Chapter 90 - Fortuitous Encounter After Leaving the Desert

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Chapter 90: Fortuitous Encounter After Leaving the Desert

The market of the Stone Pass was located next to the slums.

Since commerce in the North County was not developed, the market was not big. In fact, there were only very few things. The main stalls were the ones that were selling necessary farming tools or smithies that repaired weapons for the soldiers.

It was close to the Senwaya Range. To resist the demonized creatures and Jackalan, weapons and armor wore out rapidly.

Because of the system, Kant did not need many weapons.

But to discover new talents, he wanted to see the skills of the blacksmiths at the Stone Pass.

Kant looked at the faces of those who were smiling flatteringly, their eyes were glimmering as they thought that he, a nobleman, was a big customer. They took out swords and axes made of bad quality iron as if they were offering a treasure, Kant could not help but roll his eyes. When he saw the bloated and useless thickened iron-scale armor, he immediately sighed.

Kant waved his hand as he sat on the warhorse and kicked the stirrups gently, “Get ready to take off. ”

“Understood,” Manid and the others answered.

The weapons and armor made by these blacksmiths were trash to Kant who was used to the high-quality products produced by the system. They were not worthy of his attention at all, and he would not spend silver coins on them.

There were probably no skilled blacksmiths in such a poor place like the Stone Pass.

Although it was a world of swords and magic.

However, excellent craftsmen, blacksmiths, and armor makers were all precious resources in the war. If their craftsmanship was good enough, they would be able to live a much better life in those large noblemen’s castles or cities with flourishing economies than in poor places like the Stone Pass.

“Pleasure working with you. ”

Manid had finished bargaining with the stall owner. He took out three Great Silver coins and tied up the sack that held the bad quality iron tools. The Desert Bandits worked together to put everything on the horses.

Although the 50 tools were heavy, they could still be easily carried by the 10 horses.

Of course, they had already prepared the drinking water and the food that was needed to cross the Nahrin Desert for everyone that could last for five days.

“Lord Kant, everything is ready.”

Manid rode his warhorse to Kant’s side and reported.

“Okay, let’s go.” Kant nodded and gently kicked the stirrups, spurring his warhorse forward.

The entire team headed towards the northern city gate.

As the northern side of the pass was close to the Nahrin Desert, Jackalan tribes would occasionally attack the city gate. Therefore, the northern side of the Stone Pass was basically a slum area. It was dirty and messy as dirty water was flowing everywhere. The smell was rather unpleasant.

Kant frowned as he swept past those skinny poor people who quickly dodged. He now knew how good life was in the Oasis Lookout.

He created the “Drondheim” village in the Oasis Lookout.

Although it was small in size, it had everything. And although everything in there was still new and not fully formed, it was undoubtedly a utopia for the residence there. They could enjoy the comfortable life they imagined.

Although there were wars, at least there was hope.

It was way better than the life of the poor people here who had no hope in their eyes.

“The task is too difficult.”

Spurring his horse forward, Kant sighed in his heart.

Oasis Lookout was his base. If he didn’t want it to become like this, he could only work harder.

He wanted to be successful.

The thick and heavy northern gate made of logs was opened.

Under the supervision of a few captains dressed in iron-plated scale armor, the peasant recruits, who were pale and wearing loose leather armor, used all their strength to pull the winch to open the gate. They also respectfully sent Kant and the others off.

They knew that these were Baron Dylan’s distinguished guests.

Moreover, Kant’s status as a baron was also the reason why these civilian soldiers were kneeling before him.

Kant did not care about the flattery.

The warhorse under him seemed to understand what he was thinking. After leaving the city gate of the Stone Pass, its handsome figure stretched out. Its four hooves stepped on the sand-filled canyon road, and it started to gallop.

Manid and the 15 horsemen quickly followed him.

They left the canyon safely.

The billowing sand sea of the Nahrin Desert appeared before their eyes. The desert stretched as far as the eye could see to the north.

But the desert was like a home to Kant and his men.

The Stone Pass was not within their sphere of influence after all. It did not feel good to live under someone else’s roof, especially when it involved noble families’ interests. After sealing the deal, they quickly left.

Although the Nahrin Desert was still a no man’s land, it was like Kant’s territory.

The horsemen and desert bandits from the Sarrandian Desert were more familiar with this kind of desolate environment.

The only one who felt awkward was probably Manid.

There was a tingling sensation on the skin between his legs on the warhorse. He could only sigh and put up with it. He planned to return to the Oasis Lookout and polish his riding skills up. He would not be this embarrassed in the future.

“What’s Wrong? ” Kant turned back.

“The deal between this Baron Dylan and us won’t last long in my opinion,” said Manid.

“That’s right,” Kant nodded. He was not surprised, “No one is willing to give up the precious salt mine. Even if they had gained a huge profit, they’d still want to completely own the salt mine themselves, only then will they feel at ease.”

Kant understood the mentality of Baron Dylan, who was unwilling to accept the fact that he was stuck at the Stone Pass.

And greed was one of the reasons that the cooperation between them was successfully established.

“But we have to speed up our development, my Lord.” Manid knew that Kant had a plan in mind, but he still reminded him. “In my opinion, this is a dangerous game.”

Kant chuckled, and mockery crossed his young face, “That’s right, it is a dangerous game. ”

Baron Dylan was using trade to gain power.

Once he had enough strength, the cooperation between them would be torn apart, and the table salt trade would crumble to dust.

When the time came, the greedy Baron Dylan would definitely be the first to make a move on Kant, who was in the Oasis Lookout. He would use his power to completely control the salt mine that Kant owned and let his caravan monopolize the table salt trade.

Kant did not even need to predict, he could be sure that such a thing would definitely happen.

However, when Baron Dylan thought that his development was rapid, he absolutely could never imagine that the one who developed even faster was Kant!

Kant, who had a golden finger, was already standing on the shoulders of giants and could soar to the sky at any time. How could he develop slower than Baron Dylan?

Baron Dylan could help Kant withstand the pressure from the Dukedom of Leo.

In the Nahrin Desert, Kant’s Oasis Lookout had expanded into a force that even himself had to be careful. He was even at a slight disadvantage. When the time comes, it would be obvious who would win.

Kant led the team into the depths of the desert.

The traces they left when they came were still faintly visible. As long as they followed the right direction, they would arrive at the posthouse at night.

That was a place where they could rest.

However, the Sarrandian Horseman leading the way had a slightly tense expression. He tightened his grip on the reins and slowed the Sarrandian horse beneath him down. At the same time, he said in a deep voice, “Something’s wrong, Lord Kant. We’ve got a situation ahead.”

Kant narrowed his eyes.

He also saw that at the bottom of the dune ahead, a dozen horsemen were moving rapidly in this direction.