Chapter 815 - The grand finale (II) ?

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Chapter 873: Elf disguised as a general

“Yes… Yes.”Abel hesitated for a moment and nodded.

“Um… Lord Bernard.”The attendant looked around and whispered into Abel’s ear, “Judge Ethan and the others are not in the hall right now…”

“Where did they go?”Abel asked casually.

“Well…”the attendant looked troubled, he seemed to be hesitating whether to answer Abel’s question and hesitated for a long time, finally, he said, “I can’t comment on this matter. Captain Abel is here to catch up with his old friends, right? I’ll call Judge Cullen. He’ll explain it to you.”

Abel glanced at him strangely and said, “I don’t want to see anyone without Ethan. Arrange a lounge for me. I have an appointment to meet someone here later.”

“Yes,”the attendant replied happily.

Abel nodded in response to his reaction, but the attendant did not make any movements for a long time. He just stood beside Abel with his head lowered.

“Is there anything else?”Abel asked.

“Captain, the rent for the lounge…”the attendant thought that perhaps the captain had not been to the monitoring station for a long time. He nervously pursed his lips and reminded him.

“Oh, I haven’t been here for a long time. I forgot that there is such a procedure.”Abel held his forehead and asked tentatively, “By the way, how much is the rent again?”

“Twenty gold coins,”the attendant answered.

When Abel heard this amount, he shook off the purse on his waist where the attendant could not see. There were only a few silver coins ringing in the purse.

“Put it on Fanny’s account. I don’t usually bring cash when I go out.”Abel was silent for a while before he said this.

“Of course, of course. After all, this is just a small amount of money.”The waiter immediately agreed. He secretly regretted saying that he should have proposed this plan earlier. If that was the case, the situation would not have become so awkward. His reaction was really slow. It was not easy for him to leave a favorable impression on the general, but he had wasted it for nothing.

Abel was shocked when he heard the attendant’s words. He did not expect that even a common attendant could say such words in the supervision center. Twenty gold coins in the Elf Kingdom could provide a middle-class elf with a flat life for half of his life.

Thinking of this, Abel had no intention of taking out a few silver coins from his money bag to reward the waiter.

Now, he was a special general of the Supervision Bureau. If he was so stingy, it would make people suspicious.

“I will go and arrange it for you, Lord. Please sit less in the tea room in the hall.”After confirming the size of the living room that Abel rented, the waiter left.

Abel walked around the living room for a while.

Standing by the window of the leisure area where the tea room was, he could just catch a glimpse of the horse trough in the backyard.

The special carriage for Reuben was parked there.

“Where are they?”Abel muttered in his heart.

The time taken to arrange the living room was longer than expected. Abel chose a quiet corner and sat down.

He drank tea and enjoyed pastries. He waited for the arrival of the waiter.

On the other side, Kant had already walked to the nearest guild to the inn.

Without waiting for him to take the initiative to look for the patrolling soldier, the soldier appeared in front of him. These people probably saw Kant and immediately rushed over. Everyone was gasping for air.

“Your Majesty Kant, why are you here?”A soldier asked.

“Who else are our men currently patrolling?”Kant did not care about the soldier’s doubts and asked anxiously.

“East City, near the monitoring station and the street where the guild was previously found. Our men are mostly concentrated in these few places,”a hard-faced captain of the soldier carefully recalled.

“There are also people near the monitoring station?”Kant asked in surprise.

“Yes, a part of the soldier and the group of people who planned the attack were sent to the monitoring station today. After receiving the news, the brothers in the West District rushed over immediately,”the soldier said, “They sent a soldier to deliver a letter to us during lunch.”

“I see.”Kant nodded and said, “Then we have to act quickly. Quick, send people to find the soldiers in the East City. Ask them to follow us to the monitoring station.”

“Your Highness?”The captain of the soldier asked in confusion.

“Also send a few people to send a message to the Dragon clan and the Midget clan. Tell them to hurry back to the town.”Kant shook his head and calmly ordered.

“Yes.”Although the soldier still did not understand why they had to act like this, as long as it was Kant’s request, they would definitely comply.

The few soldiers who sent the message were the faster ones in the army. They were naturally familiar with this kind of mission. After taking down Kant’s message, they immediately disappeared into the crowd.

“Let’s go,”Kant ordered the soldier behind him.

In order not to attract the attention of the pedestrians on the street, Kant and the captain of the squad each led a group of people and rushed to the monitoring station.

After about ten minutes, Abel had already eaten half of the snacks on the table.

The waiter walked up to him and said, “Captain Bernard, the room has been arranged. Please follow me.”

“Okay.”Abel nodded and replied. He got up and walked behind the waiter.

Abel had booked a room on the first floor. After all, the room was close to the hall, and there was a large flow of people. In the end, it would be more convenient to leave.

The attendant kept quiet throughout the process of leading the way. He did not take the initiative to speak to Abel.

The two silently walked to the end of the corridor and stopped in front of a wooden door.

The attendant took out a key from his pocket and unlocked the door for Abel. He said, “Mr. Abel, what is the name of your guest? We can send someone to the front desk to receive him.”

“No need.”Abel waved his hand, he said, “Those guys will probably be a bit noisy. If you go and receive them personally, it will be quite difficult to deal with them. They will be here in half an hour. Just let them find this place on their own.”

“AH.”The attendant hesitated for a moment and nodded. “Alright then.”

“Well, thank you for your hard work. You can leave now. I want to be alone for a while.”Abel nodded.

“Yes.”The attendant walked out of the room dejectedly and closed the door softly.

He let out a long sigh after walking out of the room and said in a low voice, “It seems that the general doesn’t like me after all.”

Usually, there were fewer government officials renting the living room on the first floor. After all, the environment here could not be considered peaceful. Not many of the lights in the corridor were on. When the attendant heard Abel’s request, he was a little surprised.

