Chapter 39 - I’m the Boss (3)

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Chapter 39: I’m the Boss (3)


Wang Xian wanted to laugh when he saw Director Zhou pretending to be a kind senior, offering advice to a junior.

On seeing the yearning in Director Zhou’s eyes, Wang Xian finally understood his intentions.

Director Zhou wanted to woo Guan Shuqing and regarded him as a potential rival.

He must step on his rival when he met one.

But he could not do it directly to avoid leaving a negative impression with Guan Shuqing. Hence, he could only give a tall hat to himself and lower the status of Wang Xian indirectly.

Be a follower of his? Become his employee?

Wang Xian smiled and shook his head gently, “Director Zhou, the students in our school are not that materialistic. We can get a bag at a few hundred dollars, and date at the school canteen.”

“Hur?” Upon hearing Wang Xian’s words, Director Zhou had a change in his expression. He did not expect Wang Xian to be sarcastic about him being materialistic.

Director Zhou’s eyes glimmered with displeasure.

“Xiao Wang, you can’t put it that way. Campus love is pure and innocent, but you’ll leave school and enter society after all. Director Zhou said all this for your own good. Don’t take his words for granted.” a young man said and frowned at Wang Xian when he saw the expression on Director Zhou’s face.

“That’s right. What can you do when you don’t have any money? Girls are all looking for rich husbands who dote on them and love them. Too bad I’m married. Otherwise, I’d woo Director Zhou instead.”

A girl also glanced at Wang Xian. “Xiao Wang, you’re still young.”

They had been working in the society for many years, and they could sense something from their boss’s expressions.

They could tell that Director Zhou wanted to shame him. Naturally, they needed to give him a hand.

A hint of sarcasm flashed in Wang Xian’s eyes when he heard their remarks.

“We’re still schooling, and we don’t have many troubling matters. We just need to pursue what we want, and that will do.”

Guan Shuqing spoke with a smile when she felt something was amiss with the atmosphere.

“Shuqing, you are still young. Listen to me. I’ll nag at you in the future,” said a girl to Guan Shuqing.

She was pleased to see the kindness in Director Zhou’s eyes as soon as she finished her sentence.

At this time, Director Zhou got an idea and called for the waitress at the door.

“Sir, how may I help you?” asked the waitress who walked over.

“Do you still have that limited caviar?” asked Director Zhou to the waitress.

“I’ll need to check with the kitchen,” the waitress answered with a smile.

“Okay, please check for me.” Director Zhou nodded unconcernedly. Subsequently, he told everyone, “Truffle, foie gras, and caviar are the three most renowned overseas dishes. Caviar, in particular, is extremely precious. The caviar sold in First-grade Restaurant is limited edition and costs $4,000 per portion. Just enough for one or two people to share. The taste is superb. I’ll see how many portions are available. We can order more, subject to availability.”

“Director Zhou, you’re way too generous. The caviar is just too expensive.”

“That’s right, Director Zhou. These dishes are enough. Why don’t you order for Shuqing? You don’t have to waste your money on us,” said several sensible youngsters.

“We will see how many portions are available.” Director Zhou was satisfied with them after hearing them.

“I’m sorry, Sir, but our caviar is all out today.” Soon, the waitress walked over and apologized.

“Hur? Sold out? Oh, is Manager Huang around?” asked Director Zhou with a frown.

“Yes, Sir, do you have any requests?” asked the waitress quickly.

“Nothing, I’ll give him a call.” Director Zhou gestured at the waitress and fished for his phone.

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

“Director Zhou, do you know the manager from the First-grade Restaurant?” asked a young man with surprise.

“We met each other over a couple of meals,” Director Zhou said without any emotion, but his eyes glimmered with arrogance. “I still know some people from during the few years after returning from overseas.”

“Director Zhou, you really befriend many people from all walks of life. That would give you the convenience to do anything.” A young man at the side was licking his boots.

“Network is essential in society today,” said Director Zhou smilingly as the phone on the opposite side rang.

“Hello, Director Zhou, how are you?” a middle-aged man’s voice was heard on the phone.

