Chapter 86 - Confirmed Trade Cooperation

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Chapter 86: Confirmed Trade Cooperation

On the wall, the burning pine oil torches that were used for lighting crackled.

The leftovers of the food were still on the table.

The slightly plump butler’s face was covered in a cold sweat. He stood beside his master, Baron Dylan, with his head lowered. He understood that at this moment, he should maintain the most humble and respectful attitude.

However, in reality, no one cared about him.

In front of Baron Dylan, the jar of white salt that Kant brought was placed on the table.

Manid was the one who put it there.

Through the opening of the seal, Baron Dylan could see the white substance in the jar under the dim light. It was fine white salt, the best seasoning, a luxury item that only a noble could afford, and it was the most popular ingredients used by the mages in the Mage Tower who possessed extraordinary powers to cast a spell.

Slowly sticking his fingers into the jar, Baron Dylan grabbed a small pinch of white salt and scattered it in front of his eyes like an hourglass, “This is good stuff. ” He spoke with a level and cold voice, but there was a slight tremor in his voice.

“That’s right, Uncle Dylan, as you can see. ”

Kant sat on the chair with a smile at the corner of his mouth. “This is the deal I want to offer you. ”

Baron Dylan did not answer.

Instead, he narrowed his eyes. A terrifying look appeared in his eyes, just like the expression he had when he was risking his life on the battlefield. He took a deep breath to calm himself down and slowly said, “Kant, what exactly do you mean? ”

“A long-term trading,” Kant said.

Baron Dylan raised his head and looked at him directly. “I am asking you what exactly do you mean.”

### Feeling the awe in his eyes, Kant did not feel the slightest ripple in his heart. He still said calmly, “Uncle Dillard, my aunt’s family is a grain merchant from the northern county. The trade routes include the southern county and the eastern county. I think this is your advantage. ”

Baron Dylan did not answer. He kept staring at Kant.

He suddenly realized that the Baron Kant sitting in front of him was no longer the shy and polite child he met before.

“Table salt trade. ” Baron Dylan muttered.

“That’s right. ” Kant nodded.

“You found a salt mine in your territory?” Baron Dylan continued to ask.

“Yes.” Kant chuckled, he was not going to keep it a secret.

Such a straightforward answer kept Baron Dylan quiet for a moment before he raised his head to look at Kant, “How many cans of this white salt can you give me every week? I need an accurate number.”

“Ten cans,” Kant said. “And I can guarantee that you will have them every week. ”

Baron Dylan looked deeply into his eyes and finally nodded, “Okay.”

“May we have pleasant cooperation, Uncle Dylan. I know that you are my closest and most trustworthy uncle.”

He was a smart man. Although Baron Dylan was a warrior who came from a commoner background, his humble background did not affect his intelligence, whether it was his business or political mindset.

Being promoted from a commoner to a knight and then to a Baron was already an unimaginable dream for ordinary people.

Looking at the Baron who was kind to him when he was young, Kant’s heart did not waver. He still looked at him sincerely and said, “The only person I can trust is you.”

This was the truth. Kant did not lie.

Baron Dylan narrowed his eyes. He looked at Kant and nodded expressionlessly, “I was your mother’s old subordinate.”

“I know,” Kant nodded.

He had been in this world for so many years, and he was not completely ignorant.

However, the status was no longer of much use to him now, because his mother had passed away due to illness 15 years ago. The subordinates she brought to the Dukedom of Leo had had their power completely suppressed by the local noble families.

For example, Baron Dylan, who had made an important contribution in winning a losing battle, was sent to the arid and barren Stone Pass to become a baron there. If he was a local nobleman of the Dukedom of Leo, he would probably be on the fertile plains of the South County. It was even possible to carve out an area for him to build a village. The difference between the two was obvious.

This was also why Kant came to him.

He had been born a commoner and had gone through a lot of hardships, but in the end, what he got was unequal treatment and a barren piece of land.

No one in his position would feel that their efforts were proportional to their returns.

Of course, Baron Dylan was indignant.

Staring at the Baron who was already in his middle age, Kant did not reveal any deep emotions. Instead, his gaze was sincere as he said, “Uncle Dylan, this might be the beginning of our success.”

“That’s right,” Baron Dylan nodded. He finally looked squarely at Kant.

He narrowed his eyes slightly and asked in a deep voice, “This business is worth joining, but I want to know the details first.” He paused and stared at Kant, “For example, how much is the price of each jar of white salt?”

“50 Great Silver coins. It’s 150 Great Silver coins cheaper than the white salt that’s currently on the market. ”

Kant spoke, but Baron Dylan started breathing heavily after hearing his answer.

Instinctively clenching his hand tightly, Baron Dylan narrowed his eyes and looked into Kant’s eyes. He continued in a deep voice, “I don’t understand why you set the price this way.”

In the market of the Dukedom of Leo, the price of white salt was 200 Great Silver coins.

In the barter system, a jar of white salt had a value equivalent to three years’ worth of crops produced by all the villages in the barren lands of the North County and all the fields cultivated by the free people and serfs.

Back then, Kant had used 20 Great Silver coins to make the elite cavalry of the Lion Fort work for him.

Now, who would ignore the profit of 150 Great Silver coins per jar of table salt?

A smile curled Kant’s lips.

However, his expression remained sincere, “What I mean, of course, is to sell this white salt to you at the price of 50 Great Silver coins per jar, my most respected Uncle Dylan. ”

“This… ” Even though Baron Dylan was mentally prepared, he was still dumbfounded.

10 jars of white salt per week, 150 Great Silver coins per jar of white salt.

1,500 Great Silver coins per week.

6,000 Great Silver coins per month.

72,000 Great Silver coins per year.

Even the richest territory in the Dukedom of Leo, the City of Lion’s Heart, which was built on the banks of the Resniston River and under the direct command of the king, was a very prosperous trading city, and it could only earn 50,000 Great Silver coins per year through various taxes.

In addition to the maintenance fees and personnel expenses, it was already good enough to have a net profit of 30,000 Great Silver coins.

But now, Baron Dylan could easily earn 72,000 Great Silver coins a year.

It was extremely profitable.

Baron Dylan clenched his fists tightly.

He looked at Kant and suddenly lost his rational mind.

Breathing heavily, Baron Dylan smile, “My most generous little Kant, you know, on my honor and your mother’s name, I swear that we will be the best partners. ”

“Of course, Uncle Dylan,” Kant smiled, he was extremely sincere.

However, there was a flash of coldness in Baron Dylan’s eyes, but he forcefully suppressed it.

The salt mine in the Nahrin Desert.

This was indeed a resource worth coveting.

However, he needed to determine where it was located and whether it could be completely controlled by him.

Although he was the Lord of the Stone Pass, Baron Dylan knew his power. He was considered the weakest among the lords in the North County, not to mention the wealthy South County and the East County, which had already stopped any interaction with other counties. Only by gathering resources can a lord become more powerful.

The dinner was about to end.

Baron Dylan had a smile on his face. He turned his head and glanced at the butler beside him who was sweating. He was satisfied with the way he stood with his head lowered. This was an honest man who was intimidated by him.

Looking at Kant, he asked, “My dear little Kant, no one else knows about the table salt trade, am I right? ”

“No, no one else knows.”

Kant nodded and shrugged with a smile, “But, Uncle Dylan, when your trade caravan starts to operate, I think many people will know about it. There might be a lot of problems. ”

“It doesn’t matter. Everything will be resolved.” Baron Dylan lowered his head and smiled, his face gleamed with excitement.