Chapter 874: the movements in the plan

After hearing the attendant’s footsteps gradually fade away, Abel stood up from the sofa. He walked to the door and gently pressed his right ear against the door panel. After a long while, he still did not hear any movements.

Abel took a deep breath, twisted the door lock, and leaned his upper body out of the door. He turned his body and looked back and forth at the two ends of the corridor.

“It’s really dark.”After opening the door, Abel walked to the corridor with ease and complained, “Why did the waiter take the key?”

More than a dozen guest rooms were arranged on both sides of the corridor. And this business area was at the back of the hall. Therefore, there was no light to shine on this area.

In the dim field of vision, the light coming from behind a few doors became particularly eye-catching.

Abel circulated his spiritual power and suspended his body in the air, moving silently in the corridor.

When he encountered a room with people, he went closer to check for any movements.

However, what he heard outside the door were the conversations of some officials discussing official business. For Abel, who was not familiar with the situation of the town, the elections and the constitution that those officials mentioned.., it was like a paste that made him lose his mind. After listening for a while, he chose to give up. If it was Kant, he might be interested in these things.

Without realizing it, Abel walked to a room at the end of the corridor.

The door of this room was made of iron, and there was no sect number for recording. The people inside were having a conversation, and the orange candlelight shone through the gap between the floor and the door.

Abel leaned against the door and listened quietly for a while, but he did not know whether it was because the people inside were talking too softly, or because the soundproofing of this room was better than the other rooms. He could only vaguely hear a few tones, but he could not figure out what the conversation was about.

Abel withdrew the spiritual energy tied to his feet into his body. Then, he closed his eyes and drew a magic circle in the air. The moisture in the air immediately froze in the air. When Abel opened his eyes again, a gust of wind blew them into the room.

After that, Abel’s vision switched to another angle. In that angle, the water droplets that were sent into the room were attached to the bodies of everyone in the room.

Abel could see everyone’s body temperature. Among the people whose body temperature was generally high, there was a muscular man whose body temperature was ‘blue’.

Abel, who was standing outside the door, revealed a hint of a smile.

Meanwhile, Bunduk, who was sitting in the room, sneezed loudly. He did not know why, but at that moment, he felt that someone had poured a basin of cold water on his body.

Trueben, who was fighting against the person who had come to meet him, turned around and looked at Bunduk with a strange expression on his face.

After all, after the undead who had come to meet Bunduk, the atmosphere became very serious.

At this moment, he was trying his best to convince the undead soldier to accept the authenticity of the information he brought.

However, this conversation was interrupted by a loud sneeze from Bunduk.

Bunduk took the handkerchief from a member of the dark side and said apologetically, “I’m sorry, I suddenly felt a bit cold just now. You guys continue, continue.”

Trubin glared at him and shut his mouth with an ugly expression.

“I also felt a bit cold. It seems to be the movement at the door.”The snake-woman who handed the handkerchief to Bunduk smiled coquettishly.

“Mm, Jie Rou, go and take a look at the door.”The undead sitting in front of the office seat instructed the attendant beside him.

The dragon turtle named Jie Rou nodded and slowly approached the door.

When Jie Rou walked past the sofa he was sitting on, Bunduk glanced at her casually and discovered that the dragon turtle’s teeth were black. Its eyes were blood red, and it had the desire to devour her. Bunduk could not help but be shocked. When he walked into the room, he had already noticed that the members of the Dark Side were all weirdos. Only the dragon turtle, who was standing in the corner, seemed to be more obedient.

He did not expect that when it opened its eyes, it would indeed look like this.

Under everyone’s gaze, the old dragon turtle casually pushed open the metal door that weighed dozens of kilograms. He stretched his neck and looked outside the door. After failing to find anything, he turned around and reported, “No one.”

“Yes, come back.”The undead nodded gently and waved at the dragon turtle.

“Dong!”The metal door was closed. The dragon turtle closed his eyes and retreated to the corner where he had been. It seemed that he had fallen asleep again.

After watching everything from the side, Trubin could not help but ask the undead sitting opposite him, “So What Now? What are you going to do with this person?”

“Even if I believe your words, the higher-ups might not necessarily take him in. We have to produce some evidence,”the undead replied slowly.

“What evidence?”Trubin asked with a frown.

The undead squinted at Trubin and turned towards bunduk, asking, “Kid, you know pick, right?”

“Yes.”Bunduk was stunned for a moment before answering.

“I heard him say that he left a type of insect insect insect in your body. Do you know about this?”The undead said softly.

“I know.”Bunduk nodded.

“Mm.”The undead nodded: “To be honest, if it wasn’t for Trubin speaking up for you, you wouldn’t have been able to enter this threshold. But since things have already come to this point, we have to listen to your truth.”

“I’m sincere! I’ve decided that I will definitely join you.”Bunduk quickly said.

“No, no, no.”The undead smiled and replied: “The one who made a promise to us shouldn’t be the current you.”

“What do you mean?”Bunduk pretended to be surprised and asked.

“I’ll tell you the truth.”The undead glanced at trubin, he continued, “The poison that pick put in your body will not only reduce your lifespan, it will also devour your mind power. Do you know what this means?”

“This…”Bunduk shook his head gently.

“In other words, your life is now in our hands. Don’t think about lying, because we can know everything that you are thinking about,”the undead said coldly.

“Then, can you please save me?”Bunduk said in a low voice, “If what you said is true, then pick can control my consciousness, right? “I guarantee that what I said just now is true. “You can call pick over. I’ll swear an oath in front of him.”

“Grace.”The undead was silent for a moment before calling out snake-woman’s name, saying, “Go and call pick over.”

“General…”snake-woman said in a conflicted tone.

Chapter 875: the team that arrived in time

“Go, he’s at Luo Qi’s place,”the undead ordered.

