Chapter 11 - Big Gamble

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Chapter 11: Big Gamble

Gold Heights Condominium.

"These people are so evil!" Dominic Chua huffed angrily as he read the online comments on his mobile phone. "This is slander! Boss, let's sue the crap out of them!"

Iris blew over the steaming cup of vintage narcissus tea and inhaled its aroma. After taking a sip, she sighed at the exquisite flavour.

"Boss, how can you be so calm?! I'm so upset! How can they slander you like this?!"

"Come, have a cup of tea. It tastes wonderful."

"Boss, I don't want tea! What are we going to do? You just cleaned up the old posts from your accounts and the next second, people are saying you're pregnant and shit! What the fuck is wrong with these people?!"

"Dom, why are you so upset? They're talking about me, not you."

"Of course I'm upset! You're my boss! How can they say bad things to my boss? Unforgivable! I want to fight them!"

Iris chuckled. She enjoyed another sip of tea.

"You're such a good person. You treat all of us who work for you very well. I can't forgive these people spouting bullshit about you!"

Iris gently set down the tea cup on the table beside her. Then she leaned her head on her hand and looked at her angry assistant. "I was not always like this. Dom, were you not aware of my bad reputation before working for me?"

Dom frowned. "I had people warn me. They said that you're…you know…"

"That I'm a bitch?"

"Well, something like that." He waved a dismissive hand. "I'll only believe what I see with my own eyes. And?what I'm seeing in front of me is the greatest boss in the whole wide world."

"That's because you only met the me now. It's true that I was a bitch before. My bad reputation is to be expected. No need to be upset."

"Then just show them the you now," he said.

"I'm planning to. But suing them is not the answer. Calm down, Dom, and have a cup. It's great tea."

"Fine," Dom mumbled. A maid stepped forward and poured a fresh cup of hot tea for him.

Dom picked it up. "Hello?...Yes, this is Dominic Chua, Miss Iris Long's assistant…Please wait a moment." He turned to Iris, handed the phone to her, and whispered. "Boss, it's Mr. JJ."

"Alright. Thank you, Dom." She placed the phone on her ear. "Hello, Mr. JJ. This is Iris Long speaking."

A man's voice spoke. "I listened to the two tracks you sent me."

"Do you have more?"

"Enough for a cohesive album."

Iris sipped tea while she waited patiently.

"Are you really the one who composed these songs?"

"…They're very…different from your usual style."

"You won't explain more, huh."

"I want my music to do the talking this time." She took another sip. "Mr. JJ, what do you honestly think about what I sent you?"

"Hmmm…they're good. No, they're actually really great. Hai, fine. They're amazing! The best demo tapes that I've listened to recently. So soulful that my chest hurt listening to them. I could feel the loneliness and pain. But that's the problem. I find it hard to believe that you composed them."

"But I did compose those songs."

"Hai. I really like these songs. I love them! I can't wait to work on them, polish them until they become even more amazing in their final versions. I want to work with these songs, but I'm not sure I want to work with you."

Iris narrowed her eyes, but her voice was calm. "What do you mean, Mr. JJ?"

"You're not exactly very popular right now. I'm sure you've seen what they're saying about you on the internet recently, right? And you've been gone for so long, too. Plus this type of music…you're going to completely change your style? Your image? Hah! It's not gonna be that easy, you know that. It's gonna be a big gamble, not only for you but also for me, if—and that's only IF—I decide to sign you as my artist. Hai. You're in a difficult position. I'm not sure if I want to take this big gamble with you. But it's true that I really like these songs…."

"What are you trying to say, Mr. JJ?"

The man on the other line cleared his throat. "Your songs are beautiful. If you're willing, I can take you as a composer and then—"

"No. Mr. JJ, these songs are mine. I composed them so that I can sing them. And I know that I'm the one who can sing them best. I refuse to let other singers sing these songs. After I sing these songs and release them, then we can talk about me composing music for other singers. I have no problem with collaborations."

The man sighed heavily.

Iris sipped tea, and then glanced at her assistant.

Dom was listening to the phone conversation, and when he heard what Mr. JJ wanted, his expression looked even angrier than when he read the online comments earlier.

She gestured for him to drink his tea. Dom harrumphed and drank a mouthful until he sputtered and teared up after getting scalded. The maid rushed in and helped clean his mess.

"Miss Long, I want to meet with you in person," Mr. JJ finally spoke.

"Are you free tomorrow?"

"Then how about we meet at this place…."

Iris committed the time and place Mr. JJ mentioned to her memory. The two said their goodbyes and hung up.