“Manager Huang, are you busy?” asked Director Zhou with a smile.

“Not really, is there anything I can help you with, Director Zhou? How was your dinner today?”

“I’m quite pleased with it. I’m calling you with regards to this too. Manager Huang, do you think you can get some caviar for us? Your staff said it is out of stock, but I have a craving for it. Do you think you can get some for me to host my guests? Haha.”

“Sure, the kitchen should have set some aside. There should be some left.”

“Great, sorry to trouble you, Manager Huang.” Director Zhou deepened his smile as he hung up after making a few courtesy remarks.

“Well, the First-grade Restaurant will set aside some every day just in case. There are some left.” Director Zhou chuckled. He cast his gaze at Guan Shuqing, “Give it a try later, Shuqing. The taste is great.”

“Director Zhou, thank you for your treat. It must be expensive for this meal,” Guan Shuqing said with a smile.

“It didn’t cost that much. Perhaps less than $10,000.” Director Zhou shook his head. “So long as you enjoy the meal today. By the way, where did you and your friend plan to have your dinner at just now?”

“We were planning to cook outdoors at school,” Guan Shuqing said with a smile.

“Outdoor cooking?” Director Zhou paused and raised his eyebrows. “Such a hot day and you’re going for outdoor cooking? There are many mosquitoes outside. Xiao Wang, you’re not being understanding. Besides, it is not good for their skin if girls are smoked by the barbecue. If you’re treating a girl to dinner, you must at least go for a decent restaurant.”

“What kind of restaurant?” Wang Xian noticed that Director Zhou was looking back at him, so he took a sip of water and asked impassively.

“The First-grade Restaurant may be expensive for you since you are a student. But you should at least go to a franchise restaurant for a meal that is around $200 to $300. Outdoor cooking is inappropriate,” Director Zhou looked at Guan Shuqing as he spoke, “Besides, outdoor cooking is not safe. Shuqing, you better not go.”

“Heh heh.” Upon hearing his remarks, Wang Xian sneered at him.

Director Zhou showed displeasure in his eyes when he heard the scornful laughter.

“Director Zhou, let’s dig in. It’s getting late.”

Seeing that Wang Xian was unhappy, Guan Shuqing quickly tugged at his arm under the table.

While doing so, her palm was caught in his palm nicely. A current seemed to run in her body, and she withdrew it immediately.

Wang Xian peered at Guan Shuqing and chuckled. He did not persist further and laughed, “Have some food. The seafood in the First-grade Restaurant is the best.”

“Oh, then have more food. You might not have any chance for it in the future,” Director Zhou jeered.

“Yes, thanks to Director Zhou for the treat today.” Wang Xian drew his lips slightly and nodded. He picked up his chopsticks and continued with his food.

Guan Shuqing was relieved when he saw Wang Xian enjoying his food. She hesitated and picked a piece of crab claw. With a smile, she said, “Try this. This is delicious.”

“Sure.” Wang Xian looked at her and nodded.

“Really… I’m afraid you might not have the chance to try it again after this,” a young man muttered when he saw Wang Xian’s look.

The voice was soft, but it was audible.

However, Wang Xian was not bothered at all. He did not want to quibble with him since they were all Guan Shuqing’s colleagues.

At the same time, Manager Huang hung up Director Li’s phone call and spoke to Director Li, who was clearing up his stuff at the side.

“By the way,” Director Li heard him and said, “Turn that customer down. After that, go to the kitchen, get the additional caviar, and follow me to that private room. We’re delivering to someone else.”

“Hur? Director Li, who are you giving it to?” Manager Huang was slightly stunned as he asked in surprise.

“Your future boss!” Director Li looked at him and said, “The First-grade Restaurant will belong to this person from tomorrow onwards. You should get to know him first today.”

“My future boss?” Manager Huang was surprised. He knew that Director Li had a deal with this person for taking over the First-grade Restaurant. But he did not expect that his future boss would be having dinner here today.

“Okay, Director Li, I’ll explain it to the customer.”

Manager Huang quickly nodded and walked to the kitchen. He would be asking the chef to prepare it with utmost effort. After all, this was prepared for their future boss!