“Yes.”Snake-woman nodded her head in compromise and replied. The moment she walked out of the room, a smile appeared on Bunduk’s face.

“Dong!”The door opened once again, and Abel, who had been hiding on the ceiling earlier, rushed out of the hall after receiving the news.

He bumped into Kant and the others.

“Your Highness!”Abel shouted.

When Kant, who had stepped into the hall, heard the shout, he was first stunned, and then he reacted: this forty-year-old elf in front of him was Abel’s disguised appearance. After observing the surroundings, Kant’s soldiers stood in place, and brought Abel to a corner of the hall, he asked, “Why did you come out? Didn’t I tell you to wait for us in the room on the first floor? There are still a lot of people in the hall.”

“I received the News!”Abel said nervously. “Pick, Pick is now with a person called Luo Qi. The members of the Dark Side organization are about to go out and send a message to him.”

“What?”Kant said in surprise. He didn’t expect the matter to develop so quickly. After all, their original plan was to start the search from the first floor and find an opportunity to find out the location of the prison cell.

“It’s a long story.”Abel quickly waved his hand, “Bunduk and the others are now staying in the conference hall in the back of the first floor. It seems that Bunduk is quite safe now. We have to quickly send people to follow that member of the Dark Side.”

“That member of the Dark Side…”just as Kant was about to inquire about the identity of this member, a snake-woman wearing a black veil walked from the back to the front hall. The figure of the snake-woman could be considered good, and her temperament was very outstanding. She shuttled through the crowded crowd, but she did not touch the corner of anyone’s clothes. Kant stopped talking, and his gaze locked onto this woman.

“It seems to be her.”Abel stuck his head out and looked around.

“Bring a small team of soldiers and follow her,”Kant said. “She and pick are not simple fighters. Remember to tell the soldiers to be careful.”

“Yes.”Abel nodded. Then, without any delay, he ordered a few soldier to chase after them.

Meanwhile, Kant led the remaining soldier to the back of the first floor. The waiter who had served Abel just now hurriedly came up and politely stopped them, he said, “Sorry, the back is the business district. No one is allowed to enter.”

“A friend of mine already paid the deposit half an hour ago. You can check it,”Kant replied indifferently.

“Are you all friends of Lord Bernard?”The waiter was startled and blurted out the question.

Kant and the waiter met each other’s eyes. After a while, he softly said, “Yes.”

“Then I’ll take you all to the room that Lord Bernard rented.”The waiter was stared at by Kant until his hair stood on end. He put away his casual attitude and replied respectfully.

Kant glanced at the attendant, waved his hand and said, “No need. We can go in by ourselves.”

“This…”just as the attendant was about to say something to persuade Kant to stay, Kant had already taken a step and walked to the back area.

The soldier behind Kant squeezed the attendant to the side and walked in.

Leaving the attendant standing alone, he complained in his heart, what kind of day is today.

“Your Majesty, there are so many rooms, we don’t know which one it is.”The soldier on Kant’s right side said worriedly.

“The keys to all the rooms are given to the attendant for safekeeping, even the tenants can not use them without permission.”Kant explained, “We just need to find which room’s door is open.”

“I see.”The soldier nodded.

Kant sighed in his heart. He did not expect that the knowledge he gained from meeting the Midget clan here would be used in such a place.

“Keep the soldier quiet,”Kant ordered.

“Yes,”the captain of the squad agreed. Then, he ordered the soldier behind him, “All soldier! Quiet!”

The team that was mixed with the sounds of conversation immediately quieted down. Obeying the commander’s instructions was the first reaction of all the soldier.

Kant walked at the front of the group. He sized up the surrounding environment and deduced the location of Bunduk. At the same time, he looked for the room that Abel had rented for them.

“We’re here.”

When Abel left the back area, he found a chair to block the door, so Kant and the others easily found the room.

When he saw the chair, Kant was even more convinced of his own judgment. After all, using a chair to block the door was something that even the attendants in the monitoring station might not do, let alone the government officials.

Moreover, they had no reason to do so.

Kant summoned all the soldier into the room, he instructed them, “After Captain Abel and the other soldier return to the team, we will begin our operation. Before that, we need to find out where Commander Bunduk is in the room.”

“Your Highness Kant, are we going to act directly in the monitoring station later?”A soldier raised his hand and asked.

“Yes.”Kant nodded. “The aftermath will be handled by the Dragon Clan and the Midget clan. We don’t need to worry.”

“Yes.”The soldier nodded.

“Kerry, your skills are better. The two of US will go out to scout the wind first.”Kant instructed Kerry, who was standing among the soldiers.

“Your Highness, Kerry has caught a cold recently. His reaction will be slower. Let Me Go with you,”the captain looked back at Kerry and explained.

“Are you sick?”Kant confirmed with Kerry.

Kerry pursed his lips and nodded to Kant, “Yes.”

“Okay.”Kant turned to the captain and asked, “What’s Your Name?”

“Lucid,”the captain replied.

“Lucid,”Kant took off his scarf and called out to lucid, “Let’s Go!”

“Yes.”Lucid Strode to the door and carefully unlocked it. After observing for a while, he turned around and said, “Your Majesty, there is no one in the corridor.”

“Yes.”Kant nodded and followed behind him.

The room they were in happened to be in the middle of the corridor. The bright lights in the hall had no effect on the dim environment here.

“I have looked carefully at the section we just walked,”Kant said in a low voice, “I can confirm that Bunduk and the others don’t have any rooms in the corridor.”

“Yes.”Lucid nodded. After tidying up for a while, he protected Kant behind him and walked into the depths of the corridor.

The two of them crouched in front of the door of the first room they found that had people in it and listened for a while until Kant shook his head gently at Luther.

Chapter 876: the Battle at the corner of the street

“Why can’t I find it…”Luther said unwillingly.

