Chapter 42 - Re-organization

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Chapter 42: Re-organization


“I believe everyone would have heard some rumors yesterday regarding First-grade Restaurant having a new Boss. Let us welcome our new boss, Director Wang.”

Within First-grade Restaurant, Manager Huang gathered all the employees after they were done with their work in the restaurant at approximately three o’clock in the afternoon.

“Hello everyone, I’m Wang Xian and will be the boss of this restaurant in the future.”

Wang Xian walked up and smiled faintly at the crowd. The entire restaurant had fifty employees currently. The employee count was considered to be high among restaurants.

Just the number of waitresses alone had reached thirty people.

Similarly, this helped to guarantee service quality.

“So young!” A female waitress looked at Wang Xian and exclaimed when she couldn’t contain her bewilderment.

All the employees looked inquisitively at Wang Xian.

Indeed, Wang Xian was too young to the point that he didn’t look like a boss. They were all older than Wang Xian.

Seeing this, Wang Xian lifted his head slightly and released a surge of Dragon Power towards them.

“The restaurant will operate as always. Since I’m taking over this place, I have to make some changes to this restaurant. The first change will be to increase all employees’ base salary by 10%. Other rules will remain the same as for now. Don’t think that I’m easy to fool just because I’m young. When I have to fire someone, I won’t be soft.”

“I have inquired about your jobs and salary. What I’m trying to say is that your compensation will definitely be better now than it was with Director Li. I’m more generous than Director Li.”

As he spoke, he revealed a faint smile. “If you encounter any issues, you can look for Manager Huang or look for me directly. Everything could be discussed and I’m easy to talk to. However, if anyone makes a mistake, I wouldn’t be kind with my words either.”

As Wang Xian spoke, the aura he emitted from his body made the atmosphere around him seem to have solidified.

It was as though everything under the skies had him as the focus.

The waitress, kitchen personnel, front desk personnel and other employees were all listening attentively.

They could feel a sense of might that originated from the soul from the young man in front of them.

“Alright, you guys can go and have a good rest. Head chef, bring along another chef and Manager Huang to come and see me for a while.”

Wang Xian looked towards them and instructed them.

“Phew!” They felt like it was as though they had received an order and dispersed immediately. As they walked away, they were commenting softly.

“What the… Why does it feel like our current boss has an aura around him? He had a stronger majestic aura around him than Director Li.”

“The new boss is indeed generous to directly increase our salary by 10%. This is equivalent to $400-$500!”

“What a young boss! He’s probably just about twenty. However, the boss has a majestic aura around him. Could it be that he is a rich second-generation from a large family?”

“The boss is so handsome! Young, handsome and rich! So cool!”

“Director Wang, Director Wang.”

The head chef brought a chef along and walked over as they addressed him with smiles. However, they were still a little reserved.

Wang Xian was listening to the comments of his employees as he looked at the two chefs. He smiled and nodded his head.

This was the impact he had envisioned. As a boss, he had to be able to control his employees first and make his employees respect and fear him a little at the same time.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to manage the company effectively. Currently, he had achieved the impact he wanted.

“Come, I’d like to know more about the operations of our current restaurant.”

Wang Xian sat down with them at the waiting area by the side.

“Director Wang, these are our supply channels and these are some unique dishes we offered.”

Manager Huang took out a booklet and passed it to him.

Wang Xian nodded his head. He had found out a little about these previously.

What was outstanding about First-grade Restaurant was that the variety of seafood it offered was large. Moreover, the chefs had great culinary skills and the restaurant had great service quality and a good environment.

For example, the caviar, Two-headed abalone and some precious seafood had a specialized purchaser. [1]

It was the uncle of Director Li previously who was the specialized purchaser. Now that Director Li had left, he had also resigned.

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Nonetheless, the purchase channel was still intact.

Precious items like caviar were purchased directly from overseas and the costs were high. As for ordinary seafood, they were purchased from the seafood market.

Yellow croaker fish, true tunas and other precious seafood would have to be obtained from auctions by the sea. It would also be dependent on luck.

“Director Wang, our contract with Golden Lobster Managing Company is about to end and will not be renewed. We have to find other channels quickly. Besides that, we have to purchase a batch of caviar soon. Also, we are running out of top-quality ingredients in the restaurant,” Manager Huang said to Wang Xian.

Although there weren’t many customers who could afford top-quality ingredients, they were a symbol of strength and were a good publicity stunt.

For example, if one restaurant has two-headed abalone, Atlantic blue marlin, yellow croaker fish, Australian lobsters, large lobsters and other kinds of top-quality seafood put up as display, and the other restaurant doesn’t have such top-quality ingredients, this would be a distinct difference. One would have the impression that the first restaurant is better and the number of customers who would patronize it would be greater.

Therefore, Wang Xian had to find some top-quality ingredients for now.

“The supply of large lobsters from our seas is too little each day. Besides that, we don’t have ingredients such as caviar.” Wang Xian shook his head slightly.

“Boss, we have to go to the seafood market early in the morning to get those ingredients. As for top-quality seafood, they aren’t in ample supply in the seafood market. Disregarding the high price of large lobsters and crabs, the quantity is limited too. Sometimes, we might not even be able to get it. If we use frozen ingredients, the taste would be a little worse off,” the chef explained.

“Leave the supply of seafood to me.” Wang Xian nodded his head slightly and continued, “As for the rest, everything shall be the same as before. Besides that, Longxuan Restaurant would be opening soon. When they open for business, they will definitely organize some event. At that time, we must be able to keep up and play around with them.”

“Boss, even if they wish to gain market share, we still have an advantage as our reputation has spread. As long as we can obtain sufficient top-quality seafood to attract traffic and maintain the quality of ordinary seafood, they would definitely not be a match for us.” Manager Huang spoke confidently.

“Great. Let me handle the issue of top-quality ingredients. Head chef, I’ll leave the issue of the quality of ordinary seafood to you.” Wang Xian nodded his head.

“Rest assured boss and leave it to us. The kitchen will ensure the quality of the seafood,” guaranteed the head chef.

“Alright, if there are any issues in the future, come and look for me. It’s fine too if it’s relating to your everyday life.” Wang Xian smiled and patted on the head chef’s shoulders.

“Thank you, boss.” The head chef smiled.

“Get rid of these fish tanks for ornamental fish in the middle. I’ll get bigger tanks and some ornamental fish,” Wang Xian instructed as he looked at the empty fish tanks in the middle of the restaurant.

The ornamental fish in them had been taken away by Director Li. It was initially used to keep the arowana that Director Li had borrowed from others.

It was an easy task for Wang Xian to get these ornamental fish.

At this point, he was considering if he should get some expensive ornamental fish to be used as a display.

[1] Two-Headed is a measure of the size and weight of abalone per catty (1 catty is approximately 500-600 grams) (i.e. If the total weight of 2 abalones is 1 catty, they are Two-headed abalone)