Chapter 66 - Give Me Your Hand

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Chapter 66: Give Me Your Hand

Jin Liwei closed his eyes, trying to rein in his exasperation. "Fine," he hissed through his teeth. "Search to your heart's content, but can you hurry up? You're killing me here, baby." He focused on stroking himself, trying hard to maintain his erection.

"Sorry." Iris bit her lower lip, feeling a bit guilty. But her curiosity must be satisfied as soon as possible or she wouldn't be at peace. "I'll be quick, I promise. And then I'll pay you back, okay?"

Her fingers flew over the keyboard. Indeed, she was quick as promised. Within a minute, she found the information she was looking for.

"Oh, you're right. You're bigger than average. But only among East Asians...hmm..." She mumbled a few sets of numbers.

Pleased, he smiled smugly. "Told you so. You done?"

"Good." He grabbed the damn laptop, closed it, and placed it on the bedside table. "Now it's payback time."

She stiffened, beginning to feel nervous. But she steeled herself. "Okay."

"Take off your robe," he ordered.

She hesitated but still obeyed, removing it from her body and then tossing it on the floor.

Distracted, he bent down and caught one breast in his mouth, making her moan. After a few moments, he lifted his head and kissed her mouth before he straightened.

"Sit in front of me. Good. Now watch." He stroked himself from bottom to top and then back down again over and over.

She swallowed but watched his actions intently.

"Your turn," he whispered. "Give me your hand."

When her fingers closed around him, her hand shook and she almost let go but his hand closed on top of hers, preventing her from escaping. Then he began to guide her on how to pleasure him.

He gasped and closed his eyes, groaning and even moving his hips a bit in time with her strokes.

She was surprised at how hot, smooth and hard he felt in her hand.

He grabbed her head and kissed her passionately like a thirsty man gulping water after days of being parched.

"Don't stop," he growled. "Tighter, baby. Yes. Like that."

Her eyes widened and she looked at him in surprise. "It got harder. How hard can you get?"

He was breathing heavily. "I don't know, baby. We'll find out together."

Maybe this could be a potential experiment subject, measuring how hard he could get depending on which actions she performed on him...hmm...she would have to think more about this.

"Faster, baby."

Finally, he stiffened and then groaned loudly, spraying all over the two of them and on the bedsheets.

"Oh!" She froze and stared at his mess, not knowing what to do.

He pulled her to his chest, kissing her sloppily on the mouth, as he continued to groan.

She felt weird, feeling the warm and sticky fluid spreading and rubbing between their bare chests and abdomens.

When he calmed down, he stroked her back and kissed her forehead, sighing in satisfaction.

Iris slowly straightened up and looked down at the white mess on their bodies.

"So this is what sem*n is like," she murmured.

"En…I have more if you want. They're all yours."

"Hmm...'kay." She didn't really hear him. She was more interested in feeling the texture of his sem*n, wondering about its properties. She was thinking of buying a microscope, so she could investigate.

He thought that she was agreeing with him that all his sperm cells now belonged to her. And that only his sperm cells could combine with her egg cells to make babies in the future. He couldn't help but smile widely.

Finally done with her thoughts, she saw the damp towel that fell off her head from earlier by the corner of the bed. She took it and began wiping herself. After cleaning herself, she wiped Jin Liwei as well. Next was the mess on the dark bedsheets, but the stains wouldn't come out. She sighed.

"Come here, baby," he called to her after she was done. He first removed his pants and boxers and threw them to the floor. He was now completely naked. Then he pulled her in his arms, and they laid down together. He covered both of them with the duvet.

She looked up at his satisfied face. "Did you feel good?"

"Yes. Very much." He kissed her forehead.

"Oh. That's good. I've paid you back now. I don't owe you anything anymore."

"Are you wet?"

She hid her face against his chest.

"Come on, baby. Don't be shy."

"Yes, I'm wet."

He inhaled sharply and felt himself harden again. "I want to touch you."

"No." She started to panic for a bit. "I…I'm not ready."

He lifted her chin so that she was looking up at him. "Don't worry. I'm not going to enter you. Not yet. I'll just touch tonight, okay? I'll make you feel good."

He waited patiently for about a couple of minutes for her to think it over.

"Let's just try, okay? If you don't like it, just tell me to stop and I'll stop. How about that?"

She spent another minute in silence, thinking. He stroked her head while waiting for her decision.

"Okay," she finally said. "Let's try." She actually felt curious.

He sat up while she remained lying on her back. He pushed the duvet off of them. He reached for her panties.

"It's alright, baby. Just relax."

"Okay." She hesitated for a few seconds before agreeing. Raising her hips slightly, she allowed him to remove her panties.

"Open up, baby girl."

"Don't be shy. You already saw my everything."

When she loosened her closed legs, he immediately pounced and spread her thighs wide apart, before placing himself between them. He inhaled sharply when he finally saw her. He reached down and ran his fingers over her wet slit, making her whimper.

"So beautiful." He sucked his fingers, tasting her. His erection twitched, hardening even more.

He touched her again, rubbing her soft and wet folds, enjoying the sound of her gasps and moans. His fingers still pleasuring her, he bent down over her and captured her mouth, swallowing her cries.

Then he stabbed a long finger inside her.

"Ow!" The sharp pain dragged her harshly out of her haze of pleasure. She pushed him hard off her.