“Let’s walk further inside,”Kant said, looking at the end of the dark corridor.

“Yes.”Lucid nodded. He strode toward the last few rooms.

When they reached the iron door, Kant and lucid looked at each other. In their hearts, they were certain that this was the room where Bunduk was.

The two looked at the Magic Circle on the ceiling, which was soaked with water, and sighed softly. “I didn’t expect Abel to be so meticulous in such details. I really misjudged him.”

Listening to the indistinct conversation in the room, Kant told lucid, “Wait here. I’ll go rent the room across from it.”

“Yes,”lucid agreed. After Kant lifted his foot and left, he pressed his body against the wall by the door. He paid attention to the movements in the room.

On the other side, Abel and his group, who were following the snake-woman, had already crossed several streets.

In order not to let the snake-woman discover them, everyone chose to split up. Every time they passed by an intersection, the people behind the snake-woman would be replaced by the soldier who had taken a shortcut and arrived ahead of time.

Although this method was much safer, the soldier’s physical strength was also being used up bit by bit.

“How are you guys?”Abel, who was sensitive enough to notice that the two soldiers with him were already panting, immediately asked.

“No problem,”the soldier on the left replied.

“Captain, we just don’t have a solid foundation in Kung Fu. Don’t worry about us,”the other soldier replied. “But why does this place look so familiar?”

“What?”Abel followed the soldier’s line of sight. When he saw the street sign on the side of the street, he said in surprise, “Isn’t this the street where that person came to sell his arts? Hurry up and call everyone back.”

“Yes, yes,”the two soldiers quickly agreed. They ran forward.

“Tell them to gather at the teahouse across from the Guild. I’ll continue to follow them. You guys call the brothers who are patrolling the area as well,”Abel shouted as he looked at their backs.

Abel looked past the two people who had started to run at their limits and saw the snake-woman’s disappearing figure at the corner of the street.

Abel flew into the air and chased after her. If he lost her, then all his efforts would have been for naught.

Just as Abel had expected, the snake-woman stopped at the Guild entrance. At this moment, Abel was crouching on the eaves opposite the guild, observing the snake-woman’s movements.

The snake-woman did not directly walk into the guild. Instead, she walked to the locked side door and gently knocked on it.

Not long after, the small window on the side door was opened, and an elderly nomads showed his face. Abel could not hear what the two of them were saying. He could only watch as the old man opened the side door and let snake-woman walk in.

It was not until Caradia’s soldier appeared at the corner of the street that Abel slowly climbed down from the eaves.

“Captain Abel, where did the person we followed go?”A soldier saw Abel approaching them and shouted.

“AH.”Abel walked to the front of the soldier group and said, “She has entered the guild. I think she has already picked up her people. Let’s quickly start setting up.”

“Set up what?”Another soldier asked in confusion.

“Of course we can’t let her bring pick back to the monitoring station.”Abel glanced at the soldier and immediately arranged, “Let’s give a number first. I still don’t know how many people we have.”

“Yes.”A patrol team captain stood out and commanded, “Everyone, start counting now. First Row, first row!”

“Count! One! Two! Three!”. “Thirty-eight!””Thirty-nine!””Forty!”

“Report! There are a total of forty-two people in the team.”The team captain walked in front of Abel and shouted.

“Actually, you don’t have to be so…”Abel hesitated for a moment, but he still couldn’t think of how to describe the military style of the CARADIA soldier. He said with a conflicted expression, “After all, there are still people on this street.”

“Yes!”The soldier replied.

“Alright, forty-two people, right? It’s a little more than I imagined.”Abel rubbed his forehead, helplessly, he raised his head and said, “Everyone should split into six small teams and monitor the entrance and exit of this guild. “Try to keep a soldier in each team who has been patrolling this area. He is more familiar with the terrain than the others.”

“They shouldn’t be able to stay in the guild for long. Everyone, hurry up and act. If there’s any movement, don’t engage that group of people directly. Their combat power is very high. We must wait for everyone to arrive before we move! Alright! Everyone, set off!”Abel commanded.

The soldier quickly split up and headed towards the guild’s main entrance, side entrance, and back entrance.

Abel stayed at the main entrance because this place was relatively close to all the entrances and exits. If there was anything urgent, as the captain, he could rush over as soon as possible. Of course, there were three Caradia soldier and two elven soldier who stayed with him.

After taking a seat in the teahouse, Abel gripped his cup tightly. At the same time, his heartbeat unconsciously quickened.

“Don’t let them escape.”

Ten minutes later, a soldier rushed in front of Abel. Out of breath, he said to Abel, “Captain! Captain, that snake-woman and that Beast Tamer named pick left from the south gate.”

“South Gate? Lead us there!”Abel stood up with a Whoosh and told an elven soldier beside him, “Go and inform the other soldiers to hurry to that street.”

“Yes!”After receiving the order, the Elven soldier who was named used his magick and flew into the sky. He flew in the direction of the other soldier.

Meanwhile, Abel and the soldier who came to report the news flew toward the south gate.

In less than two minutes, the two of them gathered with the other soldier who was guarding the south gate. Abel asked the soldier hurriedly, “Where are they?”

“We were worried that we would be discovered if there were too many people, so we sent two soldiers who were slightly better at fighting to chase after them.”A soldier walked out of the formation and reported to Abel, “They are heading toward Clementine Street!”

“Good! Everyone, chase after them immediately!”Abel ordered. “This is a matter of life and death for Your Commander!”

The plan had already been carried out to this point, so everyone let loose their fists and feet and sped along the streets. The Elven soldier directly flew into the sky in groups, completely ignoring the cries of the nomads on the ground.

After chasing with all his might, Abel, who was walking at the front, finally saw the backs of pick, the snake-woman, and the two soldiers following behind them.

