women should be dealt by ourselves with our capabilities.” Yin Jingsi sneers, “Let me tell you. I am not Jingyao, who was foolishly bullied by you. I know you want to have your revenge. I can make it clear to you now. As regards to Ou Yixuan, as long as I am alive, I will not let go. And I am sorry for Commander Yi.”

Aware of her implication, Xia Ning darkens her face “What do you mean? Say it clearly.”

Yin Jingsi smiles and takes a sip of the coffee, “I mean Commander Yi, who is made use of, while he doesn’t know it at all. As an Army Commander, he is manipulated by a woman. I am sorry for him.”

“What a nonsense!” Xia Ning is angry. Yin Jingsi looks elegant, but she thinks in the same way with Yin Jingyao, except that she doesn’t express it as fiercely as Yin Jingyao.

“Are you mad?” Yin Jingsi puts on a bigger smile, “Am I saying it right? I am quite curious about whether Commander Yi knows this. Or is he also deceived? Once he knows, can you bear the consequences?”

Those who want to complain can always find the reasons! Xia Ning stares at her, restraining her anger. She wishes she could pour the coffee on both Ou Yixuan and Yin Jingsi!

Yin Jingsi is aware of Xia Ning’s anger, but she only smiles to drink the coffee, as if she is the victor.

Does Yin Jingsi believe that she wins? Does she believe that she has known clearly what Xia Ning thinks?

“Do you ask me out today for negotiation or to arouse any problems?” Xia Ning responds with patience.

Xia Ning is calm. Yin Jingsi thinks that she has guessed Xia Ning right. She pushes the cheque on the table to Xia Ning, “If I were you, I would take the cheque and leave in case what is going to happen will result in the loss of both money and dignity.”

“In your opinion, do you think that every problem can be solved by money?”

Hearing what Xia Ning says, Yin Jingyao hesitates, wondering what Xia Ning means.

“You can write the amount on it. Xia Ning, don’t pretend. If you are smart, you should write the number and take it to leave!”

“Ha!” Xia Ning laughs, “Well. Then, Miss Yin, how much at most you can give me?”

Yin Jingsi curls her lips, “Money is not a problem!”

Xia Ning blinks her eyes, “Then, can I have one hundred million?”

Yin Jingsi is shocked for a while, “Xia Ning, who do you think you are? How dare you ask for so much?”

“Oh.” Xia Ning murmurs, “You can’t afford that. Seemingly the one who is pretending is Miss Yin.”

Yin Jingsi changes her color. It is not unaffordable for her, but this amount is too…she grits her teeth and says decisively, “OK. One hundred million, as long as you keep your promise. Write the amount!”

“Oh. Well.” Xia Ning shakes her head, “It turns out that in your opinion, Ou Yixuan doesn’t worth one hundred million.”

Hearing this, Yin Jingsi is shocked and realizes that Xia Ning is teasing her!

“Xia Ning!” Yi Jingsi loses her temper. She pounds the table, “Let me make it clear. I am here today not to play with you. This is your last chance.”

“Thanks.” Xia Ning freezes her face. She takes up the cheque on the table and throws it back to Yin Jingsi, “You have the mood to call me out for a talk. Why don’t you control your husband well? Let me say it again. I have never seen Ou Yixuan. As regards to the thing you mentioned, I have never done it and I will not admit!”

She drinks a mouthful of coffee, “Let’s stop here today. In the end, I want to give you a suggestion. Accept things as they are. Don’t try to solve every problem with money. Or, it will only show the problem of your intelligence.”

“Xia Ning, don’t be so arrogant because you have married Yi Yunrui! Let me tell you, there are numerous people like you, who want to change their lives by clinging to the superiors. I think in Yi Yunrui’s opinion, you have been set in a place. You are now new to him! But when he gets bored with you, he will ask you to get out…Ah!”

Not waiting for Yin Jingsi to finish her words, Xia Ning takes up the coffee in front of her and quickly pours it to Yin Jingsi…

Yin Jingsi is unable to escape and is watered by the coffee. She is stunned.

“Excuse me, my hand shakes. But I want to tell you that there are also numerous people speaking like you. Yi Yunrui is my husband. He must know me better than you! You’d better not do so many things which hurt others but turn out in vain! Save some blessings for yourself!”

Xia Ning puts down the coffee cup. She stands up and turns to leave.

Until Xia Ning leaves, Yin Jingsi hasn’t collected herself from the shock.

Yin Jingsi takes a deep breath. She takes out her handkerchief and wipes her face.

Xia Ning, how dare you do this to me? Well, good!”

Yin Jingsi takes out her phone and dials a number, “Assistant Su, arrange something for me.”

Xia Ning walks out of the coffee shop and takes a deep breath. Honestly, it feels good to pour the coffee on Yin Jingsi.

Last time, she restrained herself from doing it. But what Yin Jingsi said today totally enraged her.

The couple of Yin Jingsi and Ou Yixuan are absurd. They got married but they did not make efforts to run their married life. Instead, they came to tangle with her!

However, does Ou Yixuan still love her?

Xia Ning smiles coldly. What is Ou Yixuan doing is to pity her, or himself?

Since she has poured the coffee and scolded Yin Jingsi, Yi Jingsi won’t take them lying down. She needs to get prepared.

Ou Yixuan and Yin Jingsi said the same words that Xia Ning wanted to change her life by clinging to Yi Yunrui. Oh, seemingly, people all think in that way. It is unnecessary for her to explain.

Yes, even if she changes her life by being with Yi Yunrui, so what? Maybe she is meant to change her life! But the superior they are talking about happens to be Yi Yunrui.

She sees from far that Yin Jingsi goes out of the coffee shop and drives away. Xia Ning looks at her quietly. It seems that Yin Jingsi is planning something.

Mei Ruo, Yin Jingyao, Yin Jingsi… Even if she does nothing, troubles come to her. Hurt again and again, Xia Ning has learnt that if she doesn’t take the initiative, she will be put in a passive position!

It doesn’t work to make retreat or complain herself.

She promised her parents that no matter what happened, she would smile to live on.

As regards to Yi Yunrui, she will not let go.

At least, as long as Yi Yunrui is with her, she will not leave him initiatively!

Ou Yixuan, the man who has abandoned her will have no chance from her any longer.

She has a good life now, which is earned by her hard work and has nothing to do with money or background!

Does Yin Jingsi want to fight to ruin it?

Well, she will fight back.