Chapter 57 - Uniting For the First Time

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Chapter 57: Uniting For the First Time

The discussion online continued even after the livestream ended. In fact, it became even more heated as more people watched the video recording afterwards.

It was also at this moment that the Black Stars fan club demonstrated the early signs of its impressive unity.

iHateIrisLong: "Iris Long sucks! Don't be blinded by her recent performances. She's just having some good luck. It won't last. Don't forget what a b*tch, a sl*t, and a wh*re she is."

CaptainBlackStar: "Die, you evil demon!"

"User @MrsLovePhantom reported @iHateIrisLong to the administrator."

"User @JJNumber1Fan reported @iHateIrisLong to the administrator."

"User @JJNumber2Fan reported @iHateIrisLong to the administrator."

"User @JJNumber3Fan reported @iHateIrisLong to the administrator."

iEatSlippers: "Shut up, b*tch! You want a taste of my slippers? I'll shove them down your throat. I hope you choke. Damn b*tch."

Administrator: "The user of the account @iHateIrisLong is temporarily suspended due to an excessive number of reports by other users. We are currently reviewing your account for violations. If you are the owner of this account, please contact us to confirm your identity and/or to file an appeal in order to regain access to your account."

CaptainBlackStar: "Our first victory, my fellow Black Stars!"

+2,091 likes and counting.

iEatSlippers: "Heh. This is the power of my slippers. It can ward off evil."

iStillHateIrisLong: "F*ck you all! You think a simple account suspension can stop me? Wake up, losers. Iris Long will always be a b*tch! A sl*t! A wh*re! You're all stupid sh*t for following a dirty sl*t like her! F*ck you!"

CaptainBlackStar: "Comrades, attack!"

All the members of the newly-formed Black Stars fan club immediately swarmed around and virtually beat the account user "iStillHateIrisLong" black and blue until the administrator suspended this account again.

iEatSlippers: "Come on, bastards and b*tches! Come at us and I'll whack you all with my mighty slippers!"

iHateIrisLongForever: "F*ck you, you motherf*ckers! What Black Stars? More like Iris Long's dirty and smelly dogs! You don't know sh*t! You have sh*t for brains! You should all be buried along with that sl*t Iris Long!"

CaptainBlackStar: "What a persistent cockroach."

iEatSlippers: "Taste my slippers, b*tch!"

"User @MrsLovePhantom reported @iHateIrisLongForever to the administrator."

"User @JJNumber1Fan reported @iHateIrisLongForever to the administrator."

"User @JJNumber2Fan reported @iHateIrisLongForever to the administrator."

"User @JJNumber3Fan reported @iHateIrisLongForever to the administrator."

The administrator suspended this account again.

@iHateIrisLongForeverAndEver: "Ahahaha! You can never stop me, stupid motherf*ckers! As long as I live and have internet access, Iris Long's name will never be clean online. I'm not afraid of you, you Black Sh*tters!"

CaptainBlackStar: "What a vengeful evil demon."

iEatSlippers: "My mighty slippers aren't enough to whack this cockroach to death. Let me call some reinforcements."

"User @MrsLovePhantom reported @iHateIrisLongForeverAndEver to the administrator."

"User @JJNumber1Fan reported @iHateIrisLongForeverAndEver to the administrator."

"User @JJNumber2Fan reported @iHateIrisLongForeverAndEver to the administrator."

"User @JJNumber3Fan reported @iHateIrisLongForeverAndEver to the administrator."

As expected, this account got suspended again. The Black Stars members expected another account to pop up again, but surprisingly the peace wasn't disturbed this time. Moments later, a new user explained why.

MonkeyFace: "Brother @iEatSlippers, everything's done. That person won't be able to create new accounts and bother you for the time being."

iEatSlippers: "Thanks, bro. I'll treat you sometime."

CaptainBlackStar: "Thank you, brother @MonkeyFace. But what did you do?"

iEatSlippers: "He's my friend, my bro. He's an expert with computers and that kind of stuff."

CaptainBlackStar: "Oh, I understand now. Thank you! Brother @MonkeyFace, are you interested in joining our Black Stars fan club? It will be great to have a computer expert like you in our ranks."

MonkeyFace: "Sure, I'll join. I'm free, anyway. And my brother @iEatSlippers is also a member, so why not? Looks interesting."

CaptainBlackStar: "Awesome! Please accept my friend request."

The founder of the Black Stars, CaptainBlackStar, created a private group chat with the newly signed up members to discuss the formal establishment of the fan club. Soon, everyone called him Captain and voted him as the fan club's President. iEatSlippers was voted as the Vice-President. Some members objected to his nomination because they remembered him as an Iris Long critic, bordering on a hater, before. However, he accepted his new post with gusto, waving his virtual slippers in triumph, proclaiming that he was now an Iris fan. The complainers could only grumble to themselves after this. MrsLovePhantom and her three friends were voted as the PR Officers, with MrsLovePhantom as their leader and the fan club's official spokesperson. MonkeyFace was also appointed as the Chief IT Officer.

MrsLovePhantom and her three friends promised to provide the initial funding to formally establish the Black Stars fan club. They also promised to contact Iris Long's management to ask for recognition as Iris' official fan club.

In the meantime, MonkeyFace was tasked to create the fan club's website so that the members could have a permanent home online. With MrsLovePhantom and her three friends' promise of funding, he felt very motivated to create the fan club's website.

Although it was still in its early stages, the Black Stars fan club was officially established. There was so much progress in one day. A bunch of online strangers gathered together to form a fan club that was already displaying such strong sense of unity and organization.

iEatSlippers: "This is all thank to my mighty slippers."