Chapter 877: Soldier lying in ambush at the corner of the street

Pick and Grace did not seem to have noticed the whereabouts of Abel’s group. They walked unhurriedly on the street.

Abel was suspended in the air, maintaining a distance of about twenty meters from them. The soldier behind him quickly caught up.

“Captain, what should we do now?”The captain of the soldier squad confirmed with Abel.

“Have all the Elven soldier follow me. We’ll go to the next street corner in advance and set up an ambush,”Abel instructed. “Have the Caradia soldier follow us as soon as possible and block off the escape route of pick and the snake-woman.”

They had followed pick and grace for so long. After confirming their route, Abel was confident that he could stop them.

“Yes!”The captain of the soldier agreed and landed on the ground. He passed on Abel’s arrangements to the leader of the CARADIA soldier.

After glancing at the two members of the dark side who were walking on the long street, Abel turned around and shouted to all the elven soldier behind him, “Everyone! Follow Me!”

After receiving the soldier’s response, Abel took the lead and rushed out. They were now very close to the location of the monitoring post. Abel was relatively familiar with this part of the road.

All the elves in the team gathered at the next corner that pick and Grace were about to turn into.

“Kirby, take your people to the sky to observe. Even if it’s time for the official battle, don’t leave that area,”Abel instructed a soldier in the team.

“Yes.”The soldier walked out of the formation, turned around and called out, “Julian, Feynman. The two of you follow me.”

“Yes.”The two soldiers who were called out immediately stood up, and followed the elven soldier named Kirby into the sky.

After observing them fly high into the sky.., abel continued to instruct the other soldiers, “When pick and snake-woman appear in front of us, don’t take any action. “I’ll go and meet them first. When we’re ready to take action, you’ll appear. “The CARADIA soldier who follows closely behind pick and Grace will cooperate with us to surround them.”

“Captain, what about the pedestrians on the street?”A soldier asked.

Although there were not many pedestrians on this street, it was still very likely that they would be affected.

Abel pondered for a moment, he raised his head and said, “Actually, our main goal is to capture the person named pick alive. After achieving this goal, we can withdraw our troops and retreat. We just need to focus on this matter and try to minimize the twists and turns.”

“Yes,”the soldier replied in unison.

“Alright, everyone, spread out. We need to get ready to move out.”Abel clapped his hands and gave a warning.

Under Abel’s command, the soldier disguised themselves as pedestrians or vagrants who were waiting by the roadside. However, everyone’s gazes were on the street that pick and Grace were about to reach.

On the other side, Pick and Grace, who knew nothing about their plans, were still chatting aimlessly.

“I heard that you left the small town. I didn’t expect you to hide at Luo Qi’s place.”Grace laughed lightly.

After hearing her words, pick shrugged indifferently and replied, “It was just a show to conceal the truth. In the illusion that I left behind for Bunduk, this kind of follow-up is the most logical.”

“Hehe,”grace continued, “This insect worm that controls the human brain is considered a treasure. It’s just a pity that it was wasted on a human soldier.”

Pick glanced at snake-woman and coldly replied, “I only do things that suit my own identity.”

“I was too talkative.”Snake-woman covered her mouth and laughed. “I just feel that the thing you raised is quite rare.”

“I haven’t completely digested the usage of the ‘chant chi’insect poison. That Kid is just an experiment.”Pick’s lips curled into a smile, he explained, “And its strength is much stronger than you can imagine.”

“Which of the dozen or so ‘pets’that you raised doesn’t have strong strength?”Grace commented. “You’re the Beast Tamer with the highest innate talent in the organization.”

“Hehe.”After hearing this, pick laughed softly and replied, “Why didn’t you say that I’m The Strongest Beast Tamer in the organization?”

“This…”snake-woman said awkwardly.

Pick’s status in the organization was higher than hers, so he naturally had to flatter her a little more.

However, everyone knew the answer to the question that pick raised at this time: Pick’s father was also a Beast Tamer, and he had already reached the legendary level. A large part of the reason why the Dark Side was able to recruit pick was because pick’s father was also working for the Dark Side.

“Forget it. This kind of question is meaningless.”Pick waved his hand and said, “Compared to the old man, my qualifications are still a little shallow.”

Hearing Pick’s words, snake-woman fell to the ground and shut her mouth.

The two of them walked in silence for a while. Pick looked at the surrounding street scene and asked, “Are we almost there?”

“Yes.”Grace nodded and said, “After crossing this street, we can probably see the roof of the surveillance bureau.”

“Alright,”pick agreed.

Snake-woman hesitated for a moment before asking, “Lord Pick, do you think Bunduk is really here to surrender?”

“From the fantasy I laid out for him, he doesn’t seem like the type of person who would do something like this,”pick said calmly. “It’s just that human nature is always very complicated. “If His Highness didn’t think of a way to remove the voodoo poison for him, it would be reasonable for him to choose to rely on us after he became disheartened.”

Although pick had learned some methods to calculate the hearts of people, in his heart, no matter how complicated human nature was, it was still very weak in the face of absolute strength. Pick, who was born into a famous Beast Tamer family, had always chosen to ignore the tiny thoughts of the red mist whose strength was below his.

Therefore, he was also uninterested in the question posed by the snake-woman.

Abel hid on the roof tiles and watched as the two of them walked into the street where the soldier had chosen to ambush them. He immediately jumped off the roof and blocked their way. When Pick and grace saw him standing on the road, they immediately stopped in their tracks.

“Who are you?”Grace narrowed her eyes and asked cautiously.

“Pick, long time no see.”Abel ignored Grace’s question. Instead, he fixed his gaze on pick and greeted him.

“Hehe, Abel.”Pick looked at the face of the person in front of him. After recalling it in his mind for a while, he said contemptuously, “Did you follow us all the way, or?”

Chapter 878: two people who were unprepared

“It’s a long story.”Abel raised his head and replied, “Why don’t you come back with me and we can talk about it slowly?”

