Chapter 18 - Half a Billionaire

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Chapter 18: Half a Billionaire

Hai, the world must really be ending soon.

"Mr. Qiao Yu, I called you today because there are some things that I want to discuss with you." Even the way she spoke changed. She enunciated her words and spoke in a direct but calm manner.

"Of course, Miss Long," he replied, regaining his usual expressionless face. "Please let me know how I may be of assistance to you."

"First things first. I want to hire you as my personal financial manager. I want you to drop your other clients and just focus on handling my finances. If you agree, you'll take your salary from me and not from my father."

Qiao Yu frowned. "Miss Long...this…"

The salary he was receiving from her father was definitely bigger than the income she earned as an entertainer. How could she afford him? If she wanted him to accept a lower salary, she must be dreaming.

"I also want you to inform my father to stop sending monthly allowance. I'm already nineteen, no longer a minor."

Yes, it must be the end of the world.

He cleared his throat. "Understood, Miss Long. I'll inform the President of your decision."

"So do you agree to my offer?"

He took a couple of deep breaths. "Miss Long, I'm glad that you're finally starting to pay attention to your finances but…"

The assistant standing behind her handed Qiao Yu a folder. Qiao Yu was confused.

"Open it. Look at the first page," she ordered.

He complied, feeling more confused. It looked like…bank account details?

"That's a separate bank account I opened myself. That's where I put the remainder of the 15 million after buying computers."

Qiao Yu was confused. There was clearly way more than 15 million in this account. Did this girl rob a bank or something? How did she get this much money?

"I used the money to buy and sell stocks. I also invested in bonds and shares in various companies. I even provided interest loans to some businesses. Now there's over half a billion RMB in that bank account. Turn to the next page. That's a list of the businesses I invested in, including the amount I spent on and earned from them as of this moment. Some of them are foreign companies. The last pages contain the list of businesses that I'm interested in investing. I want you to handle them for me."

Of course, she also earned a lot accepting some barely legal hacking jobs from the dark web but she wouldn't tell him that.

For the first time in his entire life, Qiao Yu felt his mind go completely blank.

"Mr. Qiao Yu? Sir? Are you listening? Are you alright?" Iris asked, concerned. "Dom, why is he not moving?"

"Uh, boss. I think you broke him."

"Don't be ridiculous. I didn't do anything."

"He's frozen." Dom suddenly gasped. "Oh no! What if he's having a stroke? What do we do, boss?! What if he drops dead? Boss, I'm scared!"

"What?! Call an ambulance. Quickly!"

As the two ran around in panic, Qiao Yu finally regained some sense. He heard the young man calling frantically on the phone, saying something about needing an ambulance and someone having a stroke.

"Ah? What's happening? Who's having a stroke?"

"Mr. Qiao Yu! Are you alright?" Iris ran to him, her eyes filled with concern. "Are you having a stroke? Don't worry. The ambulance is coming."

"Yes, yes. I'm alright ah…wait, what?! I'm having a stroke?"

Dom also approached them, still talking on the phone.

"Stop. Stop! Hang up that phone! You two ah…I'm not having a stroke. I'm alright. I'm healthy! Why did you two even think that I'm having a stroke?"

"You're not? Are you sure?" she asked.

Iris gave his assistant a side eye.

"Ehe." Dom gave an embarrassed smile. He relayed on the phone that he didn't need an ambulance anymore and apologized for the inconvenience he caused before hanging up.

Everyone released sighs of relief.

Qiao Yu cleared his throat, feeling embarrassed and awkward about the commotion he caused. "Please forgive me, Miss Long, for making you worry. I'm alright, really."

"That's good, then."

Both of them drank tea to calm themselves down.

Even Dom poured himself a cup. He was so scared! What if the uncle dropped dead? Ah, how scary.

"Mr. Qiao Yu. Is it alright to continue our discussion?" she asked.

"Of course, of course. Go ahead, Miss Long."

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

"You already saw that I have a little over half a billion in that bank account. If you accept my offer of becoming my personal financial manager and working only for me, I plan to hand that account over to you to invest however you wish. I may give you specific instructions from time to time, but for the most part, I just want to relax and let you make me more money. I hope that you can make me a billionaire by my early twenties."

Qiao Yu inhaled sharply, his eyes contracting. Handle half a billion RMB? Make her into a billionaire?

Yes, the world must have really ended.

He must have died and this must be the afterlife. Otherwise, how could this spoiled brat become half a billionaire in just a few short months?

"Mr. Qiao, what do you think? Do you accept my offer?"