Chapter 26 - Viral Video

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Chapter 26: Viral Video

Ever since the energetic discussions surrounding the rumours about Iris Long, Jin Chonglin and Fan Luo, many netizens frequented these three people's social media accounts like loyal watchdogs to check for their latest posts.

As soon as the video was posted on Iris Long's social media accounts, it immediately went viral.

+200,064 likes and counting.

"Oh my God! What did I just watch? Did Iris Long just announce her comeback with a video?"

"Iris Long finally updated her blog! Watch the video!"

"Is the woman in the video really Iris Long? She looks so different! She looks more mature and elegant now."

"Ptui! What mature? What elegant? No matter how grandly a chicken dresses up, it'll never become a phoenix!"

"I think the video is based on the true story of what really happened to her. We all heard about the accident. Now it turns out that the rumours about her being comatose is real. I counted how many times the calendar in the video flipped. She was in coma for a year."

"If Iris Long was really comatose for one year, then I feel bad for her. Everyone keeps on saying that she got pregnant and talked shit about her, saying that she stayed silent because of her guilty conscience, when the truth was that she was actually comatose the entire time. Poor girl."

"Don't feel bad for her. Her reputation as a bitch and a slut is well-known in the industry. This video is just one of her gimmicks."

"Yeah! We all know how hungry for fame she is."

"Look at the end of the video! I think she's releasing either a single or an album called 'Rebirth' two weeks from now."

"Fuck! That's JJ's record label. Don't tell me she's one of his artists now."

"No! I can't believe that JJ's standards dropped so much. Why, JJ? Why would you sign a trash like Iris Long?!"

"Poster above, did you really watch the entire video? The artistry shown in the video is far from trashy. I think Iris Long is aiming for an image change. I like what I'm seeing."

"Hah! With her trash reputation, of course she's desperate for an image change. It's too late! Everyone hates Iris Long!"

"Hey, not everyone hates her. I may not like her as a person, but I really like her voice. Her older songs are really shallow, but her voice is actually great. I, for one, am looking forward to her new music."

"I'm going to share a real experience. I was lucky enough to hear Miss Long sing a while ago. I was with my friends eating lunch at a restaurant when suddenly a beautiful young woman sat on the piano and started singing a song. Her song made me cry so hard. It was the most beautiful and meaningful song that I have ever heard since a long time ago. I really didn't know Miss Long from before, so I wasn't aware of her 'bad reputation' that everyone else keeps on saying. All I know is the Miss Long that I met at the restaurant. Such a lovely and beautiful human being. I hope that everyone gives her another chance because I can guarantee that whatever song she sings from now on will be amazing! I hope these two weeks would come faster. I want to listen to that song she performed in the restaurant again."

"Poster above, is that true? Now I'm getting more and more curious about Iris Long. I'll hold my judgment until 'Rebirth' is released."

"Wait, are you saying that Iris Long fell so low that she became a mere restaurant performer? Ahaha! How embarrassing."

"Hey! Don't look down on restaurant performers!"

An hour after the video was posted online, JJ's personal account, his record label and Bright Summit Entertainment Company's official accounts shared the video causing another round of speculations and fervent discussions.

A few minutes later, both JJ's record label and Bright Summit posted official statements confirming that Iris Long was now an artist signed under them and also announced the release of her comeback album titled "Rebirth" two weeks from now.

Their announcements caused an uproar.