“I’m not interested.”Pick said disdainfully, “I advise you to get out of the way. Otherwise, you won’t be able to leave even if you want to later.”

“I have a mission. Both of you will have to be taken away by me.”A sharp silver light flashed in Abel’s eyes. He said in a low voice, “I should be the one to advise you to give up struggling.”

“You must be joking!”Grace stuck out her tongue and walked warily towards Abel. She warned him, “Lord Pick doesn’t have to do anything. You, an elven mages, will have to die in my hands.”

“You can try,”Abel replied indifferently.

“You’re courting death!”Grace raised her sharp claws and swung them towards Abel’s head. The entire process took 0.1 seconds. The soldier hiding in the dark didn’t have time to accept this fact before they heard a loud bang of metal colliding.

Abel stood motionlessly on the spot. In front of him was a water shield.

When Grace’s sharp claws touched the surface of the water, the water shield seemed to contain the sea, and became turbulent. The huge push pushed Grace’s body a few meters away. It was only until she fell to the ground on all fours that she managed to regain her balance. A trace of blood seeped out from the corner of her mouth.

Abel’s situation was not good either. When this spell was used to the extreme, it was an ability that could devour the heavens and the earth. Abel had only used a tiny bit of his skin, but his face was already extremely pale.

The soldier hidden in the crowd stood out one after another and walked behind Abel. The passers-by sensed the tension between the two groups of people and immediately left the street.

Pick turned his head to look at Grace, who was walking towards him. When he saw the Caradia soldier who appeared at the intersection, his expression became ugly. His expression turned ugly. He did not care about anything else. He immediately summoned the birds and stepped on them to ascend into the sky.

However, before he could react, the elven soldier who was patrolling in the sky immediately caught up to him. With a joint attack, he fell back into the encirclement of the land soldier.

“Ah!”Pick could not help but shout after his body landed on the ground.

“It’s okay if you underestimate us, but you won’t be able to do it if you underestimate yourself,”Abel said as he walked to pick’s side with a faint smile.

“You want me to detoxify Bunduk? “Let me tell you, that guy named Bunduk can’t wait to surrender to our people. “He has already betrayed you.”Pick continued to threaten, “You bunch of foreigners! “Did you ask around about my identity? ! “What will happen if you kidnap me? !”

“Hehe, you don’t have to worry about Bunduk. “We know what kind of person he is,”Abel replied. “You also said that we are outsiders. What kind of identity do you have on this island? What does it have to do with us?”

“Damn it! You, you…”pick was speechless by Abel. He could only point at them with a trembling finger and stammer.

Abel did not say anything more. Instead, he directly used his hand to knock out pick with a hand knife. He also ordered a few soldiers to tie up pick’s hands and feet with ropes.

When pick was flying into the sky, the CARADIA soldier had already grabbed snake-woman. She was a god. She was ten meters away from Abel. She watched the entire process.

When Abel raised his head to look at her, she avoided Abel’s gaze.

“You’re also a member of the Dark Side, right?”Abel asked.

“… Yes.”Grace replied in a low voice.

“You can leave now.”Abel gestured for the soldier standing around Grace to let go. He explained, “This is an old grudge between us and Bunduk. It has nothing to do with you. Go back to where you came from.”

“I. . .”Grace’s mind was a mess. After thinking about it, she said, “Thank you.”

“No need.”After giving the order, Abel left with the soldier. They walked in the direction of the inn.

Snake-woman raised her hand to wipe the blood from the corner of her mouth. She paced around for a while. After making up her mind, she rushed to the monitoring station.

After she left the street, Abel and the other soldier appeared from the shadows.

Looking at the snake-woman’s back, Abel said softly, “I was worried that she wouldn’t go back.”

“Captain, are we going back to the monitoring station too?”A soldier asked.

“Of course. But before that, we have to meet up with the Dragon tribe first.”Abel nodded.

“Yes.”The soldier replied.

Abel raised his head and looked towards the sky. Kirby and the other two had already left, following closely behind Grace.

“Gray.”Abel stood where he was and was silent for a moment. He then called out the name of a familiar elven soldier.

Upon hearing this call, an elven soldier immediately rushed out of the crowd and appeared in front of Abel. He asked nervously, “Captain Abel, is there a Mission?”

“Pinch me.”Abel rolled up his sleeves and stretched out his arm towards gray.

“Ah?”Gray was stunned for a moment before calling out strangely.

“Hurry up.”An impatient expression appeared on Abel’s face.

“Yes, yes, yes!”Gray hurriedly agreed. Following that, he used his right hand to pinch Abel’s arm.

“Ah!”Abel’s face became ferocious. As he screamed, he stretched out his leg to kick gray. However, Gray’s skill was considered relatively good. In addition, Abel didn’t really want to kick him down, thus, he narrowly avoided this attack.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Captain Abel.”Gray hurriedly admitted his mistake.

“I’m just asking you to pinch me. Are you trying to break my arm?”Abel covered his arm and lectured. “Alright, Alright. You can return to the team.”

“Yes.”Gray agreed, and immediately returned to his position.

“Captain, what are you doing?”A relatively familiar captain of the CARADIA soldier squad came to Abel’s side and asked in puzzlement.

“Nothing.”Abel took a deep breath, he explained, “It’s just that Bunduk was deceived by Pick’s illusion before. I’m worried that everything that happened just now was also an illusion laid down by Abel. We can’t ignore this possibility.”

“I see.”The soldier squad nodded, seeming to understand. He had never heard of the dispute between Bunduk and pick before.

“Alright, everyone form up and set off.”Abel raised his hand and gave the order. “The Dragon tribe should be waiting for us in the lobby of the hotel.”

“Yes!”The soldier replied in unison.

Chapter 879: the arrival of the Dragon Tribe’s soldier

The nomads who were turning into the street from the corner of the street immediately turned around and left after hearing the earth-shaking shouts.

Abel was already used to the soldier’s enthusiasm. After receiving the soldier’s usual response, he nodded with relief and walked towards the inn.

When the group of people arrived at the inn’s door, the Dragon Soldier had already been waiting in the lobby for a long time, just as Abel had expected. Because they were the first group of Dragon Nomads to appear in the inn, the waiters in the inn immediately became cautious when they saw them. After hesitating for a while, they sent a waiter to ask the leader of the group, “Excuse me… excuse me, are you staying or eating?”

“Waiting for people.”The leader of the dragon soldier replied, “Do you know the group of people who came here from Caradia?”

“Are you talking about King Kant, Lord Bunduk, and Lord Abel?”Because the Dragon Soldier’s response was much gentler than expected, the waiter also slowed down his mood and asked in detail.

“Yes.”The Dragon Soldier recalled in his mind for a while and answered, “We arranged to meet them here. They live here, right? Where Are They Now?”

“The three lords left an hour ago and haven’t returned yet,”the attendant replied. “May I know when you agreed to meet?”

At the same time, another dragon soldier from the same team stood out and said coldly, “We’ll wait for them here. You may leave.”

“… Yes.”The servant glanced at the dragon soldier in front of him and immediately lowered his head.

“Fei Ning, why are you talking to a Servant?”The soldier who appeared in the middle of the conversation turned around and asked the soldier’s leader. The two of them seemed to be of the same generation in the army, therefore, the soldier did not use honorifics during the questioning process.

“I’m just asking casually.”The soldier’s leader appeared very casual and did not explain anything. He only said, “If we miss that group of people, wouldn’t we be in trouble?”

The dragon soldier who asked the question was silent for a moment before he said, “I really don’t know what the human side was thinking when they sent the messenger. They actually told us to find this place ourselves.”

“Maybe something urgent happened. What do you think, Kiting?”Fei Ning thought for a while and asked.

“What happened that we can’t Handle?”The soldier replied, “They are just outsiders. From their behavior of finding us here, we can see that they also have some self-awareness.”

“The dispute on the island, the Midget clan who was trapped on the volcano walked out of their estate and began to wander around the territories of the other clans. After that, they became semi-transparent,”fei Ning analyzed, “If the staff of the supervision center were found to be related to the dark side organization, then there would be a real fight.”

“We’re just going to check the results. It’ll save us some trouble,”Katine replied with a smile.

“Captain Fei Ning, the people from Caradia have arrived,”the dragon soldier who was guarding the door quickly walked into the shop and reported to Fei Ning.

“Okay,”Fei Ning agreed. Then, he stood up and prepared to welcome the group of people from the island whom he had met for the first time. After receiving the message, kiting also consciously returned to the soldier’s formation.

“Everyone! Quiet!”Fei Ning called out to the soldier behind him.

The Dragon Soldier, who had been noisy a moment ago, immediately stopped talking. He focused his gaze on Fei Ning and stood up with him.

Abel had heard the commotion outside the door before this. When he knew that the Dragon Team inside was preparing to welcome the soldier on his side, he stopped and tidied up his clothes, then, he walked into the shop.

“You must be Lord Abel, right?”? “I am the leader of the soldier squad sent here this time. My role is the same as yours in Your Squad.”. “Thank you for sending someone to communicate with us at this time.”Feining immediately noticed Abel, who was surrounded by the elven soldier and the human soldier from Caradia, raising his smile, he took the initiative to welcome Abel. Introduction, he held Abel’s left hand.

“Hello, Hello. Captain feining, it’s our first time meeting. Please take good care of us.”Abel sized up the dragon team and frowned slightly.

This time, the Dragon tribe only sent over a dozen soldier. Judging from the medal on the chest of the captain’s uniform.., his rank in the army was not even as high as that of the soldier who went to the island to welcome him and Bunduk.

“This time… we are going to the internal department of the Surveillance Bureau. I wonder if the Dragon Clan brought a search warrant or something like that?”Abel said reluctantly. “Or… some other symbol?”

Fei Ning withdrew his hands upon hearing this, he replied to Abel, “You don’t have to worry about this, Lord Abel. “The Dragon Clan is a guardian independent of the small town to begin with. “As long as we wear the Royal Army’s Badge on our uniforms, the people of the monitoring station have no right to stop us.”

“I see.”After listening to the explanation, Abel felt relieved. He nodded and replied, “Then let’s set off immediately, because one of our soldier leaders is currently under the surveillance of a member of the Dark Side Organization.”

“Okay,”Fei Ning replied. Then, he brought the other dragon soldiers and stepped out of the inn’s threshold.

The two groups of people boarded the carriage prepared for them by the inn and rushed to the inspection station. Because the carriage was driven by the cavalry of Caradia, the time spent in the carriage was much shorter than expected.

Fei Ning followed Abel and jumped off the carriage. They stood in front of the inspection station’s Gate, which had a large number of people.

“I didn’t expect there to be so many people in the surveillance bureau at Night.”Abel narrowed his eyes and sighed.

“Are your companions still with the members of the Dark Side?”Fei Ning asked.

“Yes.”Abel thought for a while and said to Fei Ning, “Please wait here for a while. I’ll go in and check out the situation.”

“I’ll go with you.”Feining stopped Abel from leaving and suggested.

“That’s good too.”Abel was stunned for a while and nodded with a smile.

Feining nodded at him and handed over kiting to organize the team. Then, he followed Abel in.

When the two of them walked to the gate of the monitoring station, a group of attendants immediately surrounded them. They did not want the main target to be Fei Ning. After all, the sudden arrival of the dragon soldier was not a bad thing for the monitoring station, but it was definitely not a good thing.

Therefore, the first thing the attendants had to do was to stop such a guest.

Chapter 880: search for the monitoring station

Abel’s sharp eyes noticed the attendants who were sizing up Fei Ning and the corridor in the back hall. He hurriedly informed feining, “With this group of attendants here, we can’t charge in.”

“Then what should we do?”Feining also showed a troubled expression. “Why don’t we just tell them that we’re here to look for someone?”

“That’s the only way.”Abel sighed and said, “I’ll stop the attendants who sent the message. You can tell them later and have the soldier outside the monitoring station follow.”

“Okay.”After seeing Abel leave, Fei Ning immediately raised his hand to signal for all the attendants around him to keep quiet, he said, “Someone reported to us that a member of the dark side appeared in the monitoring station. “We’re here to investigate. “Everyone, return to your original positions. When the soldier arrives, we’ll have a one-on-one interview with you.”

Hearing Fei Ning’s words, the waiters who were huddled together immediately retreated to the side.

When the waiters who were pacing back and forth between the back hall and the main hall heard this, their faces immediately turned pale and without a trace of blood. They raised their legs and ran towards the living room in the back hall. However, they were stopped by Abel, who had been waiting at the entrance of the corridor, with his bare hands. He cried out in shock, “Ah!”

“What are you going to do?”Abel stared at him and asked calmly.

“I. . . I. . . I. . . I. . .”The attendant stammered, unable to speak. Beads of sweat appeared on his forehead.

“What’s Your Name?”Abel turned around and glanced at the end of the corridor, then asked the attendant.

“Jace.”The attendant’s hands were twisted together as he nervously replied.

“Jace, you’re going to find the person in the room at the end of the corridor with the Iron Door, right?”Abel asked softly.

Jace widened his eyes and looked up at Abel in great surprise. He asked in puzzlement, “How do you know?”

“Because I’m going too.”After hearing Jace’s answer, a smile appeared on Abel’s face.

“Ah?”The attendant let out a sigh of relief and said, “So you’re from Lord Potts’side. Why haven’t I seen you before? and… you seem to be an elf?”

“I don’t know Lord Potts, but my companion is currently by that Lord’s side,”Abel said. “I’m going to see him.”

“Is that so?”The attendant said in a daze. “Then who are you?”

“An outsider.”Abel sighed and replied, “I have nothing to do with the Dark Side.”

“Then why did you stop me?”The attendant frowned and asked.

“Because I brought the dragon people here,”Abel replied calmly. “I can’t let them miss because of your information.”

“As expected!”The attendant patted his forehead regretfully and said, “I really have nothing to do with Lord Potts. Please don’t investigate me.”

“I can’t clear my name now.”Abel shook his head and said, “I remember everything you said just now.”

“Please, Lord.”The attendant bent down and bowed deeply, “I am the only one in my family to supervise all the decent jobs. “If you investigate, we will definitely be pushed out by the higher-ups to take the blame. “We have never done anything dirty.”

After listening to the statement, Abel quietly sized him up for a while and said, “Then I will give you a chance. Tell me the information of everyone in the room and lure one of them out.”

“This…”the attendant took a deep breath, and his heart suddenly beat faster. He said hesitantly, “Can you guarantee my safety?”

“Of course.”Abel nodded confidently.

“No, no, no.”The attendant glanced at him a few times and waved his hand. “You’re alone. The people in the room are all experts. I reckon you’ll fall there after you go in.”

“Who said I’m alone?”Abel pointed at the soldier who had lined up to walk into the monitoring station, “There’s the dragon soldier and the dozens of people we ambushed here before. That one called Potts can’t escape no matter what.”

The attendant heard the hustle and bustle in the hall and also glanced over. When he saw more than a dozen dragon soldiers appear, he immediately nodded and said, “Alright, I Promise You.”

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

Abel nodded and said, “Then let’s go.”

“Are You Waiting for me at the door?”The attendant followed Abel’s footsteps and asked him curiously.

“Yes.”Abel nodded and said, “But before that, I have to take you to see our leader.”

“Leader?”The attendant remembered what Abel had said earlier: there were dozens of people lying in ambush in the monitoring station.

Abel did not answer the attendant’s question. Instead, he walked straight to the room he had booked earlier.

After a while, the two of them arrived at the open door, but the room was empty.

“Where did they go?”Abel muttered to himself. After carefully examining the decorations in the room, he turned to look at the end of the corridor and asked the attendant, “Let me ask you, after Potts and the others came here today, did any of them walk out of the corridor in the Back Hall?”

“No. By the way, Lord Grace left.”The attendant first denied Abel’s question. After recalling it in his mind for a while, he explained in detail, “An hour ago.”

“Yes, I know.”Abel nodded. “Then what about the rest of them?”

“I don’t think so.”The attendant pointed to the entrance of the corridor and answered, “I’ve been guarding there the whole time.”

“Yes.”Abel took a deep breath and said to the attendant, “Let’s go and take a look.”

“Okay.”The attendant answered with trepidation.

They looked at each other and carefully walked to the end of the corridor.

When they stopped in front of the iron door, the door of the room behind them suddenly opened.

The sound of the door opening made their backs stiffen. Abel even felt that the blood on his hands and feet instantly flowed back to his heart.

“Abel.”A familiar voice reached Abel’s ear.

Abel slowly turned around and met Kant’s gaze. The speed of his heart had returned to its usual status. At this moment, he widened his eyes in surprise and replied in a low voice, “His Majesty Kant!”

“Who is this attendant?”Kant pointed at the attendant standing at the side and asked in puzzlement.

“This is the attendant in charge of helping us lure out the people inside.”After entering the room, abel made an introduction to Kant. “He was originally arranged by the dark forces to do odd jobs and report to the Overwatch Council. Now he has decided to turn to help us.”

“How did you meet him?”Kant still had some doubts and asked Abel.